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One of Steve’s wishes was that if his death was filmed, that it be shown.

His family have agreed (so watch this space).

<<update 12 September 2006>>

Just a couple of updates:

First thanks for all the comments.
The public memorial will be announced in a few days.

Also Terri Irwin (Steve’s wife of course) told the discovery channel 5 years ago that they should film steve at all cost (per his wishes). Steve has also said on US TV that his only fear of dying by an animal was that it wasn’t filmed and shown. This will likely be part of the debate on should the film be shown or not. I have heard privately that it was in his will as well.

I was personally not so keen but in light of the many comments (as here and in the public media by the likes of Germaine Greer ), saying that Steve had it coming to him, as he likely was scaring, torturing, or intimidating the ray somehow, it may be the only way to show folks the truth (though the coroners report will say based on the film evidence this was not the case.

Finally, when you comment it would be nice to know where you are from…

Regards, News-Knut…melbourne