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Update: (video at 3pm EST 23 Dec 2012)

SPB 3D has landed on honeycomb adds refreshing UI to Tablets 

Requiring a bit more power than the early Android phones, this UI is a sight to behold on a 10” tablet.

The app is here 

This might be very special on ICS as well 

One reason I bought my first Android Phone the Atrix 4G was also due to my bad timing.

I had the iPhone 3G but was bored with it, was too late for an iPhone 4 (with the 5 or 4s looming),  and I had an iPad2 so had my iOS fix.

I purchased the Samsung Omnia 7 WP7 phone (pre-mango) but got  quickly frustrated with the lack of eco-system, and pre-mango issues.

I am a strong believer as well that if you are a truly connected soul, then the mobile operating system you have should be mirrored by the desktop or tablet OS.

Based on that, WP7 was homeless to be as it best goes with windows 8 (was not out in beta yet), but still has some syncing issues for me.

This meant  choosing the Apple OS model, once the 4S was released giving me the iPhone 4S, a Mac, and iPad2, so I have followed my own model mentioned above.

I just sold my Atrix 4G (as the Atrix 2 has just been announced), but kept my Samsung 10.1 Google i/o Tablet running Android Honeycomb, and to be honest I still find Android OS Gingerbread on the phone a bit ugly, to the point of despair, and mind boggling at the lack of  Apple-esque ‘updatablity’ to a new OS on Androiddevices, painful,  never knowing when or if with ease a phone / tablet will get updated having to deal with the 3 way pain of carrier, google/android and hardware manufactuer.

Here in Australia we have been let down in the past by the likes of Samsung with their 1st 10.1 Tablet (the 10.1V P7110)  not getting the same updates as the first USA released 10.1 the P7500 series.

The other reason I bought my 1st Android app, and what pushed me over the edge, like a moth drawn to light was the SPB Software 3D Shell. A  Russian company I have been fascinated with their beautiful products for years, when they were offering apps for windows mobile phones.

Their Android offering of the SPB 3D shell, though not without its own issues (like being a bit CPU hungry), did beautify an otherwise ugly Android phone.

Enter Ice Cream Sandwich a unifying OS from Android, that will offer the same OS on the tablet as it does on the mobile phone.

This also means (as confirmed in an exclusive conversations with the SPB Software devleoper), that  Android tablets running IceCream Sandwich, will also benefit enjoy running, SPB 3D Shell. SPB is currently working on their ICS version, and scaling issues to the larger size.

I cannot wait

Here is a video of their mobile app

PIC: Melbourne moon dance 10 Dec 2011

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6 December 2010
Melbourne Australia

By Loren W

Google and Australia Carrier Telstra Open Androidland – Nice idea bad timing, and should not be carrier specific.


Some might call it the cheese factory.

First in essence this was a great idea. Google sells way more mobile devices than everyone else.
Having its own store makes great sense. Unfortunately the practicality of it is ill-conceived, and the delivery is cheesy.

Worse the content result is even worse.

The life span is short for mobile devices so getting them early for many is a big deal as they go out of date so fast.
Telstra in Australia is known for not always having new technology first, or at all, and when it does it is often quite a bit later than the rest of the world or even the rest of Australia.

Example1: The Android Atrix 4G was a great example. Made by Motorola, it was billed as the world’s fastest mobile phone, which it was for several months.

But by the time Telstra launched it in Australia with the same world’s fastest phone advertising, Samsung launched their own phone that was as powerful as the Motorola and has since upped the bar again, making the Telstra product out of date as soon as it launched.

Example2: Samsung launched their 10.1V Android tablet, exclusively with Vodafone, in Australia so it would not even have appeared at something like Telstra.

Patent Wars
Though hard to keep up, some of the latest Android devices will not be on show at the new store, due to them not being able to be sold in Australia.
This means Androidland is not launching with 2 of the newest devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note, and the Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Tab.

‘This would be like Apple opening an Apple store without the latest iPhone or iPad’.

Carrier Independence is Needed Here

In the USA the carrier has often dictates the success of mobile hardware as the hardware is often supplier specific.
AT&T for years had exclusivity with the Apple iPhone. For many this meant an iPhone customer with poor carrier service was stuck as no other carrier was available that would work with the iPhone.

In the UK and Australia this has been less common as more suppliers get mobile phones unlocked, making the carrier less influential compared to the USA model.
Unfortunately, the difference still exists in the models each carrier chooses to sell making a carrier only store a large limiting factor in hardware selection.

Now with that in mind a visit to Androidland and look at all the devices, they sell, then go to a Optus, or JB-HiFi store and see a different selection, then go to a Dick Smith Powerhouse, Harvey Norman, & Vodafone shop and see a different selection, all very unfair for the consumer.

The other carriers together have way more sales than Telstra does here.

Carrier Delays
Telstra are known for launching 6 months after the rest of the world, and due to the patent wars, this has worsened delays.

A life cycle for a phone is much lower now than ever before. Getting a mobile phone or tablet later rather earlier in its otherwise very short Global life-cycle, (and again up to 50% more expensive than other countries), means the consumer is getting a device with a short life cycle.

In Summary
What Google should have done is have a carrier neutral store, and even better offer consumers the knowledge of where they can get which device, a problem many still have today, even those in the industry.

Twitter: @mr_internet

Loren is a Melbourne based Internet / Cloud Consultant with 17 years in the International Telecommunications

space including launching Mobile phone plans and services in Australia, & The UK, including Optus Wholesale,

and British Telecom, and Vodafone