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Melbourne Australia
6 July 2011

Clone Tablet Market is Growing and Pushing Innovation.


Based on the story from digitimes, there are a few elements to this story that are interesting;

·         Clone tablets are offering more features than tier one suppliers are on their hardware, as the generic hardware suppliers actually start  to compete offering features like, MicroSD storage, GPS, HDMI, USB, Bluetooth and even Ethernet on models.  This is similar to the jail-breaking community help drive / push popular changes to the Apple iOS5 operating system, these generic models some good quality some not, will also drive change, all good for the consumer.

·         Folks torn between Android, and Windows 7 as an OS on their tablets, are already starting to see netbooks appear  that are dual boot, from tier 1 suppliers like Asus and Acer, this trend is likely to continue more into tablets, that are starting to see more dual boot models. This will only increase due to China producing so many generic tablets that are also dual boot.

·         Another interesting aspect of this is that some clones like the ePad are so popular now that even the clones are being cloned, which is not as good for the unsuspecting consumer.