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30 June 2011

Melbourne Australia

I have never been big fan of putting a shell on a windows OS. But today I made an exception and tried the new windows 8 shell.

Man is it amazing it is pretty amazing moving the tiles anywhere you like


28 June 2011
Melbourne Australia

My main PC computer is a quad core tower with 16gb ram, 8TB storage, and 6 USB drives. But when I plugged in a USB stick recently nothing happened.

Tried another USB port nothing. Tried a different stick then a USB hub, again nothing.

Tried the same stick in my mac worked fine. Hmm, another PC fine hmm.

Turns out with all the external drives, USB sticks, hubs, keyboards, microphones, cameras, tablets, mobile phones, etc., our  USB ports see more action than the phone signal complaints team at Vodafone Australia.

Doing a bit of research it turns out that anyone using windows 7, vista or even XP before it can (and I am told by the USB team at Microsoft) will eventually likely have this happen to you.

Even though we are promised that hot swapping (that is unplugging of USB devices when not needed is fine for many devices these days, your computer does not always agree.

However, trying to easily see, get to, evaluate, and delete the junk in the entire USB stack as it is called and all the drivers associated with it has not been an easy task.

Enter USBDeview an old but free program for vista  from a company called Nirsoft, that is free from here,

You need to run it as an admin, for it to work best but with all my USB devices unplugged (minus keyboard and mouse) it showed junk from a couple hundred USB devices, ports and hubs that had been uninstalled leaving bits of garbage behind.

A simple select all and delete function took 5 seconds, and either a re-boot or unplug and ‘re-plugging’  in of mouse and keyboard revived the USB stack to a reinstall of windows 7 freshness, normally not so easily achieved.

Enjoy .


28 June 2011
Melbourne, Australia

When the RIM (Research in Motion), playbook tablet was announced, I was a bit amazed that anyone would review it without mentioning its likely demise, and problems to financial concerns of RIM regardless of its quality.

Likewise, had Ford launched a new Edsel after it had announced it was a failure already (financially) , I cannot imagine reviewers not at least mentioning it.

RIM stock prices have continued to dive before and since its launch of the playbook. So even if it was better than the iPad (which it is not), the playbook should have a health warning that buying a tablet from a company that is either going to go belly up or be bought out, or go bump soon, and has launched a work in progress tablet is worth considering and be avoided.  

Am I wrong please let me know

Video: Interesting this one, 30 seconds in I was on the cops side, he asked the woman to move back to her house, she did not comply and said he (the cop) said he did not feel safe (in hindsight this must be known police rhetoric).  

The woman (also politely) stood her ground and asked what the problem was why could not film this form her front yard.  It would seem she broke the law by interfering with a policeman’s ego.

Had he spent 2 more seconds and said please go back to your house or I will arrest you, even as wrong as that would have been it might have seemed less transparent.

Also the women seems 10 times more legitimate in this, and obviously was not hating on the police.

Woman 1 Rochester Police 0