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Loren w
May 2022

TV No Signal 4K 6-Pack | Glitch, Glitch tv, Old tv

As as a head product guy for the worlds largest Internet / Telco In 2000-2006 I spoke with MPs in the UK at the time on the broken model of watching TV. Around that time I had consulted with everyone from the national banks that were offering online banking in a user friendly way for the 1st time, to actually creating a new Internet service for UK TV, that would allow for a new TV show to push content OUT to users online or on TV not have any traffic coming back from people which is the exact OPPOSITE to how internet worked.

People would actually watch these people sleeping or cavorting 24/7 on UK TV or online. It cost them $1m in internet alone and the GENRE called “reality tv” & the UK show Big Brother on 14 July 2000 was born (sorry).

The model for TV – was simple then popular shows would air on UK TV, then go on sale 1-2 months later in BBC shops on the new 1997 medium called DVD and on VHS. Unfortunately at the time, torrents and naughty news groups and other illegal downloading sites were also becoming popular and many of the shows that were going on DVD 1-2 months after airing on TV were on piracy pages right away of course.

I became aware and involved of this, consulting to the BBC that was already thinking about streaming TV shows but the cost from us for the Internet was in early discussions and would cost millions for the server farms, data etc this was 2000 and still pretty new and expensive. We had a relationship with the BBC already as senior managers were actually trained in public speaking by the BBC myself included.

The BBC wanted to know how much bandwidth they would need and other infrastructure but if too little infrastructure was purchased it would take 2 months to get more fibre in the ground in those days, purchase too much and the business is not producing ROI. The question was raised would the business grow if they worked with UK only torrent providers (personal VPN were not a thing then). The torrent site idea was work with one torrent site only even pre-release shows online to the torrent site and measure if it helped or hurt their sales. All I cared about was proving the right service but that could only be done if DEMAND could be quantified. The trial proved successful and the UK TV industry actually for 2-3 years worked with torrent sites to provide shows, then the torrent site would remove the shows that were going on sale on DVD. The increase in demand for buying shows on DVD increased on their own, but it appeared torrent sites improved sales also. It lasted 2-3 years the model evolved and was stopped.

The BBC quickly evolved. It kept and evolved viewership because they listened and stay cutting edge.

Unfortunately what ever this thing is in Australia from 10Plus is perhaps the worse viewing app I have seen in the western world and I have been to 38 countries.

The Australian catch-up TV guide: Which network is doing what? - Mediaweek


Well it took 2 days to setup for some reason a bad start I would learn is normal overall and a sign of how bad it is. Starting, that there are multiple account entry points to the site. The sign up site only works with Google Chrome it turns out, not the pre-installed and most popular browser in the world from Microsoft Edge & IE. The computer at hand is a newish Intel i7 -107000k 3.8ghz, with 32GB ram.

Once working – I started my viewing with a live viewing of a Bellator fight – but for some reason the reported local times were wrong showing the main fight was at 1PM and it actually started at 12pm AEST – On the app live events cannot be paused like the UFC is on their app.

Then I tried a TV show it froze part way though the show I tried to restart it but would not allow me to get to where the show crashed I tried this on another show, NCIA LA – same problem this time I tried multiple times each time it played 4-6 commercials before it would start the show 1-5 minutes BEFORE the crash then freeze. Each time forcing the previewing of 2-6 commercials. After 36 commercial attempts or 6 tries I gave up and cancelled my subscription

Unlike every other service when you cancel your subscription you still get to use up any remaining time. Not in this case as soon as you cancel you are out forget about the 4 weeks still owing, a mistake other streaming services seamed to understand this 4 years ago.

Where media companies have done well on preventing piracy is by creating a simple working model, and fair value for new potential customers they want to keep “sticky” so they don’t leave. Introducing an average quality app with amateur needless faults and flaws means unhappy viewers and even appears sponsors are getting screwed here.

Loren W
15 May 2021

FIVEFive times.. Today was my 5th cancelled appointment for the COVID vaccine. By categories I am a 1A and 1B. The 1st FOUR times was due to stock issues. Number 5 is because the COVID appointment system human beings don’t know what time the centers actually open that they make appointments for and there is no process to send confirmations to avoid problem.

