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Let’s see.. No It wasn’t a “Careless Whisper” perhaps he was just looking for “Fast Love”, a “Father Figure”, or to “Heal the Pain” but after he was caught “Kissing a Fool” and heard saying “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, “You Have Been Loved”.” His fans were heard to say please “Don’t let a son go down on you”. But it was too late

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The youths aren’t too happy either.
His music like Mandy is played over and over and over.
OK I’m tired of it already.

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It’s official, looking at a survey of style and romance, shopping, international sporting and cultural events, theatre, food and restaurants and nightlife.

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Well her partner is English (I think) so he’s an alien to me OK.

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The latest Windows Vista operating system has been updated

Some new things in this version:

May see system improvements using 512MB Ram or more. Will use less memory at start up.

The Windows Vista Aero Assessment process that runs after installation will display information regarding new and key features included with Windows Vista. (This is similar to the way that the Windows XP setup process displays information regarding the product.)

The new Windows Vista Basic theme. (this is more for ppl who cant get full Aero cuz of their video card/chip)

NVIDIA Display Driver issues should be fixed, so testers are urged to look out for any issues that persist with their NVIDIA cards.

More icons added to start menu

More tweaks to User Account Control.

UPDATE: (will try to post more wheneva I find more info)

Flip3D has a slightly different angle (like it really matters??…lol)

MCE (Media Center Extender) is improved, works good and it has a light aurora living in background

MCE has new sounds and animations

On first start in runs  and this time has an easy presentation of features

Aero cursors are activated by default

Numerous explorer bugs are resolved in this build

New icons are present in this build

Worse, according to the doyen of Australian security authorities, Professor Bill Caelli, who addressed the conference, the popular belief that banks and financial institutions will take care of these losses is an illusion.

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A good story and one I have seen work first hand.
I would NEVER NEVER advocate going to the CNET domain search and doing this JUST to cause some cost to be incurred by Chesterton

Something fishy is up with Chesterton Holdings. How did Chesterton own a reader’s domain name and register it before she did? I ran some tests, picked three random names and checked them with CNet Domain Search page. 30 hours later I checked with a separate whois and determined the domains belonged to Chesterton, the same ad pages were displayed.

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“Micro-algae have been shown in the past to produce up to 30 times more oil per unit land area, so we’re hoping to achieve growth rates in Australia and create economic feedstock for bio-diesel production,” he said.
Dr Williams says algae could be used to power cars in the future.

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An unhappy competitor to Barnum and Bailey’s circus (David Hannum) said, “There is a sucker born every second”.

An in the case of Digg they just keep coming. I am not sure why but over the last few week a series of (perhaps) well meaning but wrong (and potentially dangerous) Windows XP tweaks have appeared on Digg and even on Diggnation the VodCast that offers some of the top stories on Digg in a video format.

Sites such as these below have offered about 90% accurate information.

But don’t take my word for it take other digg member who have mentioned that some of these tweaks leave systems vulnerable, or worse.

I would expect it of some but not so many getting caught out.

Note:  I am a BIG fan of any and all Windows tweaks (and of course DIGG), but some of these posts are just plain reckless and wrong.

There appears to be an “issue” with some new drivers out this weak (loads) and it is impacting on Windows SP2 (and SP3 for you testers). This either crashes explorer or gives out of memory errors or other errors such as those referencing memory or debug errors at memory location 0x0000.

This also mimmicks an IIS server problem, and DIVX problem as well.

I just had this come in 20 times in a week, and other level 3 techs across the globe (and at MS) got it all wrong.

The issue 9 out of 10 times is what is referred to as a context menu handler problem, and requires a direct or indirect tweak to your registry.

To actually do this in your registry can cause more problems than usual and is hard to undo. Help is at hand for free and cannot cause any long term accidents as there is a free utility that allows you disable your menu handlers one at a time.

The program of course is one of the best programs I have ever used and is again 100% free.

