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Apple iPhone6 Launch Fail

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Apple, Misc Tech

19 September 2014
Melbourne Australia

After thousands around Australia spent the night queuing for Apple iPhone6 , scores were disappointed when stock levels ran out barely an hour after the doors were open. John Chen one of hundreds in line is a student at RMIT, was equally surprised, waiting all night at the Apple Store in Fountaingate in Melbourne Australia. “We were told on multiple occasions there was enough stock”.  Even as late as 730am 30minutes before the doors opened. They expected there to be enough stock, they lied for a PR or something’’ Apple staff promised there would be more phones released tomorrow and lines would be forming at 12am again.


Apple #iphone6 launch day plagued by low stock levels over promised and under delivered again. As hundreds that spent the night leave empty handed


updated 14 December 2012
Melbourne Australia

Updated 13 December 2012

Quick back story,

When windows 7 was released in July 2009, many people were pleasantly surprised to discover it ran better than its predecessor Windows Vista. Love or hate Windows Vista, the new version of Windows made the most of the current PC hardware. Skip forward a few months to April 2010, and the release of the iPad1. What many discovered was that the USB ports on many PC’s would not charge the iPad, or if it did would only offer a trickle feed (100mA), though the ports can supply 1500mA, and what the iPad1, and many of todays, smartphones and tablets require.

A fix was offered to power up the USB ports safely in 2010, for Vista and Windows 7.
Many like me that have done a clean install of Windows 8, may not remember this flaw, and driver a simple software patch, tweaks the USB port to offer a little over 1A (between 1000mA and 1500mA).

Obviously PC’s newer than 2010 (running motherboards built after this) will not likely have the issue.

A bit more about the driver is here on Gigabyte On/Off Charge Site  –

The actual driver is here

The driver requires nothing more than an install and restart.

Note: For those that installed the earlier update of this this newer version increased the power again a few %. Due again to the increased power demands on the ports, and power needed by newer devices.


Mr Internet
Melbourne Australia

Updated 14 January 2011

This proved to be a popular blog when I ran it 8 months ago. It addressed a new driver from motherboard manufacturer gigabyte, that allowed you to charge you iPad on your PC (not something possible before). This updated free driver, also allows you to charge other devices that worked before even faster and this update adds a few updates to all of that, and it makes that pesky ‘this device is not charging nag screen go away.

By pure coincidence, I went to reinstall this driver and found an update released today ok I am a bit psychic (& psychotic) , but the driver solves some other problems as well such as clearing your USB trash, caused when you remove USB devices all the time. Here is the link, it goes to Chinese first but should offer to translate to your native language depending on your browser. You are looking for on/off charger driver but here it is

Installation Update 
I note on download and installation it is a bit different than the original driver .
it took 1 minute to download, extract and install.

  • The driver is 1.61 mb (very small takes a few seconds to download)
  • It is a compressed exe file so you will need to extract it to a folder on your desktop etc.
  • When extracted, it creates 1 folder called ‘on/off charge’ and creates 2 files inside setup.exe and setup.iss
  • Run the set-up, reboot your pc and you are done

How to Tell it is Working

  • When you installed the driver it would have asked you to re-boot your PC if properly installed.
  • It is very discreet there are no whistles, or bells.
  • If you have an iPad you would notice on the iPad it would have said it was not charging before now it is charging
  • If you start to re-run the set-up.exe it will ask you if you want to modify or reinstall the software.
  • It is a driver so there is no anti-virus software issues
  • Anything more technical speak to gigabyte, I am just a blogger not the manufacturer
  • If in a corporate environment consider speaking to your system administrator, he might enjoy using this across the company it is pretty sweet.
  • Tell your freinds
  • Enjoy

Motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte are Gods.
They have introduced a tweakdown-loadable  , that allows iPads to now be charged from PC’s and laptops, via the USB port . An issue many were not aware they had and plague others that were aware of this.
I will use gigabyte motherboards for ever more because of this, it is a BIG deal.

On the site is a list of the motherboards it works for but mine is older and it worked just fine.
The additional upside is it charges iPhones and iPods faster as well.

Judging by the coverage of this page Gigabyte was getting slammed so moved the link of the driver (nice). I have updated it.Worth noting that though this driver is specfic to gigabyte, I have heard from dozens of folks it works on motherboards other than gigabyte.

Happy for you to share the story please be nice and give a shout out to news-knut/mrinternet  when you do. Mac bloggers (you know who you are)

New iPhone 5 Problems Surface As With the iPad1 in 2010

Melbourne Australia
Tomorrow 2012

On Reading the news I was amazed to find out the similarities  between these and the original iPad problem  I found and then fixed for many in 2010. The original 2010 story and fix is here 

It has to do with the default iPhone 5 setting not being optimum then for dual band Apple routers now built into the iPhone 5 itself..

Buying a Cheaper Unique Mobile Phone or Tablet for Less Might Cost you More in the Long Run


By mr_internet
28 November 2011
Melbourne, Australia

When I bought my new Canon Camera Recently (the lovely 7D) I was shocked to find out the RRP was $2300 in Australia, $1600 in the USA and $1300 in Hong Kong. The result is I bought it from a grey or parallel importer in Melbourne (ironically across the street from Canon Australia’s head office.

If I have a problem with the camera I have to send it not to Canon, but the grey importer, a risky business at best.

I am personal friends with a buyer from Harvey Norman that was unable to price match the camera as my buy price of $1500 for the imported model in Melbourne is  less than Harvey Norman’s own buy price. Canon is well aware of this but there is nothing they can do. Here the consumer benefits but the retailer loses out. Luckily for retailers the volume for these sorts of purchases is still the exception rather than the rule.

However, when a device is not supported in Australia, and the company  is grey importing a device (like a mobile phone or tablet ), then the issue gets a bit riskier for the consumer. What happens when you need support and the device is not supported in Australia. Usually a mess and the consumer can suffer.

A good example of this model is Expansys UK Doing business as Expansys Asia for Australia.

They will sell you a mobile phone that is either not available in Australia (due to legal issues perhaps) but may also not be supported by the manufacturer in Australia. This can be a real problem for tablets and mobile phones, unlike cameras where there are no updates.

I good example is I have the Samsung 10.1 P7510 tablet, one of 3 Samsung 10.1 models with only the 10.1V being supported in Australia. Currently there is a problem getting support and updates in Australia.

