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I often get asked, what my favorite P2P proggy is, and regardless of that, this is the best tool by far to find any P2P file searching all the sites at one time. A system clean out means fresh installs and this is one of the 1st ones in my reset pack.
Great program and great folks to deal with.
Bit Che is a simple tool that quickly searches 30+ popular bit torrent sites for files. Bit Che allows you to instantly preview the torrent details by reading the torrent file directly. Easily view the page where the torrent was found or click to open the torrent in your favorite downloader. Bit Che is translated into 8 languages. Check it out!

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Wow you are a big boy aren’t you ? 

All 250mb of you

Besides the major updates, it seems a bit faster as well (10-15%). 



Needs a good 30 min to install 

It’s here. Google Street View, over the air Podcast downloads from iTunes and much more.


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USB 3.0 ready !!!

Posted: November 18, 2008 in Misc Tech

That did not take long to update (just 8 years). USB will get an update to 5 Gbps.
Bring on the hardware.. Believe it when I see it

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Asus is calling its new P565 smartphone the “fastest business PDA phone in the world.”

Problem is (as much as a fan boy of wm 6.1 that I was pre-iphone) is that WM6.1 is dead. RIP say hello to windows 3.1 . It will be nothing I predict without WM7. Like advertising new pc running Windows ME,.. yippee.. NOT. Bring it on but with WM7.

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Even an OS can be inspirational


You can put a new operating system on an old laptop- Yes you can

You can put a New Alpha OS release on an old laptop and it will work like a better new laptop- Yes you can.

You can put a new Windows Alphas OS that looks a lot like Vista, (a lot) but with tighter code, smoother running and only <gulp> needing 512mb to run well ; but with 1gb will go like it had 4gb – Yes you can

Forgive the inspirational overtones but it has been that sort of week (even here in Australia).

So …

Ok I am a bit of a self confessed Microsoft Fan boy, and yes I love vista. I am of course running it on a quad core CPU with 5 TB storage and 4 gb of ram (though it only uses 3gb in my 32bit set-up).

So when I was offered (by proxy) to try out the new Windows 7, on my own old dell laptop, I scoffed.

I even set aside half a day to install tweak, and hack my way to getting a new alpha OS working before I would give up a reinstall my trusty XP license.

It was not to be.

It worked 1st time (not even with XP was it flawless)

But it worked, it installed in 20 minutes, and oh my it hums .

For the sake of it I tried to install vista on the same laptop and it scoffed at me, ran like a bad dog and then would not run .. crashed , I mean my test laptop (an old dell d600 1st gen has a Pentium M 1.4 ghz) what do you expect.

So Microsoft, what are your intentions with my OS –

Phones, Netbooks, PC’s Cars, think you can.. hope you will;  it rocks ..

Updated 15 November 2008 

How to activate Windows 7 (call microsoft) or go here

 Updated March 2009

As well pointed out the ‘how to activate’  is well out of date, as is beta 6801.
This blog from november 2008, and was about the quality of the beta and windows 7 overall.
Thanks for looking.

(just for Peter)  🙂



During the initial installation of a USB device (most often external drives, although not always), Windows Vista does not locate or install drivers for the device or becomes confused

Windows vista might report that there is “no driver found for you device” and/or will not display the pre-installed  vist OEM drivers. Even by manually selecting the driver, you will still get the “no driver found…” error.  This is most likely caused by a corrupted INFCACHE.1 file. This file stores the location of drivers and their INF files. This file is hidden, has restricted access, and can be found in “c:\windows\inf”.

Delete the INFCACHE.1 file and it will force Windows to rebuild the INFCACHE.1 file the next time Windows searches for drivers. To delete this file, you have to set the security permissions of it to allow Full Control for the User Group Administrators or full control for your user account. Please follow the directions below:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window by right clicking on Start and then clicking on Explore.
  2. In the address bar, type C:\windows\inf and press Enter.
  3. Find and then right click on the file named INFCACHE.1.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Click on the Security tab.
  6. Click on Edit to edit the permissions of the file.
  7. Click on Add to add User Groups.
  8. Type Administrators in the User Groups field and click on OK.
  9. Set Administrators to Full Control and click on OK.
  10. Move or delete the file INFCACHE.1.
  11. Reinstall a device to force Windows to rebuild the INFCACHE.1 file (DO NOT reinstall the same external hard drive that you were having issues detecting before. Please connect another USB device other than the one that Vista had an issue detecting).

This detection issue can happen several times in a row, but repeat the steps 1-11 and try again until this works.

UPDATE: To clarify a couple emails I received, this *only* applies to vista (all editions, x86 and x64) but not to XP, or any other version of Windows.

Note: News-Knut here… I foind re-installing the same defvice once clearing the cache does work but I repsect the view it might

 Access Music Files or Folders as they are on your

Iphone (or Touch)

Copy and Pate Pictures to your Iphone ( a 1st)
Copy off your device
Play your iPhone music in windows media player
Much More

Use your Iphone or Touch as a USB Stick

Use your Iphone or Touch as a USB Stick



iphone as a usb drive

iphone as a usb drive


Well the best app for the iPhone is not an iPhone app at all. This proggy not only allows use to easily use your iPhone as a USB stick but use windows media player to play your (now easily seen) files from your iPhone or iPod. As it is seen as an external hard drive, streaming is easier, and I even plugged it in to my xbox 360. Free trial or $30

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