As an emergency worker I was advised I could make my appointment at 730am on Saturday. I was told to go download paperwork to speed things up when I got there. Then I almost begged for a confirmation of my 5th appointment to no avail. Only to find out after getting up way too early and on arriving told they don’t have any appointments for another 2 hours at least. Very professional. Time to pay me to get the vaccine I wont try again.

The process for the 1st 4 times as my local GP doesn’t do the vaccine was

Attempts 1-4

  1. Make an appointment with a new local GP I don’t know just to get the vaccine to have a discussion on my medical record. Then they will perhaps make ANTOHER appointment to get the vaccine.
  2. As painful as that seems I did it anyhow with 2 different GPs only to have my appointments cancelled supposedly due to vaccine supply issues.

Attempt 5 –
With the new super center opening up I made the appointment with a 3rd site the Cranbourne Turf club – only to find out the appointment system is broken. I called and it opens at 8am. Calling at 8am the appointment system is down the next human told me cannot see ANY appointments, has no way to transfer me and the number they told me to call is the one I am speaking to them on.

After 5 times – I give up.

21 April 2021

I learned a lot during lockdown, mostly about online shopping that I embraced way more than before COVID at least. Way before the whole AusPost CEO scandal it seems ignored how much lying AusPost was doing by their own process. That is when shopping online people rely on facts for the online experience and should not have to second guess tracking for instance. For instance, web sites said deliveries delayed 2-3 days when it was 2-3 weeks if speaking AusPost on the phone themselves. “We tell the truth; the websites might be out of date” was ALWAYS true with AusPost they NEVER lied to me EVER (so not a staff issue). But when depending on AusPost pre-covid, COVID times and today in late April 2021 it is as big a mess as ever. Two examples of what a mess it is

Example 1–  During Covid – Ordered a $500 monitor from QLD to Melbourne, delivered to Melbourne, then 1 day late, 3, 5, 7. Being I would not now know when I would be home, on speaking to AusPost they suggested diverting the item to the local post office for collection there anyhow as it would be easier to track also. After a few more days AusPost told me the item had been re-routed. I said yes, I did that, to my local post office. I was then told “no” it was diverted by the shipper they could not tell me where but I was not able to track my item anymore. They say it is part of the process if an item gets lost then the customer can offer a refund and divert the item back to the shipper. That was the case yet the shipper denied it and I was blocked from finding out per AusPost process not changed yet.

The shipper eventually confessed and I had to get a refund from my bank as the shipper refused to refund me. The issue there is AusPost by process could not tell me where my item was going only the shipper is told that

Example 2 – April 2021 – AusPost cannot read an address label for an online item sent to me, a gift for someone, so they deliver it to a different address on my street. But I get the usual AusPost updates, delivery pending, delivery getting ready to be delivered, going to be delivered today, do you want to leave it or divert it.. Next.. DELIVERED. I am WFH so walk to the post box no item. I put in a claim and then a few days later I am told the delivery address is not mine, and they cannot tell me where it was delivered just to another house on my street, and I need to contact the shipper that could THEN contact the post office, they would then let the shipper know where it went.

 I ask simply as I am registered, and getting all the notifications per above phone, watch, email.. etc how can the post office tell me it is in route but not let me know where? “perhaps one day you will have to call the shipper to ask them where it went” – In 2021 – If it matters avoid AusPost

Loren W
17 April 2021

It was 48 yrs ago this week, a chubby 12 year old kid walking home from school in Texas as a girl next to him drops, I didn’t hear the shot, but saw the gun, it just looked like she just passed out, then I saw the blood. He would shoot 5, 4 of them kids, 1 adult, 3 died “I was only shooting girls” he said, I prayed many times that would be the 1st & last mass murder especially involving fellow kids. It wasn’t and I was very lucky. It was just 3 years later, when I was held up at gun point at a fast food restaurant that I worked at, twice in 2 weeks. I was lucky then also. Oddly in the story the shooter put out a contract to kill the prosecutor, not long before he was do to be released for good behaviour.

