Fixing Nvidia’s Open GL Issues in Windows 7

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Misc Tech
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If you have had Open GL issues in Windows 7 in my case running Boxee alpha for windows  but have the latest NVIDIA driver for windows 7 version 181.71 dated march 2, 2009 for(  windows 7 version 7700 in my case), then here is the easy fix (as of April 2009). Simply go to the NVIDIA site and select vista driver (version 182 dated 2 April 2009 for example. Bata boom, it downloads the windows 7 beta driver not listed.

I am sure NVIDA will update things but for now this worked a treat and tested on 2 machines a quad core 6600 with 4gb ram and a New Intel Classmate laptop tablet netbook  running Intel 845 chipset links move around but try here

  1. Installing Forceware versions 182.50 and up can cause issues in some games because on Windows 7

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