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Could the ZTE Axon 7 and Axon 7 Mini Mobiles Have Decided the 2016 Presidential Election?

Loren W
Melbourne Australia


As the world deals with the uninspiring Apple iPhone 7 with a nice new Camera but sacrificing on sound both with missing headphone jack, and average on board speakers, most were expecting more. This combined with the exploding battery and support issues from Samsung, the ZTE still is a poignant reminder of technology and service done right.
One could say even possibly “presidential”, but more on that in a moment.
The ZTE Axon 7 phone is a good balance of consumer charm but business functionality. The sound quality works for conferences replacing sound pods also has high quality built in amplifiers to help in those movements it is needed and works even more incredibly with music. Sorry Apple we also need good sound from our headphones and the ZTE blows everyone out of the water there and yes using wired or Bluetooth headphones is possible.
With the Google Nexus program being dead, in favor of a newly names pixel phone, rumored to be close in spec to the HTC 10, the new phone is also made by HTC, and will be announced on 4 October.zte-axon-7-mobile-phone-large-1


There are rumored to be 2 Google “Pixel”  phones (that I still want to call pixie phones) but with the pressure the greatest ever on price it is expected to be see some compromises on the new Google phones. Meanwhile Samsung scrambles, to address the poorly handled 7 Note exploding battery concerns, this leaves a gap already filled by the USA mobile phone provider ZTE.
The issue with Samsung came at a REAL bad time, IFA2016 Berlin the first few days of September 2016, at one of the world’s largest trade shows, where Samsung real-estate was well represented. Samsung initially denied the claims even after reported in the media, resulting in a bit too much focus on it at the event. This resulted in airlines like KLM, telling passengers at the check in desks the phones were not allowed on the planes at all if admitting to owning it.

Global Launch Axon 7 mini The only minor criticism heard on the ZTE Axon 7 was the size. Not everyone wants a masterpiece of a phablet. This was fixed recently at IFA2016 with the launch of the Axon 7 Mini, the aptly named smaller version of the Axon 7. Soon to be released
The Axon 7 devices are great balance of business and consumer device. Great sound out, has nothing to do with great good sound in ZTE tackles this well with hi-fi sound chips, from AKM. With

Global Launch Axon 7 Mini at IFA2016

playback by Dolby ATMOS leading the great sound. Designed in the USA and working with BMW / DreamWorks the solid unibody design is well thought out and managed. Battery life is great,
So how could the ZTE have decided the 2016 election? – With its choice of dual sim or sim with SD memory card, those situations needing multiple accounts, multiple numbers or even multiple data plans has never been easier.
Looking for a new phone but not sure the best deal, don’t get trumped on looking for the best deals at as the Axon 7 and 7 Mini, outright a running about half the price of the iPhones and Samsung 7 devices.

The ZTE Axon 7 leads the main 3 devices for ZTE, with the entry level Blade phones and the ZTE LTE equipped Spro 2 Android Projector.

4 September
IFA2016 Berlin
Loren W.
The Axon 7 story continues –
Mr Waiman Lam (VP Mobile Products ZTE and Glbal Spokesperson Mobile) and others at ZTE have emphasized their unique focused strategy of targeting not just key products in key countries but with added focus on key cities as well. This mean working more with the local communities,and having much more involvement with their customers. This includes major sponsorship of many local sports team in key markets. Lars Stindl from BM Gladbach was on hand to receive his own new phone and his team is of sponsored by ZTE.
With a focus on customer choice,  ZTE offers many products but focuses on 3, the android projector they invented, their entry level phone, and their flagship Axon 7 products, on listening  to the community they realized not everyone wants a phone larger than 5.2in
So ZTE’s  response to their current flagship device, the Axon 7 that has actually sold out in many parts of the world. Surpassing their own expectations, this meant a June 27th launch of the Axon 7 in Paris, followed up with a 13 July pre-order in the USA , and August 16 launch in  Hong Kong .
“The new 5.2 Axon 7 Mini inherits much DNA from the larger Axon 7.
With the Axon 7 and the new mini it is the details that matter
For the mini being sold At 299 euro (approx $333USD) and launching globally THIS WEEK in many new countries it is also the small things that are noticeable on this well designed powerhouse, from the Dolby sound that is piped beautifully from the front facing dual speakers, a well place volume button opting for a better single volume button making it easier to increase or decrease the volume. The fingerprint scanner is under neath the phone well place below the camera, and responds very quickly. The choice of using a dual sim or sim / sd card configuration is a great must have, and it is all rounded off with a 16mp/ 8mp front facing camera with dual led flash, FHD Amoled screen and even a new USB c connector for a phone also happy to fit in a great quality earphone jack to benefit form the amazing sound.
ZTE keeps pretty close to stock Google software,on this phone, but with touches from their Mi Vue Launcher including camera software, audio controls, enhanced fitness app, mi-pop controls to allow for easier use of control for one handed use will have many wanting to keep the ZTE launcher as I have.
ZTE makes sure the details are there not for the same of it but to enhance the experience. The sound that is so emphasized by ZTE is by no means by accident, their focus on their own R&D and working with the the AKM R&D and Dolby R&D offer a well tuned piece of hardware that has to to be heard to be believed. This includes dolby atmos dual front facing speakers, and it is not just the sound out that is impressive but the hi fi  recording makes this a great consumer and enterprise device.
With ZTE launching the new mini in Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, japan Australia,  Saudi Arabia and of course the USA, on 7 September, some countries have not even seen the larger axon 7 yet Axon 7 and 7 Mini have to be heard to be believed.
Up next the more on the focused, 3 product ZTE strategy includng the Axon 7, with the innovator Spro projector, and entry level ZTE blade phone

IFA2016 Berlin
September 2 2016
Loren W –
haier logo 1
Despite the many famous brands owned or made by Haier, they still showcase their wide rage of both efficient, attractive, customer satisfying and innovative designs in their own name globally. It has been said by many that, “Those that do not listen  and respect  their customers and continue to innovate will not prosper. On that notion, Haier does all of this very well in many ways.

haier dryer
Efficiency is shown in their washing machines, that hold a larger than normal 12kg capacity, yet able to treat laundry with with care due to the internal bubble drum feature. All of this in amazing and beautiful designs and ever increasing environmental improvements. Innovation, listening to customer needs  and beautiful design is shown off well in their online fridge and kitchen hub. With  large screen, the refrigerator even has a  camera and scanner inside  so you can remotely view you fridge contents.
If out shopping or forget what you have.  Use it to access recipes, or customer set the refrigerator changing a portion from a chiller, to a refrigerator or to a freezer in the  same compartment. Please watch for more.
Looking at Haier products, they offer amazing visuals and sometimes futuristic  looks making their many products more and more popular across the world. I look forward to what Haier do next.