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The latest Windows Vista operating system has been updated

Some new things in this version:

May see system improvements using 512MB Ram or more. Will use less memory at start up.

The Windows Vista Aero Assessment process that runs after installation will display information regarding new and key features included with Windows Vista. (This is similar to the way that the Windows XP setup process displays information regarding the product.)

The new Windows Vista Basic theme. (this is more for ppl who cant get full Aero cuz of their video card/chip)

NVIDIA Display Driver issues should be fixed, so testers are urged to look out for any issues that persist with their NVIDIA cards.

More icons added to start menu

More tweaks to User Account Control.

UPDATE: (will try to post more wheneva I find more info)

Flip3D has a slightly different angle (like it really matters??…lol)

MCE (Media Center Extender) is improved, works good and it has a light aurora living in background

MCE has new sounds and animations

On first start in runs  and this time has an easy presentation of features

Aero cursors are activated by default

Numerous explorer bugs are resolved in this build

New icons are present in this build

Worse, according to the doyen of Australian security authorities, Professor Bill Caelli, who addressed the conference, the popular belief that banks and financial institutions will take care of these losses is an illusion.

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A good story and one I have seen work first hand.
I would NEVER NEVER advocate going to the CNET domain search and doing this JUST to cause some cost to be incurred by Chesterton

Something fishy is up with Chesterton Holdings. How did Chesterton own a reader’s domain name and register it before she did? I ran some tests, picked three random names and checked them with CNet Domain Search page. 30 hours later I checked with a separate whois and determined the domains belonged to Chesterton, the same ad pages were displayed.

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“Micro-algae have been shown in the past to produce up to 30 times more oil per unit land area, so we’re hoping to achieve growth rates in Australia and create economic feedstock for bio-diesel production,” he said.
Dr Williams says algae could be used to power cars in the future.

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