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Australia PM to go for fifth term

Posted: July 31, 2006 in Politics

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has said he will stand for a fifth term in office at elections next year.

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Fire breaks out on 007 set

Posted: July 31, 2006 in Movies

A blaze broke out today on the set of the latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale.
No one was hurt in the blaze, which broke out just before 11.30am (2030 AEST) at Pinewood Studios, about 30 km west of London, Buckinghamshire Fire Brigade said.

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Just type the name of a CD/DVD or artist in the searchfield below and will find lots of high quality CD and DVD covers within seconds!
This was for cd’s only before.

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Another example of spontaneous combustion by a Dell laptop has emerged accompanied by graphic images of the molten aftermath.

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 Keith Olbermann pwns O’Reilly


I have never heard of KO until today, though I knew of an issue BOR has with MSN (now I know).

I am an occasional watcher of BOR, and shall remain so (despite the fact he does not tell the truth on some occasions).

I am surprised a bit that BOR has made the same mistake (or lied) twice on the same fact.

I am also disspointed that FOX chose to change the transcripts to match what BOR said he said, and not what the video actually shows.

The TRANSCRIPTS ARE HERE,2933,197635,00.html

What say you ?


An interesting conversation from two of America’s biggest blow hards. Who do you think had the upper hand?

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Developed by researchers at Aerospace and defence firm BAE Systems.
Just one metre square of a new super-sticky material inspired by gecko feet could suspend the weight of an average family car, say its inventors.

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