Smaller companies like Expansys a company many are not aware of in Australia are not doing consumers a great service as many do not know the device they are buying is a grey import and updates and when service is likely to be a problem.

All you have to do is Google, ‘Problem Expansys’  to see some of the problems companies like Expansys are offering consumers and one to definitely be aware of in 2011 and 2012

Companies like Expansys should let consumers know when items are being grey imported and support may (and likely will) be an issue. Worse still if / when they quit doing business in Australia the consumer can be left high and dry with no support and no warranty.

This is not in the long run good for the retailer that cannot service the customers or the consumer that is not aware of their likely challenges

Update / Disclosure : 
Firslty there are other grey selling sites other than Expansys.
I have not used Expansys asia so do not know if they are good or not.
I chose Expansys Asia  they offered to send me something they did not, and it messed me about.

I used Expansys UK when I lived there and was a delighted customer and even set up a corporate account.
I wanted to review a phone, and offered to buy it (before they told me they were shipping me one and did not (they said that on multiple occasions).
This is NOT about their customer service/delivery. This is about the issue of buying grey products when consumers do not know know they are grey.

However, as time goes on I do now have concerns if they treat a fan-boy this way, once they offered a product, how must their customer service be to the rest of their customers.

I have said on a few occasions I am pro grey market buying, but for the uninitiated to can be a mine field and I am more concerned by the tweet.
I told Expansys about some negative press and questions that were out there, as they were kind enough to send me a phone, I was not going to run the story.
Had they told me they were not interested I also would not likely run the story.
But they said they were going to send me a unit, and it messed up by reporting time when they did not but also removed the conflict of interest I would have had otherwise, and it shows to be deceit by them (slopiness or both) .

Anyone else would have said yes (and meant it) or said no and meant it.

Saying yes and meaning no could be confusing and what Expansys did here, 

Have I got my facts wrong?

Expansys claims yes, but refuses to address a single specific, but instead choose to attack a now once loyal customer, geez

When iTunes Match launched, the world celebrated. Apple offering cloud services we could all use.

Uniquely, iTunes Match, lets you use your own music library and Apple, looks at the music and if it already exists in Apples extensive cloud library, it moves none of your music but associates your music in the cloud so you can listen to it on any of you iOS devices like the iPad, Mac, iPhone,  and AppleTV.

This is a better way for those that have broadband (with sometimes slow upload speeds) and especially if you have a large existing music library. Amazon and Google offer similar choices, but require you to upload all your own music. Amazon charges for storage above 5GB.

Unfortunately iTunes Match does not work outside the USA.

Actually that is not correct, it does not work unless you have a US address, & US credit card. The assumption is you must therefore live in the USA.  Apple has not said why.  However there are companies offering these minor details, allowing iTunes Match access for all across the globe.

It is believed Apple did not want to launch the service globally as it does not have the cloud infrastructure in place to handle the traffic this would cause if used in mass.

How it works: Once you log into to your iTunes account and register your US credit card and details, you can pay the $25 per annum to apple.  iTunes uses any outstanding vouchers or credits you have before it uses your credit card. There are only 3 steps after that

As it says you can use iTunes whilst iTunes Match is doing its thing. I have just under 10,000 songs, and this takes up 53GB of space. Apple is limiting space to 25,000 songs, so I find this very generous.

That aside there are downsides, though they are few but the first one is a biggie.

1)      Your Own Corrupt Music Data – It is believed many people will have corrupt data (or meta tags) associated with their music tracks. This means in the traditional garbage in and garbage out world of IT, that Apple might miss associate some of your music library with the wrong songs. This can be dangerous if you over write your master library with that from your new found cloud friends Apple. Note there are some good programs that fix the meta tags either automatically or manually (like Tag and Rename and Tune Up Companion, with the later attaching itself to iTunes so you can drag and drop your music into it to cleanse and correct meta tag issues) . So it is worth backing up your music library so it cannot be over written. If you can wait it is worth cleaning you music tracks to make sure all your meta tags are in order.

2)      Music Quality–  Audiophiles that enjoy the new remastered tracks of everything from the Beatles to the Who, may have ripped their music in raw or high quality that is better than the 255k that Apple is offering (that is overall better than most have with 64k and 128k tracks), but an issue none the same (it might be possible to keep the higher-definition tracks in the cloud I am still testing that now). I estimate 5% of my music is above 255k, or around 25 albums or 500 songs).

Time: This is not a quick process but I hope well worth it. I am currently over 2  hours in and will update this after it is complete.  Step 1, The diagnosis phase took 1 hour, Step 2, the matching phase took an hour also matching about 3 songs a second Competition: The Google Music Service as mentioned is similar but it took 21 days to upload half my music, a daunting task indeed, but the service works very well, also globally, and on any browser (phones, tablets, pcs, or macs)



6 September 2011

Tech-News.TV (coming soon)
Melbourne Australia
by Loren Wiener (@mr_internet)


Samsung to Be Eventual Winner



Whilst Apple fights Samsung across the globe, on tablet patents, many tablet manufacturers like Motorola (Googorola) Toshiba, Acer, Asus, HP, RIM are all hoping to gain some benefit here in Australia.  Samsung will likely win and Motorola lose for a few reasons.

1) Apple patent wins will at best,  just delay the Samsung selling of their tablets. Remember Motorola also has injunctions against them.  It is not likely a totoal coincidence that the patent wars are going on leading up to the announcemnet in the next few days of the iPhone5.

2) Samsung marketing machine, though not great is better than any of the others on the market

3) Previous versions of Samsung tablets have been sold in Australia for some time, they already have a large presence not just in tablets, but mobiles, televisions and home appliances. The product awareness offers a big association for other products like tablets as they are sold at the same retailers as well as carriers.

4) Samsung products have been offered for some time unlocked, offering more choices for consumers to choose their own carrier, this carries over to the tablets.

Motorola To Be Biggest Loser


1) Samsung network for selling tablets is much larger than others, more retailers and carriers than Motorola.

2) Other tablet suppliers have strong market associations in the marketplace / market share, Blackberry (RIM)- Mobiles, Toshiba/Asus/Acer/HP (Computers). Though the recent HP position confuses things.

3) Motorola New Relationship with Google with take time to gain momentum. Remember Google is a company that sells advertising. Google is NOT experienced in selling hardware product.

