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<updated>20 August 2010
hi folks
I won’t be updating this much more, but still interesting that I do seem to still get visits every week to this story, comments and queries.
Most all of the zen the mp3 players/products this addressed have long been considered end of life for creative labs. Creative labs themselves are struggling and they may soon be end of life themselves, as they struggle to reinvent and diversify themselves.  With apple owning so much of the mp3 market place and Microsoft about to get in the mix, via the windows mobile 7 platform, creative will have to work hard to even compete for low market share. As a result of all of this the availability for drivers for the older players are currently still on the creative site (here is a short-cut) I see by my last update windows 7 has come out since I updated last. It is actually easier for windows 7 then vista on the compatibility side of things so that is good. Please continue to leave comments and questions I will try to be as fast as possible on my responses.
Jan 2009
Merry New Year ! – (thanks eddy m)
Had quite a few emails recently asking for additional help. Sorry don’t have time anymore to address everyone.  However I will update the blog occasionally with anything worth adding.
Most of the older Zen Mp3 Players (like my NX) that I wrote about originally, are thankfully (for Technically end of life. This mean that the support of the these (if there ever was any) Is all but capture. However to date all the drivers I mention are still available (if you have lost your orignal cd or drivers.. at their site here .
Now creative is changing their site soon, so the site may change url embedded above. Always go to,  technical support, mp3 players then look for your zen player for all your driver needs. Hope that helps.
<updated 21 September 2008>
Hi Again,
I am still heartened to hear form so many of you around the globe.
Keep asking (and let me know where in the world you are from please (what city is cool)
A question that is coming up more frequently now, is will it work with this zen device or that zen device.
Just remember, I am not using anything other than Creative’s own software to get it to work with vista.
It is just the order it is installed, that works.
So if the software works, it is the order it is installed.
For a faster email response you can now email me here @
(be nice I hate spammers)
<updated 31 July 2008>
Hello folks,
Nice to see this is still working for you long after I originally posted the blog (judging by the comments)
It still amazes me that creative blew it so bad.  I for one just bought a new mp3 player and avoided creative like the plague (but I have to confess I did look) so I could glare and dismiss them.
As some folks might be aware creative actually sued someone last year for taking what I did a step further as they actually made their own drivers for some creative products to work with Vista.
The article is here if you are interested. I think he was sued, but it would have been interesting had my plight got on their radar as nothing was tweaked just the order in which their own drivers were installed.
It is a shame that creative as great as they once were seems to be less of a player these days (no pun intended but ok). So the moral of this story is if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
But if it is broken (or in the case here, not broken just not working)
  • You should have the right as a consumer to raise hell, complain  and when all else fails find a way to get your money’s worth (and perhaps a bit more).
  • My 30gb zen NX (my 3rd zen mp3 player), just got out-grown, like those before it, and with it the last likely Creative product I will ever buy.
Thanks again for the feedback (positive or otherwise).
News-Knut  alias Mr-Internet
PS, Creative keeps moving some links around, so please let me know if you bump into any dead links and I will keep updating them.
<updated 3 January 2008>

Just a further note that  when you complete the install on vista, you should have the ‘nomad’ explorer logo showing per the image above regardless of whether or nt a device is connected.
When you click on it, it will show its state as connected or not (per the images above) and change when you connect the device(s). I also use the 3rd party ‘notmad’ product by ‘redchairsoftware’, and it requires the creative driver to be installed and working 1st.
Hope that helps .
<Updated Story 4 November 2007
I decided to give my already updated PC to my wife, and build myself a new Quad Core PC (why not).
I also decided not to install any software that came with my Zen NX to see if I could make vista work without it this time. It was harder this time but took 10 min. vs 3min last time.
1) So you need to decide if you need the creative media player/converter (media source) or just the explorer program so you can sync programs.(file explorer).
2) Either way you will need the program “JB3MV2_PCWDRV_US_2_01_00.EXE”. It is on creative .com or around the globe just google it. You need to run it in windows xp compatability mode (that’s right click properties, seciurity run as xp sp2). Also run and install as administrator (right click, properties, run as admin.) This is the zen driver for your PC.
