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Update 15.10.2012

Looks like I made a mistake here also / mainly ?  as it was an Asus laptop that was on sale and I got an Acer Aspire. The situation started by me, also confused the sales staff, that did not see my mistake. The issue has now been resolved

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17 July 2006

More than 100 Jetstar passengers have spent the night on the Gold Coast after a mishap on the tarmac at Sydney Airport late yesterday.

Jetstar’s flight 552 from Sydney to Coolangatta was cancelled when the cabin door was ripped from the plane as it tried to depart the terminal.

The passengers on those flights were flown to Brisbane or the Gold Coast on other services, but the scheduled return trip to Sydney was cancelled.

Jetstar corporate relations manager Simon Westaway says the airline offered to meet the accommodation costs of passengers left stranded at Coolangatta.

He says the incident at Sydney Airport is being investigated.

“Unfortunately a small section of the airbridge connected with the aircraft door and caused some damage to the door,” he said.

“There was no impact on the passengers, on the plane in terms of any injury under any circumstances, however the aircraft was inoperable to fly.”

Story courtesy of ABC News Online

Qantas is now DeathStar 2

Firstly, I must say I am a frequent flyer of various airlines and only started using Qantas recently.  I  find their service worsening and with little care or effort to resolve it. Here is one such tale from last week.

The only thing worse than having to fly long haul, is going in economy class. The only thing worse than flying in economy class is flying it with Qantas.  The only thing worse than that, is having rude staff on the airline (especially once you are in flight) lying, and fighting amongst themselves because of the screw ups they keep making. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

Flight QF94 is one I will remember for a while.

As a frequent flyer you learn a few little secrets. Check in early, get the seats you want, verify they are the seats you want, be nice, be friendly, be relaxed, don’t rush and verify your seats are correct.

However, when a plane starts falling apart (seats breaking right before takeoff), flight captain running off the plane in a panic right before takeoff, (apparently due to left lap top open in bar area with Qantas confidential info on it (including flight marshal info perhaps oops). Only to then find that nice lovely aisle seat you hoped to plant your size 14 feet (yes size 14) they have booked you into the wrong seat, between 2 of the world’s largest people (lucky me) it get’s sad fast.
Also because the business and first class were way under sold there were loads of empty seats there.

So they offer to let me speak to an Assistant Service Supervisor (ASS) we will call her Marie M.

Wow, now that’s service. Only to find out that the ASS was told by the (FA) flight attendant (to make my case for me I guess). That I had threatened to get off the plane (I assume before take-off), to only have the FA told by the ASS to tell me to decide now or get off the plane so my luggage could be removed, then told by the FA I would stay on board.

Oh, only I was not privy to any of those conversations. This resulted in a moody and sultry ASS telling me off, for a mistake they had made. All because I had asked for the seat given to me at check in..OOOOHHHH

At least we had great food on Qantas (NOT).

But all was ok Dan from customer service, I believe another ASS, called me a week later (after a formal complaint) to say sorry that’s just how it goes sometimes, he he. Thanks I fell better now.
So next time the airline screw up and treat you like poo, remember if you ask them why, you are likely to Marie or another ASS telling you off for asking.
My solution is much easier:

Memo To All  Staff:
All flights on Qantas are now off limits !!. No expenses will be paid if this is not adhered to. It is ok to pay a bit more for another airline.  Any problems let me know, I promise I won’t be an ASS.


The Director

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