30 September is an important date currently in the patent wars, when it is believe Samsung will be allowed to sell their new tablet  in Australia.

28 May 2011

Loren | aka @mr_internet | Melbourne Australia  

Is An Android 10.1” Tablet on Your List Before or After Tax Time

I had a friend ask me recently, a simple question in theory. What type of Tablet
PC to get?

I use the word ‘PC’ loosely as these currently aren’t quite replacements for the
Personal Computer for most people at least not yet. I have to admit I
have multiple Android devices as well as Apple and a Windows Home
Server / PC, so offer no bias to a brand.

Well having an  iPad2 already, my thoughts were there initially with Apple, but
having just bought my first Android phone (the Atrix 4G by Motorola) to try it
out before the launch in Australia,  my thought then turned to considering
that perhaps the OS of the phone might make the OS transition (if
there was one) initially easier. In my friends’ case, husband has an
Android and wife and iPhone. I quickly ruled out a Windows Tablet (don’t get me
started there).

With Apple having a single design of iPad2 (barring colour and capacity of course),
it was hard not to make a case for the iPad2 (e.g. I have one and there are
some things it does very well).  Unfortunately for me
the realization that the iPad2 is really running a 5 year old
Operating System

But knowing what is out within the last 4 weeks or will be soon, in the Android
Tablet space I would be remiss had I not mentioned the Android Tablets. I go on
about this as the Android Tablet Space of 10.1″ tablets, is perhaps more
fast pace than Sebastian Vettel is around an F1 Grand Prix race track, with so
many models coming out a review is a bit confusing.

Instead of taking away from the great detail other have offered, I am looking more at a
top level view comparing more the aesthetic pros and cons of various models
compared to each other PHEW

Here are the 4 Android Tablets

  • Acer
    A500 32GB with MicroSD Card, WiFi Only 5x2MP Camera
  • Samsung
    Galaxy Tab 10.1G (or GT or GTp7510) 32GB with No MicroSD Card , WiFi Only ,
    3x2MP Camera-
  • Samsung
    Galaxy Tab 10.1V  3G/4G / WiFi Only 16GB no MicroSD Card 8x2MP Camera
  • Motorola
    Xoom  WiFi Only with WiFi Card , 5x2MP Camera 10.1″
  • Apple
    iPad For Size Comparison –  & it is getting  jealous and

Part One – Does Size Matter?

Part Two – Tell Me more Pros and Cons

Part Three – Summary




Pre-orders likely by 1 June 2011

Updated: 3 June 2011

Harvey Norman is about to start taking pre-orders for the new Samsung 10.1 Tablet 2 (version 1 in the USA).
No further information is available but the Samsung Australia Website has updated its support  section to include a P7500 16mb  only old non 10.1  information is there currently , but that is good or bad if you are holding out hope if a MicroSD Card, as 16GB unit might hint at an upgradeable memory.

Reviews on thai sites, rusisan sites and some retailers suggest a microsd card is on board also, but other sites suggest it is not.

20 May 2011

by Loren aka @mr_internet

With out much fanfare retail computer shops are discussing exact pre-order dates for the next big thing to hit in computer tablets.

Though there are some unanswered questions, and though it has not been formally announced, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC  10.1 version 2,  is about to land in Australia and be sold around a week after it is launched in the USA. The USA has announced a 8 June launch date with Australia launching around the 15th of June. Retailers that will be stocking the device are already considering  pre-orders dates such as June 1.

The new thinner 10.1 is viewed by many as biggest competition yet for the Apple iPad2, and is  one of many new tablets, showing up in all places that sell laptops now. Many of these will be running the more open and very new  Google  Android  Honeycomb Operating System 3.0 that is already getting an update to 3.1.

The Apple iPads run on the Apple iOS operating system that has not changed much in over 4  years, a long time in the marketplace.

The new s10.1 not only resembles the Apple iPad2, it is slightly wider, and lighter as well as being thinner. It is of course also  lighter and thinner  than  it’s only 4 week old predecessor 10.1V that launched in May,  a limited edition model that is being sold exclusively by Vodafone.

The 10.1V also has a better quality camera than the newer, thinner 10.1  (8MP vs 3MP).

The older version 10.1V is being sold to other markets across the globe but  outside the USA only.

Another popular tablet the Motorola Xoom is landing in Australia (exclusive to Telstra initially) the end of May, with the other shops selling the Samsung Galaxy 10.1  just 2 weeks later.

One of the advantage of the new more open Android tablets is that when connected to a PC or a Mac computer it appears like any other external hard drive allowing folders to be set up and files transferred to the devices much easier than the iPad that requires the iTunes interface only. Also new applications purchased for the Android device on a computer  can be downloaded  wirelessly on local networks to multiple Android devices.

The fast pace dynamics of the tablet market is different around the world with Europe and Australia getting the 10.1V but not the US, and the US getting the Motorola Xoom months before the release in Europe or Australia.

This makes the launch of the Samsung 10.1  a global launch only a week earlier in the USA vs Australia (and likely Europe)

The online community was buzzing when 5-6000 Galaxy 10.1 were given out to mostly rave reviews to attendees at the recent Google i/o 2011.

With the USA not seeing or hearing much about the 10.1V many were confused on discovering the 10.1 is viewed as the second generation model but hardware wise is lower quality than the second generation 10.1, but is thinner, bigger and lighter.

Many believe the 10.1V that was not launched in the USA, because when Apple launched the iPad2, Samsung decided to stop production and introduce the thinner version.

Price is believed to be the same as the Motorola Xoom @$840, but it is not clear the exact detail of the 10.1 Model only it is being referred to as Galaxy Tab 10.1 Version 2 in Australia.

There was a lot of confusion in the marketplace when Australian buyers of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1V were told tablets were being shipped when they had actually been over sold and back-ordered.

It is still not clear if customers will receive the back-ordered stock before the new 10.1 goes on sale. At the same time customers were unknowinly having their tablets back ordered other stores were getting in stock to sell in the shops,  making matters worse for Vodafone. Customer service were only told the 10.1V  stock was on back order 48 hours later, so only some early orders were assured delivery.

Speaking to a retail buyer for one of the future stockists of the new thinner Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and seeing the orders, it is unclear if stock levels will be adequate.  There appears to be no gag order on this information.