Copyright (c) 2003 – 2005 Nir Sofer
Web Site:

CHeck this out and some other free programs there as well.

All you do is run the program, and look for and disable menu handlers (one at a time is best) until you discover the problem.

Easy PC

let me know how you go.





Updated 19 July 2006


Being that I own a few dozen or so domain names of my own (as a hobby not as an extortionist), I often get asked about spam especially since the death of Blue Frog.

So how bad is it especially since I have been pretty high profile and using the some of the same email addresses for (gulp) over a dozen years.

Unfiltered I get 500 spam emails a day. Filtered I get less than 5 (these 5 usually pretend to be from one of my own email addresses ‘spoofed’ as they say).

So what now?
Easy answer is it has been much worse and I pretty much run a spam free life these days, but it is getting harder to do so.

I essentially suggest a few things that are very simple for anyone to do.

Quick Definitions

  • ‘Server side’ – just means it is done at the ISP (and doesn’t impact anything you do on the PC). It’s usually free…..
  • ‘Client Side’– for this discussion just means it is running on your PC.
  • ‘Black Lists‘ – A list based on all the email address of those that you know are from spammers (this can be from spam you have received or public lists from programs and services that offer list of known spammers and spamming organisations). Sometimes the list form 3rd parties are referred to as RBL or Real-time block lists.
  • ‘White lists’ – A list of everyone you know that you want to get email from.

  • ‘RBL lists’Real-time Block Lists (RBL) are powerful spam blocking lists which maintain an active database of known spammers and domains which use Open Relay Mail Servers, which are often used to send spam. By employing these lists in your filtering, you will block a majority of spam before it reaches your inbox.  Some examples of theses are:, ,,,,,,,, Your ISP’s list will vary.


TIP: Due to the daily growth in black lists (public and personal) of known spammers, it is no longer suggested you filter email by black lists only. But increase the quality of your own white lists and include as many RBL lists as possible.

What I do.

1) I run a ‘server side’ anti-virus and anti-spam (for free from my ISP) definitions per above, as well as server side RBL lists and a top tier white list (of the top 50 email addresses I never want to miss emails from).

2) I run automatic ‘client side’ black and white lists that filter my email prior to getting to my email client (Outlook 2003/2007). definitions per above.

This allows me to have Outlook 100% spam free.

Tip: When you have your own domain name ( you will get more spam than most people that do not have one.

Server Side Anti-Spam Settings

· Often has a setting between 1-10 (or in my ISP’s case 10-20). The higher the number the better the filtering. However, this also means the higher the number the more likely you will miss legitimate emails. This is unless you use what are called black and white lists (per 2&3 below).

Tip: It is best to choose to set spam filtering only at a medium setting (4 or 14 per above) in the beginning with no black/white lists. If you start missing email (hard to tell sometimes) you just change your settings a little bit, if you are still getting lots of spam you adjust the setting the other way. This is because every server side spam filtering service is a bit different and if you set it too high you can miss all your email (hmm not a bad idea perhaps).

As obvious as it sounds most people that have free spam filtering available to them DO NOT USE IT.

Check with your ISP !!

  • Warning: Keep in mind as simple as it sounds black and white lists are just that black and white. You could set-up email to only come from white lists , but you could miss someone you haven’t heard from for a while, or missed etc. You could get email from everyone but blacklists but new ones show up daily so it is a tool but not perfect.


Client Side Products

· I use black/white lists (per above) but on my client site filtering (on my PC) via a program called mail washer pro® , It shows legit emails in any color you want green for me and spam in another red in my case (it could just delete everything it thinks is spam but for me it is only 98% accurate).

· It automatically sets up to check email before you open outlook and it lets you see all the email and shows the result of white list and black lists.

· You then change any mistakes it makes (it learns from its mistakes), accept the legit email (if there is any).

