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I love reviewing surprises in good technology

Loren W
11 December 2013
Melbourne, Australia

clip_image001The last time I tested a Bluetooth keyboard it was for a 10” Windows 8 tablet, and it REALLY needed a keyboard to make full use of the Windows environment. I eagerly returned both, and there was no sleek alternative that made either one very useful. I tried many since and for Tablets, nothing seem to work very well.

clip_image003Skip forward to the Nexus 7 2013, a great inexpensive smaller form factor Tablet now running Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System

If you were to ask what 5 features you would want in a keyboard for the Nexus 7 they would likely be.

· Light

· Long Batter Life

· Bluetooth

· Good Quality Keys

· Affordable

You get all of these features, and more with this keyboard, plus it acts as a lightweight case as well. The special keys mean you have an easy use of scrolling and the home button, and more that we all use so much. With a 60 day standby time, 4-5 hour charging and actual use time of

clip_image00455 hours, you will forget to charge it. The LED indicators are equally useful. Finally, some Bluetooth devices can be a real pain to sync or do not remember you did any syncing to begin with. As a result, you have to re-sync the device every time. Not the case here either (no pun intended). The simplicity of the design is one of its best features, and a welcome idea, it efficiently fits and then acts as a protective case as well. Unlike some flip type cases, where the case itself can get in the way, here is either used or out of the way.

I highly recommend this keyboard, it is useful as well as it is functional, and with the great specs it is a no-brainer for anyone using a Nexus 7 2013 tablet, if they are ever in need of a keyboard.

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