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Most other new phones are coming out with more up to date Android, OS like 2.3, and better features. Offering updates in December or October is too late. That is sad

Details here . How much of this is helped as it is being shown almost at the same time outside the US, something that is often delayed days, weeks , months or longer .

Better still will be torchwood that is being shown within a day in US and global markets.

The bares the question when is an update not a numbered update. Other are claiming 3.2 is a honeycomb update for smaller tablets.

If 3.1 was released in the USA and not the UK then is 3.1 in the UL the same as 3.2 in the USA or not.

Are updates product specific. Is 3.1 for the Xoom different than 3.1 for the Samsung 10.1V. Keeping in mind the Samsung 10.1 has seen a 3.1 update already.

Touchwiz is also due out for Samsung only 10.1 tablets so likely not a numbered update.

Head hurts. More here