Rampage killer blows chance for early release

Charged in murder plot 30 years after slayings

Story courtesy of –


Does anybody remember this? My little sister was at Red at the time and I was at Johnston.

Mass killer counts down to freedom /Survivor painfully recalls ’73 rampage
Houston – Karen Kurtz’s scarred right leg begins to ache every afternoon, and she has to use a cane to get around, every painful step a reminder of her brush with Houston’s first mass murderer. She was walking home from Red Elementary School on a spring morning 25 years ago when Larry Delon Casey, angry following an argument with his girlfriend, drove intersection to intersection gunning down little girls with a .22-caliber rifle. After fatally shooting an elderly woman on that day in April 1973, he killed two schoolgirls and injured Kurtz and another girl. Two months earlier, he’d killed a convenience store clerk. Despite Casey’s notoriety – Harris County prosecutor Bert Graham calls him Houston’s “original” mass murderer – few Houstonians nowadays are familiar with his name. That probably is because the horror of his 1973 shooting rampage in southwest Houston was eclipsed just four months after it happened, when the entire nation learned how Dean Corll and two young accomplices had killed dozens of teen-age runaways here. But Kurtz, now 35 and living far from Houston, remembers Casey. In a recent interview – after insisting that her new address or married name not be published for fear the killer might find her someday – she recalled how the slug that shattered her right leg also shattered her life. “I’ve dealt with 25 years of leg problems because of him,” she said. For Kurtz, the Casey shootings didn’t fade away with the next Page 1 crime. Every few years, she gets a postal reminder that the stranger who shot her is alive, standard notices from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles that he is being considered for parole. The last letter she got on the subject arrived in mid-July, and sometime this month the board likely will make a decision about freeing Casey. Kurtz and Graham, who convinced a jury to sentence him to 99 years in prison, both expect the board to reject him for the fourth time in a decade. That is not what concerns them. Thanks to a pristine prison record and a lot of -for-1 “good-time credit,” Casey, 48, knows he must be freed on a mandatory release on Feb. 19, 2006. He will have no parole officer watching him, no letters warning his new neighbors about him, no legal limitations on him whatsoever beyond the rules all Texans face daily. Larry Casey does not look like a murderer. Gone is the cocky, smirking expression he displayed when Houston homicide detectives brought him downtown. “I guess I went out of my head for 15 to 20 minutes,” he told a Chronicle reporter at the police station that day. “I just flew off the handle.” Today, watching Casey interact with other prisoners and guards at the prison system’s Wynne Unit outside Huntsville, he comes across as a pleasant, schoolteacher-ish sort of guy. He received a bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University in 1988, and it shows in the way he talks. He is fully aware he would have been sent to death row but for a fortuitous twist of legal timing. At the time of the shootings, the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled the Texas capital murder law invalid. A revision of the law went into effect two months after the girls were shot. If he committed his crimes today, prosecutors could seek the death penalty under several statutes – killing children under age 6, committing multiple murders and, in an unrelated offense, executing a 7-Eleven clerk during an $80 robbery. As Casey describes it, he was fresh out of the Army after two years in Germany as a radar operator, and he had “quite a chip on my shoulder” when he returned to Houston. By then, he had been accused of numerous minor crimes – theft, burglary, possession of marijuana, pretending to be a policeman, drunken driving, shooting up a mobile home and more. But the potential to hurt somebody was always present, he said, because he usually was armed. He said this was because his father, Theron Casey, 53, had been murdered by two junkies in New York City, a crime Larry Casey blames on his father’s giving a Brazoria County man nine hot checks