Some Content Courtesy of Redmond Pie
For Jenny (no comment)
By Loren (aka @mr_internet)

Apple iPad2 vs. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 vs Motorola Xoom vs RIM Blackberry Playbook vs HP TouchPad

I have had a few folks asking me about a Tablet preferences of iPad vs this or that. But it is not that easy. For now as of 12 April 2011, there are 4 tablets worth really considering, and a few more soon.

I made a conscious descion a while ago to avoid the Android Google world. But with new versions out I am being tempted more than ever.

I ditched my iPhone some months ago and I must admit I do miss it often as I have an iPad.

This is relevant as I have not seen a good phone, that plays well with another manufacturer tablet operating system, and having 2 inventories of apps to keep up with is a pain. In this day and age where our pc, mobile phone, and tablet are all part of our lives having them not play well togethermakes life hard.

I realised this when my windows phone 7 phone, did not do much, an idea I kind of liked, but now feel very inhibited.
But the apple iPhones are feeling rather dated as well.

So I have a new Google Motorola ATRIX, arriving soon, the latest mobile not out in Australia yet and an android.
This might mean I also cosider ditching my iPad in favour of an android tablet, we will see.

I hear the Andoid store is a mess as there are so many versions of android, that you cannot tell when you purchase an app if it will work with your device or not. That is silly, I will see in my next review how good or bad the andoid app library is.

The other thing to consider is iTunes. I hate iTunes as much as I love my iPad. But you need it really to manage the iPad.

So It Really is Google vs Apple

Again this is relevant because I think keeping to one platform  for phone and tablet might be the best way to go.

  • If you own an iPhone and plan to keep it, I would stay with iPad.
  • If you are considering seriously getting a tablet other than an iPad (as I am now), then you seriously might want to consider a phone form the same operation system, if you have or are considering an Android phone, you have more choice available on the tablet from but I think the Motorola XOOM is one to watch.

All the tablets have their own merits and flaws, here is a view of all 4.

The Reviews
Some Content Courtesy of Redmond Pie

Well, it’s finally here. Apple recently launched the anticipated 2nd-generation iPad. With Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry powered PlayBook, and HP’s webOS getting fancy new tablets either recently or in the future, buyers are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a new slate device.

We thought we’d take a closer look at the iPad 2′s four main competitors in the tablet space: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Zoom, HP/Palm’s TouchPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Apple iPad 2

First up we’ve got the new kid on the block, Apple’s iPad 2. Announced by Steve Jobs to be powered by a dual-core CPU that’s supposedly twice as fast as the current iPad. The new graphics chips are ’9x faster’ too. Impressive, at least on paper. In typical Apple fashion, we don’t have actual figures other than the usual dimensions. Thickness? 8.8mm. That’s one third thinner than the current model.

Interestingly, the new iPad 2 features two cameras, one rear and one front facing and the most interesting specification of them all is the availability of the new white iPad. Apple couldn’t get a white iPhone 4 out the door but no such issues with the iPad 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung showed off its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with the new tablet hoping to build on the success of its smaller sibling.

Sporting a new 10.1-inch 1280×800 display (hence the name), the new Tab boasts some impressive specifications. Powering that new screen is a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 CPU with both front and rear facing cameras providing the video input. The Tab’s rear camera is capable of HD video recording and has the now obligatory in-built flash.

Software-wise, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will run the latest and greatest from Google’s Android stable, namely 3.0 Honeycomb.

Motorola Xoom

Another Honeycomb-endowed offering is Motorola’s Xoom. Recently released in the United States, the Xoom has been very well received by the gadget press. Arguably a very similar machine to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 – at least spec-wise – the Xoom’s party piece is its LTE capability. The downside here is the wait. Early-adopters will need to send their unit away for a hardware upgrade in order to take advantage of LTE speeds. Fortunately a quick turnaround is promised by Motorola, with 6 days the expected wait.

With the Xoom being powered by Google’s Android OS in its latest Honeycomb guise, there is little to differentiate it from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 when it comes to software. The main difference? The Xoom is in stores now!

HP TouchPad

Originally expected to go under the Palm name, the TouchPad will run on a new version of webOS. Now at version 3.0, webOS is promising to be a truly tablet-optimized experience. Even during the Pre’s death-throws, many believed the OS was the phone’s best attribute and a tablet was always the logical home for a future updated version.

HP isn’t scrimping on the hardware front either. A 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core CPU is the heart of the machine, with 1GB of RAM keeping the CPU busy. An iPad-like 9.7-inch 1024×768 screen is used, along with all the usual radios we’ve come to expect, including a 4G one. The TouchPad does sport a front-facing camera, though there’s nothing around the back.

BlackBerry PlayBook

With PlayBook, Research In Motion (RIM) is the fourth major platform (in no particular order) after Android, iOS and webOS to enter the Tablet Wars. PlayBook features 1Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 1080p HD video playback and HDMI output.

Powered by BlackBerry Tablet OS with UI designed by QNX, RIM’s PlayBook is expected to hit retail shelves in April this year.

Which device you ultimately stump up for very much depends what you want from a tablet device. Apple’s iPad 2 has the massive advantage of being tied into the largest App Store on the planet, though many would also consider that to be its biggest weakness. If you’re the tinkering type, and prefer the more gritty approach of Android then the Xoom or Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be right up your street. The Android Market is constantly growing though the quality of apps perhaps isn’t quite there just yet, and Honeycomb promises a new raft of software specifically designed for tablets. HP’s offering is a real unknown at this point. A new OS, with new hardware from a company that hasn’t done well with mobile devices in the recent-past could prove disastrous though we doubt it. What we’ve already seen of the TouchPad looks mighty impressive, and the thought of webOS on a 9.7-inch screen excites us. Same goes for RIM’s BlackBerry powered PlayBook. Will there be enough apps for HP’s new tablet or RIM’s PlayBook? That’s the real question.

Ultimately the decision as to which tablet is right for you is a personal one. Many will plump for the safety and security of iOS while others want the power of Android. A few will even want to take a chance on the TouchPad or PlayBook, and who could blame them? We’re not sure where our money will be going, but today’s iPad 2 announcement sure makes for an interesting few months ahead.

