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In some countries, folks cheer at the sight of an exotic supercar, while in others they assume the driver is a (expletive deleted).

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Pocket Player 3.5 for Windows Mobile 6 has been released, and introduces touch gestures to the media browser, user ratings synchronization with WMP, and improves UPnP support and full screen album art display. It supports MP3 blogs, podcast streaming, bookmarks, Audioscrobber, and plays MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV, Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, APE, and other formats.

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iPhone Guitar

Posted: January 25, 2008 in Misc Tech

This is awesome. This dude made software that turns his iPhone into a Guitar.

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as time goes by there seems to be a growing trend amongst those people lucky enough to afford it / mental enough to spend all available cash on it: home cinemas. huge screens, incredible sound systems and luxurious seats are popping up in seemingly spare rooms and basements larger than my entire flat.

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Microsoft is currently developing Windows Mobile 7, the first revolutionary change to its mobile device operating system. Recently, I was given a document by a source inside Microsoft that details the touch and gesture plans for Mobile 7. This document is a confidential internal use only document, used to explain the plans for Mobile 7, and ….

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Do you know who I am <smack>, Yep!

Infamous Melbourne Party Boy Corey Delaney was apparently pwned last night on his favourite beach in Frankston.  Apparently during that altercation he was heard to say ‘Do you know who I am ‘. Word has it that his trademark yellow glasses did not survive the incident and it is not known the extent to his injuries. This is the 1st GOOD news to come out of the normally rough Frankston this year. Last Year the Ferrari Grand Prix team were rumored to fire their entire pit crew as it was faster to drive 30 miles from the track  to Frankston and have the locals jack up remove the tires put new ones on and drive back to the track. However the radio was believed to be missing.

“But with the exception of the Playstation 3, current Blu-ray disc players were built without future-compatibility capabilities, so come this October owners won’t be able to take advantage of features like Internet connectivity or enhanced interactivity (whatever that means—details are sketchy).”

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“Amazon now has an HD DVD player with seven movies for only $147. Blu-ray players, of course, are still well above $300… and Blu-ray players on the market are designed without “future-compatibility capabilities.” This means that bonus features on titles released starting in October will not be playable on current Blu-ray players.”

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New MWG Phones the Zinc 2 and the Atom 4

MWG was at CES this week making a play for the US market, with the Atom, and the Flame, announcing both were end of life (being withdrawn), in favour of their new models for 2008
The Zinc II and Atom 4.

Both with <gulp> WM6

Expansys announced the new MWG Zinc II recently as well (looks pretty hot like a TYTN on Prozac)

A bit more here

HTTP://,2704,2247453,00.asp … bile-phone

You Can pre-order here (New Zinc II with Keyboard HTC TYTN ish) (New Atom no Keyboard)


Brief History

O2 is formally part of British Telecom. When sold to Telefonica , Telefonica set-up the Asia-Pac pretty much as a separate entity as they do, different products, and Singapore based support for a different market. O2 as it was known then in November 2007, announced it was renaming O2 to MWG. Expansys the phone and product accessory company, has invested in MWG and has rights exclusive, early or both to all MWG/O2 products. O2 blew it with the wrong phones, (the flame for instance) is too big physically when phones globally were getting smaller for the Asia marketplace, they never introduced it in Australia, Europe, Australia, or the US until pretty recently but have not offered any WM6 (windows mobile 6) upgrade but especially having poor customer service. MWG cannot right the wrongs of the past, new and exciting hardware might help set-up a better future.

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a never-before-seen optical alignment in space: a pair of glowing rings, one nestled inside the other like a bull’s-eye pattern. The double-ring pattern is caused by the complex bending of light from two distant galaxies strung directly behind a foreground massive galaxy, like three beads on a string

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I have to admit I have not seen most of these (or even heard of some).
No one really has enough time (or money) to see every movie released every year, but shamefully too many great films are left in the dust. Sure, maybe you’ll see a couple of those indies that are making the rounds on the year-end top ten lists, but even those critics missed a few good ones. This is about those movies that were phenomenal yet hardly

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Looking Forward to this, Arstechnica gets a look at the newest Star Wars game from Lucasarts: The Force Unleashed. Straight from CES

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AT&T could become the first US carrier to officially block Internet traffic from its pipes.

 Representatives from the firm told the New York Times that data flows could be reaching a critical point where heavy content policing is necessary. Speaking at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, legal affairs head James Cicconi said major service providers probably ought to begin inspecting traffic and quashing infringing works to help kill off piracy and improve bandwidth. “What we are already doing to address piracy hasn’t been working. There’s no secret there,” he told the paper, adding the carrier has already spoken with a number of players about digital fingerprinting. “We are very interested in a technology based solution and we think a network-based solution is the optimal way to approach this.” The comments are likely to win plaudits from content owners but inspire yet more wrath from consumer groups, which have already lashed out at the carrier’s willingness to expose its subscribers to illegal federal spy programs and direct NSA taps. Critics claim filtering at the network level poses significant freedom of speech concerns and is almost certain to steamroll over fair use provisions. Allegations that Comcast was blocking P2P traffic last year inspired a backlash that included the threat of Congressional oversight and fueled demands for a ‘Net neutrality law. “Whatever we do has to pass muster with consumers and with policy standards. There is going to be a spotlight on it. We’ve got to figure out a friendly way to do it,” Cicconi admitted, noting a technological solution is not yet in place.