Video: Rochester NY Woman / Emily Good / Arrested for taping Police Traffic Stop

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Misc Tech

Video: Interesting this one, 30 seconds in I was on the cops side, he asked the woman to move back to her house, she did not comply and said he (the cop) said he did not feel safe (in hindsight this must be known police rhetoric).  

The woman (also politely) stood her ground and asked what the problem was why could not film this form her front yard.  It would seem she broke the law by interfering with a policeman’s ego.

Had he spent 2 more seconds and said please go back to your house or I will arrest you, even as wrong as that would have been it might have seemed less transparent.

Also the women seems 10 times more legitimate in this, and obviously was not hating on the police.

Woman 1 Rochester Police 0

  1. Anonymous says:

    she got arrested for being a nosey bitch

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