Is 2011 the year of the tablet? You betcha!

by Loren Paul

All Hail the New Age of The iPad  / Apple TV / Airplay Video App Updates (the Saviour of the Home Theater)

Update: 14 March 2011- I just learnt that Inmethod, (the great folks behind Air Video)  has an update pending with Apple Apps that fixes at least one minor issue with the iPad and AirPlay.

Folks may not realize it yet but things will never be the same.

Now you can use your iPad , Apple TV,  and 3rd Party Apps like Air Video to access your entire movie library with ease with the updated Airplay.

Back when the iPad was introduced, there was already a challenge in the home theater world.

How best to make use or build the perfect home theatre / media library (and affordably). It required only a few parts;

1)      A Computer for downloading content (all legal of course).

2)      A lot of storage (best served by a NAS storage device)

3)      A media extender connected to your projector or big screen TV

4)      Everything in between to make it all work.

  • Ignoring for a moment item 4, the media extender was a hard one 6 months ago. Some used an Xbox others a Mac Mini, to connect both to the TV and the NAS (media storage). However the interface for the media extender back to the media storage library was not perfect. The Xbox would sync with some items and not others. Using a Mac Mini was near perfect using a computer screen GUI is not perfect either.
  • The iPad offered another opportunity; in that you could load it full of media then with Airplay on the Apple TV you could stream it direct to your big screen TV.
  • The Apple TV (2nd generation) was also good but limited. It offers a great simple interface, but has a big draw back as it doesn’t talk perfectly with a NAS unit and when it does doesn’t like non Mac formats (like avi, or wmv). Jail-breaking the apple TV got past some of this but again offered other challenges.
  • Well with the introduction of iOS 4.3, Apple has done perhaps the unimaginable.
  • They have offered the last piece of the puzzle, the golden chalice if you will, that now allows third party apps (like the amazing Air Video App),  that allow the iPad to be used as a control device for the Media Library.

Those with the first generation iPad could do a lot worse than keeping it as part of the media centre and buy a 2nd one for normal use .. just saying.

Air Video is a 3rd party app that streams video from your own Windows or Mac Home or Office Network your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch either wirelessly or over the Internet via

On 9 March free updates were available for the iPad, Apple TV, iTunes  (Mac and PC), and the Air Video app

Ping and iTunes 10 is a Bit Pongy

Following the announcement by the keeper of unicorn tears at Apple (Steve Jobs of course) , of the ‘new’ iTunes 10 and especially Ping! all seemed good.  Perhaps this would be a shot across the bow to facebook, perhaps a complete (and needed) re-write of iTunes that would finally play well with Windows.

Unfortunately, on digging a bit below the surface, old and new flaws appear, and nothing  good. iTunes 10 and Windows still do not play well together, and this shows up especially if you have lots of content (iPhone, iPad) with lots of  none purchased  iTunes music, podcasts, apps etc. Some say this is because QuickTime for windows is 3 generations behind (doesn’t help), others say it is just that Apple and Microsoft hate each other. Well with iTunes 10 being launched last week this was a great opportunity for all things to be fixed. It did not happen.

Ping Me, Ping This

The other problem especially with Ping, is that it only works (barely so far), is if your music collection exists only in iTunes purchases. Being outside the US, and between late launches, and publishing issues and the fact a lot of my music collection pre-dates iTunes.  I never, ever got in the habit  of purchasing music on iTunes.  Even if I changed that today. Some of my favorite music is still not in iTunes, including  many some folks do not have period or would want (Beatles live in Melbourne Australia 1964 is a good example). I cannot be alone with that surely.

The Ping Email from Apple

Welcome to Ping. As you get started, here are some tips on how to get the most out of Ping:
Finding People to Follow
Ping makes it easy to find and follow your favorite artists and friends. In iTunes on your Mac or PC, select Ping and click Featured Artists or Featured People to find new or noteworthy Ping members. If you know someone already on Ping, you can search for them by name from the Ping home page. You can even check to see which of your Facebook friends also use Ping by connecting Ping to Facebook when editing your profile.
Your Recent Activity
The Ping home page makes it easy to see recent activity and popular songs from the people you follow. To see what a specific person has been up to, just click on their name. If you find something you like in iTunes, you can tell everyone that follows you by clicking “Like.” You can also recommend a song, album, or a person’s activity – and add your own comment – by pressing Post. And remember, you can always remove any activity you create by clicking Remove from your Profile page.
Purchases and Reviews
Ping automatically tells anyone that follows you whenever you purchase new music or write a review for an album. You’ll also see which of your friends have purchased a song or written a review right from the album page on the iTunes Store.
Going to Concerts
Whenever you follow an artist, Ping will automatically recommend upcoming concerts from that artist and even tell you which of your friends are also going. To see upcoming concerts for a given artist, click Concerts from their artist page in the iTunes Store.
These are just a few of the great new features of Ping. We’re excited to have you participate in a worldwide conversation with the world’s most passionate music fans.
The iTunes Store Team
iTunes Store

I’ll Have the White iPhone Please

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…A conversation waiting to be had?

Store Clerk: which iPhone 4.0 would you like ?

Customer:  Hi Can I have a 32gb white iPhone please

Store Clerk: Sorry no stock til end of July

Customer: OK, can I have a 16gb black iPhone and a 32gb white iPhone

Store Clerk: I have the black, but no white iPhones til July sorry,

Customer: Ok, I’ll just have 2 x 16gb white iPhones please.

Store Clerk: Sir

Customer: Yes

Store Clerk: Spell the blue in blueberry

Customer: B-L-U-E

Store Clerk: Spell the berry in blueberry

Customer: B-E-R-R-Y

Store Clerk: Now spell the F$@k in ‘white iPhone’

Customer: There is no “F$@kin white iPhone

Store Clerk: Now you understand  …. NEXT

by MrInternet

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Original posting by Corey Bohon

Many people wouldn’t take a second look at the $29 iPad Camera Connection Kit because they could simply transfer photos and videos from their computer via iTunes. But, this little unsuspecting accessory has hidden powers, with which comes great responsibility.

Not really, but there are a few things that the Dock Connector to USB dongle does that aren’t advertised. The things it can connect to could save you some money, and add features, too! So read ahead to find out the seven hidden features Apple doesn’t want you to know the Camera Kit can do.

Attach USB Keyboards – Savings: $69

If you already own a USB keyboard, like the one connected to your Mac, then you are in luck. That’s because with

the USB Dock Connector, you have the ability to plug in and use the USB keyboard that you already own.

