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Telstra Struggles to Activate iPad Users

31 May 2010

Not a problem but until you call

With the launch of iPads outside of the USA on the 28th of May, carriers around the globe had plenty of time to manage their networks, set-up processes, and customer service. Unfortunately it appears at least one infamous International carrier has already buckled in a form that is reminiscent of the USA’s AT&T. I speak of course of Telstra Australia. Australia almost the exact size the USA but with population of Holland, has been punished for years by a non-privatized part government owned incumbent telecommunications company. The monopolistic carrier failed miserably to handle the anticipated numbers of prepaid sims they provided to the apple stores. The iPads could be set-up as well as the carrier Telstra unfortunately the Telstra data connection set-up systems have failed preventing scores of folks from being able to connect to the Internet. People calling Telstra have spent hours on the phone to resolve the issue only to have Telstra cut customers off or tell them it is an Apple iPad issue. However, it has quickly shown up in support forums around the world to actually be a Telstra training issue. There appears to be no immediate fix in site and new iPad users are naturally frustrated.


The biggest issue is that consumers will be confused that they have can have 5 bars on their iPad, but the iPad service (data) has not been activated, though the instructions mention it.  Why the data and the carrier service could not be activated on line via iTunes, amazes me, and why apple staff could not tell you (when you buy the sim from them), that you will get 5 bars of service but still need to activate the sim also amazes me.


Only 72 hours and after 6 attempts, and holding for 10 minutes the last time, (after holding for 2 hours previously) after buying the 3G iPad, I have been able to activate my iPad data plan. I was told it would then take 2 hours for the activation to take place.  The telstra call centre in the Phillipines was very nice and at least they stay on the phone with the user whilst the systems activate the sim. This took 10 minutes, but I have to think there has to be a better way.


Updated 13 December 2012

Here is the link to this ignore the rest


Windows 8 on a little older Quadcore PC also kills the power output on the USB 2.0 Port. This software fixes it regardless of motherboard

Let me know if it worked for you also

Mr Internet

Updated 14 January 2011

This proved to be a popular blog when I ran it 8 months ago. It addressed a new driver from motherboard manufacturer gigabyte, that allowed you to charge you iPad on your PC (not something possible before). This updated free driver, also allows you to charge other devices that worked before even faster and this update adds a few updates to all of that, and it makes that pesky ‘this device is not charging nag screen go away.

By pure coincidence, I went to reinstall this driver and found an update released today ok I am a bit psychic (& psychotic) , but the driver solves some other problems as well such as clearing your USB trash, caused when you remove USB devices all the time. Here is the link, it goes to Chinese first but should offer to translate to your native language depending on your browser. You are looking for on/off charger driver but here it is

Installation Update
I note on download and installation it is a bit different than the original driver .
it took 1 minute to download, extract and install.

  • The driver is 1.61 mb (very small takes a few seconds to download)
  • It is a compressed exe file so you will need to extract it to a folder on your desktop etc.
  • When extracted, it creates 1 folder called ‘on/off charge’ and creates 2 files inside setup.exe and setup.iss
  • Run the set-up, reboot your pc and you are done

How to Tell it is Working

  • When you installed the driver it would have asked you to re-boot your PC if properly installed.
  • It is very discreet there are no whistles, or bells.
  • If you have an iPad you would notice on the iPad it would have said it was not charging before now it is charging
  • If you start to re-run the set-up.exe it will ask you if you want to modify or reinstall the software.
  • It is a driver so there is no anti-virus software issues
  • Anything more technical speak to gigabyte, I am just a blogger not the manufacturer
  • If in a corporate environment consider speaking to your system administrator, he might enjoy using this across the company it is pretty sweet.
  • Tell your freinds
  • Enjoy

Motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte are Gods.
They have introduced a tweakdown-loadable  , that allows iPads to now be charged from PC’s and laptops, via the USB port . An issue many were not aware they had and plague others that were aware of this.
I will use gigabyte motherboards for ever more because of this, it is a BIG deal.

On the site is a list of the motherboards it works for but mine is older and it worked just fine.
The additional upside is it charges iPhones and iPods faster as well.

Judging by the coverage of this page Gigabyte was getting slammed so moved the link of the driver (nice). I have updated it.Worth noting that though this driver is specfic to gigabyte, I have heard from dozens of folks it works on motherboards other than gigabyte.

Happy for you to share the story please be nice and give a shout out to news-knut/mrinternet  when you do. Mac bloggers (you know who you are)

iPad Arrival is it Make or Break Time for Australian Newspapers?

Whilst Apple continues to play with the launch date of the new iPad, (moved from 28 May to early June now just June) ; newspapers around the globe, and old media have a vested interest in reporting on the new iPad.  It is their strong belief that the iPad might be the last hope of many a newspaper.  The Herald Sun newspaper of Australia typifies the desperation. Speaking to James C a reporter with the rag, when asking about the iPad, seemed to almost have a tear in his voice when he asked if I thought the iPad would save the newspaper industry.

The herald sun has fallen on hard times like many newspapers. They still report on circulation numbers today that are 5 years old. Unfortunately many newspapers like the Herald Sun have refused to embrace new technology and live in the past. A mistake many US newspapers learned the hard way years ago. The herald sun plans to introduce technology soon (a new apple app) that will allow the new Apple iPad to view the newspaper online. They seem to be unaware; this technology could have benefited them years ago when the first Apple iPhones and other ‘smart-phones’ were introduced.

This is worsened still when very little technology is reported in Australia by Australian reporters.  Reporters and Newspapers often seem bewildered when explained that newspapers online have a circulation potential much bigger and much wider then they had before. If nothing else the demographic of those that will read a newspaper online is very different and should be treated as such with the content and advertising they receive. One fellow Australian reporter seemed amazed at the knowledge that someone in Australia would look at US newspapers online, or someone outside Australia would look at an Australian newspaper. A fact few newspapers have managed to benefit from financially.

Some papers like the New York Times USA and ITnews Australia do understand and have embraced technology a long time ago.

Ironically the herald sun ran a video article about the iPad on Sunday 23 May 2010 with a reporter James C in Fed Square, Melbourne. Unfortunately the video uses Adobe Flash the online format the iPad, iPhone and others cannot use.

If newspapers are going to survive online they are going to need to understand the technologies they expect to save them.

Just when it looked like they had not pooched it again.

  • Apple store site has removed the date in June the iPad will be delivered for pre-orders. In Australia the last date was 7 June and the retail stores have now changed the wording.
  • Apple retail stores have been told to tell customers,  ‘they (the iPads) will be delivered in June ‘sometime’  but they (the retail store) are not involved in pre-orders, if you want an iPad you need to go to a retail store and wait in line with everyone else”.
  • It is believed more stock has been shipped to the retail stores to help stalled sales figures. Previously items like the iPhone could be reserved then paid for and collected in the store. This was confirmed by Apple Chadstone, and the apple store web site on Sunday.

Further details are sketchy as they were for the iPhone. Then even on the day of the launch Telstra stores (corporate and retail) were not aware that the iPhones form retail stores were unlocked but were locked from the stores and pricing was all over the place.