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26 July 2011
Melbourne Australia


Something folks should consider before they buy from
Streetwise in VIC

Free upgrade to Lion – First told there were no
free upgrades to Lion, on new iMacs, WRONG so I have to raise a
complaint against you to Apple to get a credit for Lion.

Global recall of new iMacs,
Different streetwise stores saying different things, All I was trying to do I
am trying to minimize my time without my mac and avoid carrying around a
27″ quad-core iMac more than I have to. Parking close to ANY Apple store
or Streetwise is not easy. So how long will it take – 1 day 2 days maybe
longer.. no drives in stock
per Frankston, iMac has to go from Vic to NSW per Hawthorne WTF?

Is there not an easier way Streetwise – No says
Frankston and Hawthorne.

I decided to double check what Streetwsie said with AppleCare but got a different story from Apple – Salvation 

ith Apple and call Apple Care and on hold for 10 minutes ,
then another 15 to level to but

Turns out I can get a free in house
replacement of the drive.. courtesy
of Apple. – Ahh customer service.

Why do customers need to know more about what is going
on than your staff  Streetwise???

Why should I have to triple check what you say
(checking 2 stores then phoning Apple Care to see if there is something you did
not know. Which there was.

For personal use I bought 4 macs from you this year,
referred a few more and each time saving a bit of time and a bit of money, but
I am not sure if it is worth it.

Thank goodness for Apple’s own customer service. But good
customer service should not take a genius, streetwise

Note: After speaking to AppleCare and
registering my iMac HD recall request for an onsite engineer, I was contacted
within 3 minutes by the onsite tech for a replacement this week AMAZING.

I attempted to contact Streetwise over this and query this
directly but they deleted my query and have not responded. I left the questions
on their facebook page and they deleted them.