Apple’s own iPad Keyboard Dock costs $69 to do something that you can do with a $29 adapter and a USB keyboard. Plus, if your USB keyboard sports a number pad, iTunes controls, and volume and/or brightness controls, they’ll work with the iPad. You’ll never have to deal with a (sometimes) pesky virtual on-screen keyboard again.

Just connect your iPad USB camera connector, plug in your USB keyboard, and you’re good to go. With some keyboard models, the iPad may display a message saying that the attached accessory will not work. However, after dismissing the message you will be able to use the keyboard with no problems.

USB Audio Devices – Savings: $30-100

Some people believe that the digital audio output achieved by USB audio interfaces sounds better than those of an analog output. If you’ve invested money into a great sounding headset that uses USB, then you’ll most likely be very disappointed that the iPad doesn’t have a USB port. That is unless you have the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

With the camera kit, you can plug many USB headsets right into the USB port of the iPad. The iPad might think a minute, but after a short period of time, you should be able to use your headset to listen to music or video playing on the iPad.

The nice thing about many USB headsets is that many have buttons that allow you to control most iTunes functions (pause/play, next song, previous song, volume, etc.). Depending on your USB headset, these functions could be supported on the iPad via the USB interface.

If your headset has a mic on it, you’ll be able to utilize that as well.

Attach a USB Microphone – Savings: $30

In addition to the headphones, you can also connect a USB microphone that can be used in applications like Skype or any other application that can capture or record audio from the iPad’s microphone. Using a USB mic will give you better audio quality than what could be achieved with the iPad’s built-in microphone.

When you attach one of these audio devices, you can use your iPad just as you normally would, launching applications like Skype without having to worry about configuring any audio settings. The iPad will automatically get input from the connected device.

Removing Items from a Camera or SD Card
If you’re on the go and don’t want to get out your laptop or camera to remove items from a camera or SD card, you can use the iPad camera connection kit to remove all of the items on either an SD card or camera.

To do this, unlock your iPad and connect the USB or SD connector to the iPad’s dock. Plug in either an SD card or your camera into the USB connector. Wait a few seconds while the Camera import section of the Photos application opens up.

After viewing the photos on the card/camera to ensure you want to remove them, tap on the red “Delete All” button in the top-left of the application. You will be prompted to whether or not you want to remove the photos. When you agree, the iPad will remove all of the photos on your card or camera. No need to start up your camera or drag out your laptop.

If you want to remove only select photos, tap the photos you wish to delete and then press the “Delete Selected” button that appears at the top-left of the import section of the Photos application.

Importing Photos from your iPhone or iPod touch – Savings: Hassle of syncing photos from your computer

Because the iPad doesn’t have a camera, you will either need to sync your photos from a computer, or connect your camera through the camera kit. But what if you don’t want to carry around a camera and already have an iPhone or iPod touch with your photos on it?

Once again, the Camera Connection Kit has you covered because you can sync photos taken from your iPhone or synced to your iPod touch with a few taps. To do this, you will need an iPhone/iPod sync cable and the camera kit’s USB port dongle.

Unlock your iPad and plug in the cable. After a few minutes, you will see the import section of the Photos application appear and display the photos on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can select the photos you want and then click the import button in the top-right of the application window to begin the import process.

If you have a pass code on your device, the photos will not be displayed until the device is unlocked. In testing, we found that we needed to sleep our iPhone 3GS in order for the images to display. As soon as we awoke the device, the import pane disappeared from the Photos application. We assume this is because the iPhone was drawing too much power from the iPad.

External Hard Drive Support (Jailbreak Required)

There has been a lot of talk of people wondering if the iPad with the Camera Connection Kit will support external hard drives for storage of files. And while this technique isn’t supported by Apple, a few iPad jailbreak developers have figured out a way to do this.

This hack does require you to jailbreak your iPad and follow a rather lengthy guide on the iPad hacker Maxwell C. Shay’s website. The hack isn’t for the feint of heart, however, as it does require some Unix monkeying around.

To learn more about the jailbreak hack, please visit:

USB Hubs – Multi-device hookup

If you need to hook up several different low-powered USB devices (i.e. camera, headphones, keyboard) at once, we found that you can add a USB hub (depending on the types of accessories being added, you may need a powered hub) to extend the amount of accessories being used simultaneously. Keep in mind though, the more items  drawing power from the iPad, the less battery life you’re going to have. We were able to plug in an Apple keyboard, then attach USB headphones and an iPod touch without any problems. Your mileage may vary.

So, there you have it. Seven things that you can do with the optional iPad Camera Connection Kit. All in all, you could save some significant dough: roughly $169 over purchasing Apple’s accessories that will do the same things as the gear you may already own. Plus, the simple $29 kit will give you some additional functionality that you would normally need to break out the laptop or camera for. There’s no denying that this accessory is a must have for many iPad owners

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Updated 13 December 2012

Here is the link to this ignore the rest


Windows 8 on a little older Quadcore PC also kills the power output on the USB 2.0 Port. This software fixes it regardless of motherboard

Let me know if it worked for you also

Mr Internet

Updated 14 January 2011

This proved to be a popular blog when I ran it 8 months ago. It addressed a new driver from motherboard manufacturer gigabyte, that allowed you to charge you iPad on your PC (not something possible before). This updated free driver, also allows you to charge other devices that worked before even faster and this update adds a few updates to all of that, and it makes that pesky ‘this device is not charging nag screen go away.

By pure coincidence, I went to reinstall this driver and found an update released today ok I am a bit psychic (& psychotic) , but the driver solves some other problems as well such as clearing your USB trash, caused when you remove USB devices all the time. Here is the link, it goes to Chinese first but should offer to translate to your native language depending on your browser. You are looking for on/off charger driver but here it is

Installation Update
I note on download and installation it is a bit different than the original driver .
it took 1 minute to download, extract and install.