to cover gambling losses. Whatever the reason, Larry Casey had a pistol on Feb. 21, 1973, when he and his girlfriend, Yvonne Ellis, were at a 7-Eleven on Burdine Street. Casey said they got into a dispute with the clerk, Dorothy Jones Young, 48, about selling beer after hours, a fuss that Casey ended by shooting her three times. In an interview, he described it as a simple method of ending a problem. “If there would have been the death penalty when I was in the 7-Eleven arguing with the manager, I never would’ve pulled the gun,” Casey said. “But I knew there wasn’t any death penalty, and I figured I could get away with it because there weren’t any witnesses around.” In his confession, Casey did not mention that his girlfriend was there. He said he shot Young “because I thought she was reaching for a gun.” That killing became just another unsolved Houston crime until the Red Elementary shootings two months later. According to Casey, he and Ellis – who he says visited him in prison just once, several years ago – were both hard-drinking pot smokers who supported themselves with a Houston Post delivery route. Both were on probation on April 18, 1973, and Ellis was increasingly unhappy that Casey was drinking while driving, fearing he would get her in trouble for violating probation. “Yvonne was mad at me about drinking and driving and wanted out of the car,” his confession says. “She got out at the intersection of Bissonnet and Chimney Rock.” His confession says he was mad and went to fetch his mother’s .22-caliber rifle. “I left the house and drove across Willowbend and into the neighborhood,” it reads. “I was near where my little brother (went) to school.” The confession says he shot a woman standing in front of her house. But in the interview, he described how Beulah Davis saw him stop near her home and came over and saw weapons in the vehicle. She may have gotten a good look at Casey’s license plate. “I felt threatened by her,” he explained. “I’d just been put on probation, and I figured she’d call the law.” So he shot her in the back. The confession jumps from that to his spotting a child riding a bicycle in a driveway 75 yards away. One shot and the child fell down. “I do not remember shooting at anyone else,” the confession says. Prosecutor Graham has not forgotten the rest. After shooting Claire Jakubowski, 5, off her bicycle in the driveway at 10423 Green Willow, Casey drove two blocks and wounded Lynn Jean Tucker, 10, with a shot to the back as she walked home in the 10600 block of Willowilde. Next was Jana Whatley, 10, fatally shot through both lungs as she walked home in the 4700 block of Kinglet. Last was Karen Kurtz, 10, walking with her younger sister near Cliffwood and Stillbrooke. “I was on the street corner waiting for (Casey’s) car to go by,” Kurtz said. “I looked straight at him.” Casey was arrested almost immediately, after he returned to the shooting scenes with Ellis and his little brother. Police had scant trouble getting a confession since Casey freely admitted to killing the 86-year-old and the 5-year-old girl, contending that he did not remember the others. Nowadays, he said, he does remember them. But he said the actual shooter was a man called “Rooster.” Casey insisted he did not tell the police about Rooster to avoid being “a snitch.” Kurtz, however, said no one else was in Casey’s car when she was shot, and a man from the neighborhood positively identified Casey as the car’s sole occupant. Graham argued that Casey alone did it, and that is what the jury believed. Casey’s version of the events, it seems, has evolved over the years, polished perhaps to make it more palatable to his cellmates and others in a penal environment where tattletales are not popular. Though he somehow still blames Graham’s “twisted lies” for the conviction that he set up himself with his confession, Casey now calls his prosecution reasonable. “I don’t have a problem with them prosecuting me for the murders,” Casey said. “If one of my family members had been shot, I’d want them to do what they did and what they’re still doing. I just don’t agree with why they’re doing it. They’re just getting revenge.” Graham said Casey should be jailed forever simply because anyone who could get mad at his girlfriend and then go shoot up schoolgirls he did not even know remains too dangerous to be released.

