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Qantas is now DeathStar 2

Firstly, I must say I am a frequent flyer of various airlines and only started using Qantas recently.  I  find their service worsening and with little care or effort to resolve it. Here is one such tale from last week.

The only thing worse than having to fly long haul, is going in economy class. The only thing worse than flying in economy class is flying it with Qantas.  The only thing worse than that, is having rude staff on the airline (especially once you are in flight) lying, and fighting amongst themselves because of the screw ups they keep making. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

Flight QF94 is one I will remember for a while.

As a frequent flyer you learn a few little secrets. Check in early, get the seats you want, verify they are the seats you want, be nice, be friendly, be relaxed, don’t rush and verify your seats are correct.

However, when a plane starts falling apart (seats breaking right before takeoff), flight captain running off the plane in a panic right before takeoff, (apparently due to left lap top open in bar area with Qantas confidential info on it (including flight marshal info perhaps oops). Only to then find that nice lovely aisle seat you hoped to plant your size 14 feet (yes size 14) they have booked you into the wrong seat, between 2 of the world’s largest people (lucky me) it get’s sad fast.
Also because the business and first class were way under sold there were loads of empty seats there.

So they offer to let me speak to an Assistant Service Supervisor (ASS) we will call her Marie M.

Wow, now that’s service. Only to find out that the ASS was told by the (FA) flight attendant (to make my case for me I guess). That I had threatened to get off the plane (I assume before take-off), to only have the FA told by the ASS to tell me to decide now or get off the plane so my luggage could be removed, then told by the FA I would stay on board.

Oh, only I was not privy to any of those conversations. This resulted in a moody and sultry ASS telling me off, for a mistake they had made. All because I had asked for the seat given to me at check in..OOOOHHHH

At least we had great food on Qantas (NOT).

But all was ok Dan from customer service, I believe another ASS, called me a week later (after a formal complaint) to say sorry that’s just how it goes sometimes, he he. Thanks I fell better now.
So next time the airline screw up and treat you like poo, remember if you ask them why, you are likely to Marie or another ASS telling you off for asking.
My solution is much easier:

Memo To All  Staff:
All flights on Qantas are now off limits !!. No expenses will be paid if this is not adhered to. It is ok to pay a bit more for another airline.  Any problems let me know, I promise I won’t be an ASS.


The Director

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Insane College Dorm Room Prank!

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Humour

Twelve students at Brandeis used 600 galvanized screws to turn a unsuspecting classmate’s dorm completely upside-down! A must see video!

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Someone recently asked me why is it so hard to deal with a DDOS attack. Simple trying to detect the pattern of the attack. But it all comes down to 3 things.

1. Use a product that allows Service Provider XYZ to detect and mitigates a DDoS attack.

2. Service provider XYZ then securely sends the attack “fingerprint” to the relevant upstream providers affected by the attack.

3. After securely receiving the fingerprint, the information is used by the upstream ISP to trace back, analyze and mitigate the attack, thereby identifying and removing the infected hosts as close to the source [the Internet-based ingress point] as possible.

I have only seen one product that could do this and its the Arbor Networks’ Peakflow SP. I used it on one of the largest networks in the world and it works. As do other large carriers. Keep in mind most carriers are not affected by the DDOS attack (we have the bandwdith). Its the tier2 user and the end customers.

So if you want to make sure you never get hit by a DDOS attack make sure your providers tier1 supplier has the right support in place in case you do get hit and the right preventative measures in place to begin with.

Oh What is a DDOS attack?

Who are Arbor?

Geez! After getting gas (that’s petrol to the rest of you), at a local station, I found out my credit card was declined.
It turns out the HSBC link went down to VISA (and only HSBC’s link), not only was I stranded at the petrol station with petrol I couldn’t pay for, but the bank was helpless to assist.

Turns out a glitch as shut down all of HSBC’s credit cards in Australia (lucky me I am not alone). I am sure more is to follow.

Pretty bad when you consider the same thing happened in the UK earlier this year.

What gives HSBC your customers deserve better.

They can sniff out drugs, find lost people and track down suspects, but K-9s are not trained to drive. Woof Woof (no lassie signal first).

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Jetstar the no frills part of no frill airline Qantas (often referred to as DeathStar) is to start charging anyone being interviewed by them. This is to help cover costs of personality tests and other overheads incurred in the interviewing process (please….). The charges will depend on the job being interviewed for.

Guess you need to be careful on the next flight if you ask for nuts you may get a candiate or 2.

The next text message you hear may save your life warning of a major terrorist attack or natural disaster.

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Palaeontologists digging in northern Australia claim to have found the fossilised remains of the ultimate fighting marsupial – a flesh eating “killer kangaroo” that had wolf-like fangs and once walked the earth more than 10 million years ago. Easy Skippy good Skippy (RUN !!)

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Not seen this anywhere so here you go there is also a
more info on

Looks like 3 different versions to choose from.

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Good Story (but short)

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!UPDATE! Sources say the new GTO is a 2009 model and will be available in late 2008. Keep glued to the website for the latest info!

Well the retro Camaro, & Charger, was announced so the Pontiac Firebird couldn’t be far behind. I am a 1970-1972 Firebird builder/owner, the later years 76-78 (especially 1977 Smokey and the bandit year) is my least fav. Unfortunately that is what Pontiac is choosing to follow (bad choice I think).

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1972 vs. 1977, You decide

Muscle (American Beauty) vs. Smokey and The Bandit

1970-1972 1977-1981

Love Pontiacs visit these folks

Not that Microsoft ever backtracks on their statements. But it is interesting that getting a straight answer is sometimes pretty hard.
MS said it would be delayed now it says it might not be.

I for one want it right and don’t mind waiting a month or so as long as I don’t have to download more giga-fixes than needed.

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Another me too from Yahoo. We the users can only benefit.

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Free Porn Filters that is. Internet pornography has become a hot issue politically. If kids didn’t want access before they will now. Geez.

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Hmm interesting cat being sent amungst the pigeons.
Is this a smart move by AOL/Netscape. I thik not.
Look at the bandwdith problem they are having already.
We will see.

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MS has released a bug fix that addresses the 1st of many bugs in Beta 2 version of Vista. This specfically addresses the ability to use main stream 3rd party anti-virus programs not working with Vista. In this case Norton (Symantec) . Also Google KB920143 for more info.

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Good MS whitepaper. Not seen this before IPv6 (still not greatly deployed) but has to be in the US by 2008 (for us Government types), is set up by default in Vista. What is IPv6? (

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Interesting to see that this is new as of June of 2006 but there are accounts as of 2004 and no person managing it (more in 1st comment.

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I fine this the most useful site of its type on the net.
What do you think? (oh be sure you support them if you do)
Just updated today BTW.

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Lion gets Pwned by Zebra

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Humour, Video

Uh, see the lion get pwned by a zebra.

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