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And maybe over iOS all together



2 April 2013
Melbourne Australia
Loren W

I have jail broken all of iOS devices at one time or another. Living in Australia that means jail breaking iOS devices that were not even available here, a scary thign at times. I did this initially, because what many do not realize, is the next big thing, in iOS often gets a start in the ‘openess’ of the Jailbreak community. Because iOS is a locked operating environment system this means few updates, or modifications are possible any other way, and updates or applications (apps) Apple does not like or feels threatened by do not make the approval list at all, sometimes for a good reason sometimes not so much.

For example, I got a discount on a holiday one time because I used my iPhone’s web analyzer app to detect Wi-Fi networks, and their strength, allowing me to fix the Wi-Fi network of the resort I was staying at in Vietnam, (so I could get my own Wi-Fi) for a 50% reduction on my resort room. Only a streamline version of that app is available now and Apple’s removal of the app in question caused them to go bump (after going into the jailbreak community for some time), all in the name os security, that was available to others in the Jail break community already (and still are today).

Some of the available tweaks just would not make it onto iOS, from game tweaks, to UI improvements. The latter is the last reason i Jail-broke my iPad Mini. iOS is many years old now and WAY overdue for a refresh of the UI, I have updated my iPad and iPhones via this method, but on getting rid of my iPhone and replacing my iPad2 with an iPad mini and again Jail-breaking it, I decided enough was enough. I hate the old look my new iPad mini it is tired but I am more tired of the problems my iPad gets using Cydia and other jail-break elements. This is part ofthe reason Apple bans the updates and I get it also.

However, Apple will know it is losing market share to others. Google via Android offers fresh looks and along with Microsoft Windows on phones and tablets, their fresh look only makes Apple look even more tired. Combine that with the newer operating systems allowing to have the UI updated as well, it results in even a more tired looking Apple iOS.

About the Author
Loren has been in the tech industry for 19 years, his accomplishments include introducing business broadband in 1994 in the UK, SaaS in Australia

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Melbourne, Australia, Earth
1 April 2013
Loren W


Sweden to be ‘UnSwedishable’

In a bizarre move Google has purchased the country of Sweden, and plans to change the country’s name, to Plats som faktiskt sverige The result of this is the introduction of the world ‘UnSwedishable’ meaning cannot find in Sweden as there is no Sweden any more. This is expected to end the bitter lawsuit between the 2 global super powers. When asked for a comment Tech-News.TV was told, ‘vem är du’ and lämna innan jag ringa polisen dig mutter jobb and Jag hatar idots som du, du inte förstår någonting gör du.

Google denied the story saying this was no way in response to Sweden wanting to add the word ogooglebar to the Swedish dictionary. The language council is under the authority of the Swedish culture ministry, the Swedish Academy determines which words are officially accepted.

 About the Author
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Loren is an anglo-american hybrid  has been in the tech industry for 19 years, his accomplishments include introducing business broadband in 1994 in the
UK for British Telecom, SaaS, and Data Centre Services in Australia for NEC and others, debugging iPads for Apple. He has been around so long his 200,000 followers on twitter @mr_internet feel sorry for him and hang around.  He likes telling bad jokes and going to cooking schools in 20 countries, and speaking 3rd person about himself.  He blames not getting enough oxygen as a child for some of this.