The world may not know how Huawei helped pioneer the internet 20 years ago in the UK and Australia but they sure made me look good then.

Loren W.
Melbourne Australia
15 / 7 / 2020

See the source image

It is hard to imagine it was 20 years ago when the need to improve the speed of Internet delivery times from 65 days down to 5 days landed on me as a NOT self titled “Futurist” (6-24 months) , and UK Product Manager for British Telecom at the time. A great company I was really blessed with lots of cool projects and as long as they made money I was given cart blanche while managing product launches in the UK, Europe, and a little into the USA, and later on Australia, of course having some of the smartest teams in marketing, engineering, delivery, operations, development and finance supporting me. Being American I was programmed differently not better, just differently. I came from a heavy tech sales and customer service background and was the only one of dozens in that part of the tech giant that did not come from a 100% tech / service / engineering background. When the dotcom bust happened, and 9/11 the need to reduce the lead time for installing the Internet from 65 days down to 5 days now in 2020 seems hard to imagine any other way. It was not an easy project because there were urgent rush to do this but as I would discover over 100 steps to deliver an Internet connection at the time, few in parallel and involving many different teams all then having to reduce that delivery time, while under time pressure.

See the source image

I managed to get down to 20 days but the last 15 days had a road block, a company called MARCONI. They were inflexible, and they told me rather arrogantly on multiple occasions, there was no way they could anything better, because they would need to hire more staff etc. They also had a quality of service issue, and over charged all the time.

But, I have to admit I groveled more than a little bit, they had a monopoly in the market place on the hardware, were an English tradition or legends, and I knew when I went back to say the future of the entire Internet was being blocked by the arrogance of Marconi (perhaps their lack of funds were happening already). If I made no progress I was also going to have failed, something I never did at BT mainly because our wider teams were amazing (and could hold their tequila with me) a little lucky too.

I hinted to Marconi, this was going to be a REAL problem (meaning for me but also Marconi that was having scaling problems as the BT internet infrastructure was growing, needing more hardware than Marconi could make and worse deploy, and more so deploy reliably and on time. Complaints were met with yeah right, as they did not care as they owned the market, for now.

The Marconi vs Huawei contract was now going to be worth $17billion as the view was to make what we were doing (reducing lead times to Internet deployment across the UK, Europe, and the USA) to now part of the British Telecom 21st Century network. Turned out my problem dealing with Marconi being inflexible filtered to the top and when Marconi did the same thing with the grownups Huawei was given a chance to tender for it, and won.

Image result for uk flag keyboard wallpaper size

Huawei was a new company I had heard of in China (Huawei as it would turn out) and was able to compete with Marconi, so it resulted in a bid Marconi lost, a company dating back to the 19th century, shares fell hard, around 40% the very day we announced the contracts to Huawei.

But they were my saviors not because they were just less expensive but they gave me my last 15 day reduction I needed to get lead-times down from 65 days to 5 days, and in some cases 1 day. But I was surprised that I was only middle management and company presidents were talking at the grown up level to china, and Marconi, I was glad to reap the Huawei benefits.

Depending on who is reporting that part of our Internet history, it can be said the deal leveraged Huawei into becoming the giant they are as they then were able to leverage our work into Europe, the USA and Globally. But I am not sure if the Internet could have been as successful in the UK and then Australia if it was still taking 65 days to deliver an internet connection much longer back then.

As things evolve fast sometimes in the intimate telco infrastructure business globally, Huawei set up a partnership agreement soon with Marconi in 2005 with Marconi agreeing to buy the hardware they could not deliver faster and resulted in them losing the $17B bid and the company almost going bankrupt over it. – It is ironic, that if Marconi had done this before, then they would not have lost the contract and the company to Huawei. Huawei was even going to buy Marconi, but the UK government did not like that.

Now in 2020 I do not know the politics or legalities or political correctness of the obvious but I also believe over 90% of the modems in peoples homes in Australia in 2020 especially those connected to the NBN and others are also Huawei modems. It would be a shame if decisions were made on their future for the wrong reasons.

Otherwise I will say it… thanks Huawei.

Welcome to Tech-News TV

Posted: June 27, 2018 in Misc Tech

What We Do –

Based in Melbourne Australia, and as an ex-product manager in R&D for some of the largest tech companies in the world, (like BT & NEC) to help raise awareness for my own projects at the time I lead on using new at the time, typical multi layer marketing, then social media as it happened and the typical SEO for websites before that. Nothing unusual there, but I built a following on stories covered on my own projects, and bug fixing for Apple that went a little viral and a company was born. Now a network of over 150,000 followers / eyeballs around the world, in a niche that was just tech, media and clients, and customers has then evolved to social issues all offering a good demographic that is unique for companies that want to get their message out in a unique way using twitter primarily to point customers and clients alike. This works for new companies selling on amazon or ebay to companies trying to raise awareness into twitter or facebook customers even into specific countries. Digital influencing via a unique demographic with measurable results, not easily duplicatable by others.

