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How did the U.S. Air Force respond on 9/11? MINUTE BY MINUTE
HEAR THE TAPES (as NORAD manages the launching of the military response)
After hearing 30 hours of never-before-released tapes from the control room of NORAD’s Northeast headquarters, the author reconstructs the chaotic military history of that dayand the Pentagon’s apparent attempt to cover it up. A MUST.

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Nothing to see here. Move a long please

It finally happened, I lost it. I posted a new feature about digg that is more old than new and I never saw it.

It happens sorry… SORRY

Enjoy a picture of my neighbours instead.

CNN is creating a permanent place, at, where so-called citizen journalists can submit any photos, graphics, audio and video. It is also accepting submissions via e-mail.
Contributors will not be paid, however. This is a growing trend and will be the next big thing.
Expect several other “mainstream” news agencies to follow.

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I think he may be (I may be a fan now).

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Due to the amount of martial art trained criminals they have to deal with, the Taiwan Swat Teams not only train with weapons but hand to hand (but at a whole different level).

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A quick and dirty how-to on getting Swarm to render on your Windows desktop. Literally. It uses Active Desktop which – well, yuck – but it’s a cool little trick you might enjoy. Good luck.
Remember you can resize it to cover your whole desktop and shrink it by grabbing an edge if you want to stop it

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An unhappy competitor to Barnum and Bailey’s circus (David Hannum) said, “There is a sucker born every second”.

An in the case of Digg they just keep coming. I am not sure why but over the last few week a series of (perhaps) well meaning but wrong (and potentially dangerous) Windows XP tweaks have appeared on Digg and even on Diggnation the VodCast that offers some of the top stories on Digg in a video format.

Sites such as these below have offered about 90% accurate information.

But don’t take my word for it take other digg member who have mentioned that some of these tweaks leave systems vulnerable, or worse.

I would expect it of some but not so many getting caught out.

Note:  I am a BIG fan of any and all Windows tweaks (and of course DIGG), but some of these posts are just plain reckless and wrong.

This isn’t my story but let’s get’em
Posing as a Portuguese production company a group of men steal 3 Beta Cam kits. Though the Con-men seemed very professional, they did do one thing very stupid, they took pictures with the cameras they stole. You can help find these men.

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