· It even bounces the spam back to the spammer, and sends the good mail (ONLY) to outlook (that it then opens Outlook or most other email clients automatically for you).

· This means outlook in my case Outlook stays 110% spam free, but takes me an extra 10 seconds to check email every time. It also lets you view all emails, if you get a good email (IN GREEN) want to read it but not save it, it will show you the email then you can delete it.

· The program is even available for a free trial I think.

In Australia we get charged for the bandwidth you use (including emails). This sort of product (as did Blue Frog), reduces the amount of junk email you have to download before it is filtered.

Caveats: I have looked only at a scenario where I MUST USE OUTLOOK. Other programs may work much better or not for outlook. Also Outlook has its own filtering of spam filtering built in but is far from perfect but is getting better all the time. Also this is not an ad for Mailwasher Pro I just happen to be a fan, if you know if anything better let me know (PLEASE). I do not claim to know it all (or much), this is just something I get asked for so thought I would share it.

As you can tell it is far from rocket science but there are a couple of variables that you could consider per above. Also if this seems like a lot time is needed for this, once it is set up it  only needs the minimum of matinence.

I hope this is useful let me know.



A targeted denial-of-service attack from the US failed in its mission over the weekend to shut down an Australian website promoting a controversial calendar showcasing the sexy side of women who work in the IT sector.

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Mark Philippoussis beat Justin Gimelstob 6-3, 7-5 in the Hall of Fame Championships final to win his first ATP tennis title in almost three years.Philippoussis, a 29-year-old Australian, didn’t drop serve in 54 games at the tournament in Newport, Rhode Island, to become the first wild card entrant to win the grass-court event.

Philippoussis, a former Wimbledon and U.S. Open finalist, ousted four seeded players on the way to picking up his 11th career title and first since winning the Heineken Open in Shanghai in September 2003.

“It’s tough to look back and compare,” Philippoussis told reporters. “A whole lot has happened between now and then, but I don’t see that much difference in my game.”

Gimelstob had never reached an ATP final in 153 attempts before upsetting top seed Andy Murray 6-1, 7-6 in the semifinals.

In other ATP tournaments, seventh-seeded Richard Gasquet beat Feliciano Lopez 7-6 (7-4), 6-7 (3-7), 6-3, 6-3 to win the Swiss Open in Gstaad. It was the 20-year-old Frenchman’s third career title.

No. 2 seed Tommy Robredo upset top-seeded Nikolay Davydenko 6-2, 6-1 in the Swedish Open final in Bastad for his fourth career title.

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Dan Baynes in Sydney

Who knows how or if it will surface in the US (perhaps another GTO or the new Firebird, or Camaro chassis),or in the UK. Either way the Aussie beast was released today

See for pictures or for the story on this $1 billion machine

Gentleman (start your engines).

Ladies you say you like fast cars too! (I say how YOU doin’).

17 July 2006

More than 100 Jetstar passengers have spent the night on the Gold Coast after a mishap on the tarmac at Sydney Airport late yesterday.

Jetstar’s flight 552 from Sydney to Coolangatta was cancelled when the cabin door was ripped from the plane as it tried to depart the terminal.

The passengers on those flights were flown to Brisbane or the Gold Coast on other services, but the scheduled return trip to Sydney was cancelled.

Jetstar corporate relations manager Simon Westaway says the airline offered to meet the accommodation costs of passengers left stranded at Coolangatta.

He says the incident at Sydney Airport is being investigated.

“Unfortunately a small section of the airbridge connected with the aircraft door and caused some damage to the door,” he said.

“There was no impact on the passengers, on the plane in terms of any injury under any circumstances, however the aircraft was inoperable to fly.”

Story courtesy of ABC News Online

This isn’t my story but let’s get’em
Posing as a Portuguese production company a group of men steal 3 Beta Cam kits. Though the Con-men seemed very professional, they did do one thing very stupid, they took pictures with the cameras they stole. You can help find these men.