  • The driver is 1.61 mb (very small takes a few seconds to download)
  • It is a compressed exe file so you will need to extract it to a folder on your desktop etc.
  • When extracted, it creates 1 folder called ‘on/off charge’ and creates 2 files inside setup.exe and setup.iss
  • Run the set-up, reboot your pc and you are done

How to Tell it is Working

  • When you installed the driver it would have asked you to re-boot your PC if properly installed.
  • It is very discreet there are no whistles, or bells.
  • If you have an iPad you would notice on the iPad it would have said it was not charging before now it is charging
  • If you start to re-run the set-up.exe it will ask you if you want to modify or reinstall the software.
  • It is a driver so there is no anti-virus software issues
  • Anything more technical speak to gigabyte, I am just a blogger not the manufacturer
  • If in a corporate environment consider speaking to your system administrator, he might enjoy using this across the company it is pretty sweet.
  • Tell your freinds
  • Enjoy

Motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte are Gods.
They have introduced a tweakdown-loadable  , that allows iPads to now be charged from PC’s and laptops, via the USB port . An issue many were not aware they had and plague others that were aware of this.
I will use gigabyte motherboards for ever more because of this, it is a BIG deal.

On the site is a list of the motherboards it works for but mine is older and it worked just fine.
The additional upside is it charges iPhones and iPods faster as well.

Judging by the coverage of this page Gigabyte was getting slammed so moved the link of the driver (nice). I have updated it.Worth noting that though this driver is specfic to gigabyte, I have heard from dozens of folks it works on motherboards other than gigabyte.

Happy for you to share the story please be nice and give a shout out to news-knut/mrinternet  when you do. Mac bloggers (you know who you are)

iPad Arrival is it Make or Break Time for Australian Newspapers?

Whilst Apple continues to play with the launch date of the new iPad, (moved from 28 May to early June now just June) ; newspapers around the globe, and old media have a vested interest in reporting on the new iPad.  It is their strong belief that the iPad might be the last hope of many a newspaper.  The Herald Sun newspaper of Australia typifies the desperation. Speaking to James C a reporter with the rag, when asking about the iPad, seemed to almost have a tear in his voice when he asked if I thought the iPad would save the newspaper industry.

The herald sun has fallen on hard times like many newspapers. They still report on circulation numbers today that are 5 years old. Unfortunately many newspapers like the Herald Sun have refused to embrace new technology and live in the past. A mistake many US newspapers learned the hard way years ago. The herald sun plans to introduce technology soon (a new apple app) that will allow the new Apple iPad to view the newspaper online. They seem to be unaware; this technology could have benefited them years ago when the first Apple iPhones and other ‘smart-phones’ were introduced.

This is worsened still when very little technology is reported in Australia by Australian reporters.  Reporters and Newspapers often seem bewildered when explained that newspapers online have a circulation potential much bigger and much wider then they had before. If nothing else the demographic of those that will read a newspaper online is very different and should be treated as such with the content and advertising they receive. One fellow Australian reporter seemed amazed at the knowledge that someone in Australia would look at US newspapers online, or someone outside Australia would look at an Australian newspaper. A fact few newspapers have managed to benefit from financially.

Some papers like the New York Times USA and ITnews Australia do understand and have embraced technology a long time ago.

Ironically the herald sun ran a video article about the iPad on Sunday 23 May 2010 with a reporter James C in Fed Square, Melbourne. Unfortunately the video uses Adobe Flash the online format the iPad, iPhone and others cannot use.

If newspapers are going to survive online they are going to need to understand the technologies they expect to save them.

Just when it looked like they had not pooched it again.

  • Apple store site has removed the date in June the iPad will be delivered for pre-orders. In Australia the last date was 7 June and the retail stores have now changed the wording.
  • Apple retail stores have been told to tell customers,  ‘they (the iPads) will be delivered in June ‘sometime’  but they (the retail store) are not involved in pre-orders, if you want an iPad you need to go to a retail store and wait in line with everyone else”.
  • It is believed more stock has been shipped to the retail stores to help stalled sales figures. Previously items like the iPhone could be reserved then paid for and collected in the store. This was confirmed by Apple Chadstone, and the apple store web site on Sunday.

Further details are sketchy as they were for the iPhone. Then even on the day of the launch Telstra stores (corporate and retail) were not aware that the iPhones form retail stores were unlocked but were locked from the stores and pricing was all over the place.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi Fixes Summary

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And why you will might be better off if you do.

“Not since Moses has there been so much excitement over a tablet”

The Magic
Apple amazed the tech work with selling an estimated 500,000 Wi-Fi only iPads in the first week of sales in the USA only.   Considering 300-350,000 of these were purchased sight unseen (or touched) as they were pre-ordered, it is pretty amazing.

Australia and the rest of the world can pre-order 10 May and receive their units the end of May.

Then they will need to decide if they will get a Wi-Fi only model or a combined Wi-Fi / 3G combined models, the only difference being the extra cost of the 3G device and of course the running cost of 3G data plans in Australia.

Steve Jobs

Apple Guru and co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs described the device as ‘magic’ (many times in his recent unveiling). Many now agree with the feel of an iPhone but 4 times larger there is a comfortable feel about the device. Using it, the screen almost seems 3D, due to the video card built into the device.

Some like the iPad considering it unique to computing others do not see the point of it.

In my case I wanted a device (Apple or PC), that I could listen to audio books, read books and pdfs, and listen to media especially videos (podcasts and movies) and of course games whilst being mobile on public transport, airports or even at work not wanting to be in violation of internal internet issues.  The iPhone is great but bigger in this case is definitely better.

So for some the iPad is just a device 3-4 times bigger than an iPhone or an iPod Touch. As the iPad doesn’t make std. phone calls even with 3 . However, you can Skype and make phone calls Wi-Fi or 3G aspects

Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/3G

This begins the drama of it all. Yes you can choose between 16,32, 04 64GB storage, but why would I not spend  an extra $100-150 and get the 3G model and have both.  I believe for 2 reasons. Cost and Battery Life.  The estimated prices are below in AUD.

Model 16GB 32GB 64GB
Wi-Fi Only $570 $680 $800
Wi-Fi / 3G $720 $830 $945

Updated 20 May – wow I was pretty close on my predictions I added 6% over US (non taxed) pricing above
below is with 10% GST from the apple store

Model 16GB 32GB 64GB
Wi-Fi Only 629 $759 $879
Wi-Fi / 3G $799 $928 $1049

with GST

To date my understanding is the 3G model will NOT allow users to make std.  phone calls on it.
Knowing now expensive and out of control data costs can be on an iPhone. I would be loath to let my child grown or otherwise have 3G, unless it is pay as you go.

