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ISPs aren’t known for encouraging users to share bandwidth, but that’s exactly what BT wants UK customers to do. The Spanish WiFi specialist FON offers routers that enable people to “securely” share their high-speed connections with strangers; in return, the sharers get access to any other FON access point in the world. Now, the model is coming to

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Big W launches Quickflix movie store

Big W has become the first major Australian retailer to launch an online DVD rental enterprise.

Launched yesterday, the service is backed provides access to the 27,000 strong Quickflix database

and the company’s established logistics system. Big W is Quickflix’s first white-label partner.

Big W will push the value and convenience of online order and mail deliver over traditional

store movie rentals. It produced research claiming that Australians had owed video stores at least

$85 million in late fees. More than 20% of Australians had incurred video store late fees of almost

$20 with up to 250,000 people racking up to $100 in fines at any one time, the research said.

Big W is arguably the largest brand, other than Telstra BigPond, to launch into Australia’s nascent

online movies market. It is expected the service will eventually extend to broadband delivery.