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& THREE 2006 Emmy Nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Outstanding Nonfiction Special!

& Is to be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame!

The roast  will air on Sunday, August 20 at 10:00 p.m.
The DVD club is here 

The guy is into everthing, bless.

The team behind the Star Trek: New Voyages fan films announced they will be co-producing a feature-length miniseries starring close to a dozen actors from the official Star Trek series.

Entitled Star Trek: Of Gods And Men, the series started shooting on the 12th of July under the direction of Tim Russ (Tuvok). Russ will also be appearing in the film as a young Tuvok, joining a whole range of established Trek actors such as Nichell Nicholes (Uhura), Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov). The story of the film will be set during the Enterprise-B era, as also featured in Star Trek: Generations.

In addition to the above actors, the film will feature Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and other stars from various Star Trek series, but did promise that in addition to the above actors, the miniseries will feature some “surprise guests.”

The executive producer of Of Gods And Men isSky Douglas Conway, who also produced the recent Trek-related projects Lady Magdalene’s and Roddenberry on Patrol. Conway wrote the script for the film together with DS9 alumni Jack Trevino . Finally, some of the behind-the-scenes crew will be made up of people who used to work on the Star Trek series, such as director of photography Doug Knapp.

For more information on Of Gods And Men, head over to the project’s official web site.

To download last weeks press release go here (its a PDF)

Iniital Story Courtesy of Christian Höhne Sparborth

Qantas is now DeathStar 2

Firstly, I must say I am a frequent flyer of various airlines and only started using Qantas recently.  I  find their service worsening and with little care or effort to resolve it. Here is one such tale from last week.

The only thing worse than having to fly long haul, is going in economy class. The only thing worse than flying in economy class is flying it with Qantas.  The only thing worse than that, is having rude staff on the airline (especially once you are in flight) lying, and fighting amongst themselves because of the screw ups they keep making. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

Flight QF94 is one I will remember for a while.

As a frequent flyer you learn a few little secrets. Check in early, get the seats you want, verify they are the seats you want, be nice, be friendly, be relaxed, don’t rush and verify your seats are correct.

However, when a plane starts falling apart (seats breaking right before takeoff), flight captain running off the plane in a panic right before takeoff, (apparently due to left lap top open in bar area with Qantas confidential info on it (including flight marshal info perhaps oops). Only to then find that nice lovely aisle seat you hoped to plant your size 14 feet (yes size 14) they have booked you into the wrong seat, between 2 of the world’s largest people (lucky me) it get’s sad fast.
Also because the business and first class were way under sold there were loads of empty seats there.

So they offer to let me speak to an Assistant Service Supervisor (ASS) we will call her Marie M.

Wow, now that’s service. Only to find out that the ASS was told by the (FA) flight attendant (to make my case for me I guess). That I had threatened to get off the plane (I assume before take-off), to only have the FA told by the ASS to tell me to decide now or get off the plane so my luggage could be removed, then told by the FA I would stay on board.

Oh, only I was not privy to any of those conversations. This resulted in a moody and sultry ASS telling me off, for a mistake they had made. All because I had asked for the seat given to me at check in..OOOOHHHH

At least we had great food on Qantas (NOT).

But all was ok Dan from customer service, I believe another ASS, called me a week later (after a formal complaint) to say sorry that’s just how it goes sometimes, he he. Thanks I fell better now.
So next time the airline screw up and treat you like poo, remember if you ask them why, you are likely to Marie or another ASS telling you off for asking.
My solution is much easier:

Memo To All  Staff:
All flights on Qantas are now off limits !!. No expenses will be paid if this is not adhered to. It is ok to pay a bit more for another airline.  Any problems let me know, I promise I won’t be an ASS.


The Director

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Insane College Dorm Room Prank!

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Humour

Twelve students at Brandeis used 600 galvanized screws to turn a unsuspecting classmate’s dorm completely upside-down! A must see video!

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