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iPhone 3.0 OS, the next generation operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch, and whatever Apple device comes next. Here you will find all the information you need, updated in real time as it’s unveiled.

Read the gizmodo story below but

  • A2DP bluetooth added (A BIGGIE) … Peter 🙂
  • Cut and Paste
  • Tethering
  • WOW-  P2P WiFI (Zune comes to iPhone)… Microsoft pwning in progress
  • iPhone Search
  • use iPhone as 3rd party remote (sexy)
  • turn by turn GPS (resist me now Pacco)
  • PUSH (ooh)
  • And More



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iPhone OS 3.0 coming March 17th!

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Misc Tech

We just got the announcement. Set your clocks, mark your calendars. It’s going down March 17th.

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 An updated Intel Classmate, this Webcam, Wi-Fi n, Waterproof, Touch screen Tablet is a joy to behold. Did I hear someone say spare handy media center device.. yeah baby








 Intel released some time ago the Classmate Netbook.  Now updated with the Atom Processor and up to 2GB Ram and with the possibly of windows 7 (as installed on this one), it is a spiffy little beasty,  well designed for schools is well worth a serious look for Netbook geeks (like me) as well. It detects wi-fi very fast (some such devices are not so quick on detection. More impressively it took an install of Windows 7 Ultimate with no problems at all (installed by memory stick) , as there is no internal DVD drive an external one can be added cheaply. 

Orginally designed for schools this spunky little number when windows 7 is added, is an even better device. 

·         1 or 2gb ram

·         16gb Flash HDD

·         Dual USB ports

·         Webcam built in 1.3 mp

·         Water resistant, s

·         Shock proof

·         10/100m Ethernet

·         802.11 b/g/n

·         Unofficially Runs Windows 7 Ultimate 

Installed with Windows XP

·         8.9” screen

·         LCD  1024 x 600

·         6.5 Hour Battery Life

·         Built in speakers and microphone

·         1.4kg

·         50CM Drop Test

·         Linux and Windows Support


The device is sold in Australia via ASI Solutions 0396743145