Both Telstra and Optus have announced they will have a data plan for the new iPad 3G whether it will be a plan with a contract or pay as you go we do not know yet,  but is assumed it will be more expensive than the cheapest plans available today, as all other carriers like Virgin, Three, Vodafone and others have made the data plans for mobile broadband (3G) competitive. The catch on the new iPad is it will require a special new sim card so you cannot use your existing one from your other carriers you do today (not too easily). Make way for new technology and a new choice.

Do it yourself Wi-Fi/3G

A mere 2 years ago a wonderful new device hit Australia. Looking like a regular USB memory stick,  it houses a regular 3G sim card from your standard mobile carrier or has no sim card but allows customers to get 3G for their phone or laptop as long as you have a pc/laptop  to plug the USB device into. Great for the office and has some mobility but not very handy otherwise.  These USB 3G Broadband Modems  are available from all the carriers so data plans are very competitive.  Most of these 3G modems are locked to a single carrier preventing you from changing plans or carriers very easily, but work very well, but are NOT 100% portable again as you need a PC to connect the unit to power it, and run its software.

Newish Products & Technology

New on the market are a couple of devices that offer all the benefits of 3G USB sticks but none of the drama (e.g. no pc required after initial set-up).  There are 2 main versions of this and they both act a bit differently.  They both offer you a Wi-Fi  hotspot , have 5 hours of rechargeable battery life and get bandwidth from  the commoditised 3G broadband market.

Option 1 – Virgin Locked Rechargeable 3g mobile broadband no USB needed-

About the size of a large USB stick or small box of matches, and available from Dick Smith, and others , here in Australia,  the Virgin mobile Wi-Fi modem , allows you to share the device with 3 devices at the same time and even has a Micro SD slot in case you want to add some memory to the device as well to use as a memory stick.  The upside it is it is small and battery operated lasting up to 5 hours. Data Plans from virgin are competitive.

Option 2- Rechargeable 3g mobile broadband no USB needed, /BYO USB  3g Modem stick.

A bit more complicated but just as exciting, The other option is the new NetComm 3GT1WN 3G wireless N, travel Router. Priced the same as the virgin device it does things slightly differently. In this case you will need to buy (or you might have one) a usb 3G modem. So the idea is it is still battery operated but you need to plug in your USB memory stick into it (rather than a pc alone). The advantage is it has a LAN port so you can connect it hard wired to a device if needed. It is also 802.11 N offering connection speeds up to 150mbs between it and your device.


Both devices offer the security STD.  WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security so you don’t have someone else suck your bandwidth.  Pocket-sized it is a better unit but you have a bit more work to do setting it up with the USB modem.

Why do it Yourself?
So an obvious question is if it costs $150 more for the 3G iPad unit why spend $150 on one of the devices above.  For me it was blindingly obvious, with the additional device I can use it as a travel router on anything that takes Wi-Fi  as well as the iPad, my phone, laptop, or share it with a friend,. if you choose.  Also the cost of the data will likely be cheaper this way than a dedicated plan form one of the big carriers.  Yes it might be possible to set-up an ad-hoc network from the iPad, but I think that gets messy. For me the idea of having a small device that can do it all is battery powered is a great idea and using both was a breeze.

Additional Considerations

3g Broadband Plans– Regardless of what 3G plan you get or from which carrier, there is one that best suits your needs. But remember the more data you buy the longer it is before it expired. I made the mistake of buying cheaper data plans $15 or $20, not using it then having it expire on me. Another option is to spend around $150 for a plan that only expires after 12 months.  If you are not sure how much bandwidth you will need you can also buy a cheap amount at first and explore from there.

Using your phone as a Wi-Fi router- I would be remiss if I did not mention this option. There are many many phones even very cheap ones that will act as a wi-fi router per above. However most have their limitations.

The iPhone as a Wi-Fi router (via tethering)
Steve Jobs has said publicly you will not be able to tether the iPhone to the iPad as obvious as it seems. Hackers figured it out almost immediately and on a hacked or jail-broken phone you have an app called  ‘My-Wi’ another called ‘PDANET’ that apparently works very well. I prefer not to jailbreak my iPhone, but this is a good option as well.  I would rather jailbreak my phone than buy the 3G iPad based on information to date.

Updated 20 May 2010- rumours are out that the iPhone 4.0 will allow tethering form the iphone and to the iPad.
We will see next month hopefully


All the geek rage in the USA and in limited runs here in Australia is the Mi-FI  unit currently only available form Internode in South Australia. Costing between 350-400 it does nothing different than the virgin unit, and is made by Novatel.

Final Thoughts

Wifi, MiFi, or MyWi, the decision is yours. My guess is once Apple realize the black market (mywi) or MiFi alternatives are costing them sales, they will work to allow tethering to the iPad . Perhaps a feature they will have on the new iPhone 4.0 in June

Updated 20 May 2010-

Looks like telstra is now allowing roll over of data usage for the iPad and no locked in contracts. This is a show stopper/maker making in my opinion, the iPad 3G using Telstra data as the best device. I cannot now see why the majorit of folks would use the travel router/modem model. THe except ion is for folks that want to use it for multiple devices (ipad, laptop or iPhone if using a different 3G carrier)

I have a Wi-Fi only iPad and am using the virgin model. I live outside the Melbourne CBD (mornington peninsula) , at home the 3G signal in the middle of nowhere is good and I get fast Wi-Fi to the iPad. But in the car (driving or standing still) I lose signal a lot of the time (90%)  My guess is that the technology for getting the 3G signal sending it via wi-fi to the iPad, and the iPad using that signal there is a dropout.  The obvious answer is there is no coverage here. Per the virgin 3g coveraeg map here it shows 100% coverage by a wide area. With 3G there I believe  is an arrangement that carriers will share each others signal towers in dropout areas. However I am not sure if this same principal works with the huwei/virgin/wifi device, but it is unusable where I am.

I am off to CeBIT in Sydney next week so will try it out there.

Apple slows iTunes Voucher Black Market
by Mr-Internet

At long last 18 days after its release the  iPad apps are now on iTunes outside of the USA, sorta.

You have to go to apps and type in iPad, then click all. Last week you would have seen 6 apps now they are all there,

minus a few that will not work like USA TV channels etc.

Hopefully Apple realized they were helping fund the black market in iTunes’ vouchers from the USA