Note: If you intend to use a 3rd part product like red chair <updated they have good ipod products also) , you also need this driver above.
Note: I have tried it not doing this way and it gives you errors.
Note: In installing it with the player plugged into the USB it killed other USB ports, that I then needed to unplug and replug into, no biggie either way.
3) On installing the jbmv2… driver it appears to hang at some number 52% say… after it is there for a while you may need to manually cancel it (do not turn off your pc). This is because the code written for XP is not written for Vista so it appears to hang when it really has not). Once you manage to kill it then it says it is in installed.
4) Depending if you want file explorer (for syncing NMEX_PCApp_3_01_10.exe) or the media source program for playing and converting (CMS_PCAPP_LB_3_30_21.exe) they should install fine now.
Note: I suggest installing media souce 1st as it works witohut rebooting, file manager for syncing required a re-boot).
5) Note: desktop shortcuts might not appear but will be under programs/creative via your start button.
6) Enjoy (or reboot and enjoy).
Original Story
A Little Tweaking and your Zen NX is now Vista Compatible..Chew On That Creative March 2007- Melbourne Australia
Not thanks to Creative Labs that ignored all contact on the subject (from me and the rest of the world) all but to say the Zen NX is not Vista Compatible Bull Sh**. So why would they say that if it wasn’t true? So you buy a new MP3 Player.. maybe.
Because they couldn’t be bothered to support a last generation MP3 Player.. maybe.
Or because they were perhaps too lazy to spend some time finding out how to do it…likely. So I have to start this quickly to say I was a Zen fan boy, from the original hi-tech 8-bit PC soundcards, other incarnations of mice, and yes MP3 players.
I started with the original NOMAD MP3 for $300 US, then when the NX came out I had heard the spec and that it had essentially a laptop battery inside…hmm what would happen if I hacked it and added a 60gb HD into it..hmm.
OH MY GOD! It worked a 60 gb Zen NX and I used to amaze my friends (the geek ones of course then). SO when I finally went to install my little friend on Vista, I was more than a bit saddened by the fact I had to use my XP machine to update my music.. But wait a minute, Vista can see the player but the drivers are pooched .. SO after a bit of trial and lots of error (days) I got it to work on my new M90 Dell laptop but I don’t know how I did it. Time to try on PC, this time it took 45 minutes to figure out how I did it, so simple I can afford the waffle on.
1) Install original software that came with nomad.
2) Sometimes it will install other times it will all run but in the end after all the software (media source) etc is installed it will see the Zen NX, but not work.
3) Reboot
4) Go to and download the lasted media source program (currently Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 3.30.21 and is about 52mb.. I know some are going tried that..
5) Install the software (currently here ) 6) Run it, it should install (but still won’t work on the Zen NX)
7) Reboot
8) Go to your original software disk and under drivers run the Jukebox driver driver_JB3.exe It will say it cannot read your disk on this and windows will say this is not a legal driver. Just keep installing it, and saying yes or ignore.
9) It may ask you to reboot, if it does reboot
10) Enjoy
This should leave you with your portable device icon being live and the latest media source software. If the latter doesn’t happen you can now reinstall the latest media source (or firmware etc) and all works fine. For me it was installing Notmad Software from my friends at
That now also worksAny questions leave a comment on my blog here, I will answer all. Except why didn’t creative do this themselves in the 1st place..
Updated 19 September 2007
Hi all,
I tend not to edit unhappy comments, so all comments appreciated.
I am sorry if any of you have had trouble getting this to work.
I have recently spoken to Creative Labs and Redchair Software (or at least tried).
Thus far neither are willing to offer any patches for their products to make this easier for folks to use their Zen NX.
Their view off the record, is they see the demand for a fix, not worth their time in revenue.
I can appreciate it (even though I disagree with it).
So, I note that there was a more recent release version (version 5) of the media source organiser. It did not work for me with the Zen NX. Nomad, or Zen (the orignal 10gb model) on Vista.
So to date I am still happily using the tweaked 60gb zen nx 110% with vista. If anyone needs help just ask.