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11 May 2014

Being gainfully employed for more years than I care to acknowledge, but on both the hiring side and the needing to be hired side of employment at different times, I am continually amazed at the increased lack of unprofessionalism, from many in the recruitment industry. It is disheartened to read, of shortages when many between, 45-55 cannot get the jobs they are better qualified for than anyone else.

It is funny however, to hear the excuses, the recruitment companies give. Some will tell you they don’t place over 45’s because companies do not like them, as they are not adaptive enough (but not put that in writing of course). Others will tell you it is the resume, but offer no feedback or solution. Worse many others just lie and say companies are not interested, when they never pass the details on in the 1st place.


When hiring, I have even had agencies I hired, and even in some cases given exclusivity to, not pass on details of good clients, that when contacting me via some other means, I have hired that person, only to then fight with the agency over commission, even though they have not passed on the details days, or weeks after being chased by the applicant. Likewise, I have had agencies and we are talking the largest and smallest in Australia, tell me I had been turned down for a role, only to later discover the turning down was by them not the company doing the hiring. If you were to query over 45’s in key management roles in the IT, Telecoms or similar Industry, that were hired in the last 12 months, I would wager if they used an agency at all they wound up getting a job by some other means. I also query economical results we hear on the news all the time about the number of job roles available and those filled. I see many jobs advertised multiple times in different ways, I get it, I have done it. But if that role is filled and advertised 5 different ways, then is that 1 or 5 jobs being filled. I am not sure of the integrity of the industry these days.



The Truth Is Out There – Maybe

I would also like to know why some agencies will take you all the way to the interview stage tell you are a good shoe in at least for an interview then to be told the job is on hold. While a short time later the job role is filled. Yes there can be hiring internally, yes, a job might go away due to budget evolving priorities etc. I am referring to specific roles where this is not the case and the worse thing is that recruiters will not call their clients (job seekers back), that is worse and the industry needs to take a good hard look at this. The good news is when I am in a position to recruit again, and I get proactively contacted by the same recruitment companies that would not give me the professionalism I and my peers deserve. I seek a small amount of joy reminding them of their unprofessionalism previously, and refuse to this day to use certain ones. All a job seeker wants and I believe deserve is the truth, I believe they can handle the truth. Not hirable, not having the right skills, too niche, anything. Just stop the lies and false hopes, it also makes it difficult when the right client does come along as they have been so disheartened by the agency process.


There are alternatives, sites like LinkedIn provide a service better than I think they can appreciate, that often helps so out some of the job seekers, as they can see jobs filled and not filled. Other job boards will offer more direct contacts to company’s vs via agency contacts. I hope there are good recruitment agencies out there, but based on my own experience, and those of my peers over the last 12 months I am not so sure.