Tech Company Interviews
Working in R&D product development for large companies as a technology evangelist, I also travel the world interviewing company CEOs and other executives for everything from phones, and appliances to quantum computers, translation services, and more to or onto social media completing the marketing messages.

Philanthropic Endeavours 
We also consult for free on various social & legal law reform issues and I am the Australian editor for the USA Law Review





To say some of the best things about a speaker is not the sounds crazy to even type. This speaker is $70 US.
Forgetting any other features what sort of sound do you expect from a bluetooth $100 speaker.

I would say this exceeds that expectation sound wise, and is interesting but defective in other ways.

If you bought a lovely vase for say $100 but the bottom of the vase was not flat, and you had to put it against a wally to stop it falling over, then this is the Creative Halo

Designed to sit on a tripod, it does not fit any tripod due to a defect in the design. Speaking to the team at creative they dempohsaised the importence of the tripod mount yet that is why I wanted to test it and it is a feature.

Specially, the 1/4″ threaded tripod mount requires 4-5 threads to fit ANY tripod – Unfortunately the base of the speaker only allows for 3 threads, meaning the speaker cannot be used on a tripod, trying about 6 different ones from cheap to $1000.


The device app does not work unless you fully charge the speaker, sync it to your device, then install the app. Sounds logical, however if you install the app while charging the speaker as I did, the speaker syncs to any device but the app will not work. This was easily fixed by reinstalling the app and worked fine. I tried this on multiple android and iOS devices with the same observation.

What the other reviews are missing –

  1. Playing Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon with the speaker in voice activation mode and full color spectrum is memorable.
  2. Playing any game with customised coloring, and sound enabled effects makes for exciting gaming environments.
  3. Currently doing some testing with sleep and lighting environments for work (as a sleep professional). The Creative Halo is fully adjustable color wise. So running sound effects, and customisable effects, with little amounts of blue light and mostly red light helps with sleep patterns (circadian sleep cycles)  and achieving REM sleep more effectively may sound crazy, but there are specialist devices doing this not very well for $250 US.

However, if looking to purchase a similar device,  speaker with RGB lighting, I would suggest a speaker by itself and a seperate light such as the LIFX or Hue by Phillips (more on those soon).


Highlights From CES 2017

Posted: January 10, 2017 in Misc Tech

10 Jan 201 7-
Melbourne Australia

The trouble with CES is if you know what you are looking for you might not need to go. If you go to hunt for the next big thing you are likely not to find it. So I have looked at the best of and these are my favs so far.

Razer’s insane three monitor laptop





Razer Project Ariana  – I am a huge fan of Razer amazing quality and looks to match –

Could the ZTE Axon 7 and Axon 7 Mini Mobiles Have Decided the 2016 Presidential Election?

Loren W
Melbourne Australia


As the world deals with the uninspiring Apple iPhone 7 with a nice new Camera but sacrificing on sound both with missing headphone jack, and average on board speakers, most were expecting more. This combined with the exploding battery and support issues from Samsung, the ZTE still is a poignant reminder of technology and service done right.
One could say even possibly “presidential”, but more on that in a moment.
The ZTE Axon 7 phone is a good balance of consumer charm but business functionality. The sound quality works for conferences replacing sound pods also has high quality built in amplifiers to help in those movements it is needed and works even more incredibly with music. Sorry Apple we also need good sound from our headphones and the ZTE blows everyone out of the water there and yes using wired or Bluetooth headphones is possible.
With the Google Nexus program being dead, in favor of a newly names pixel phone, rumored to be close in spec to the HTC 10, the new phone is also made by HTC, and will be announced on 4 October.zte-axon-7-mobile-phone-large-1


There are rumored to be 2 Google “Pixel”  phones (that I still want to call pixie phones) but with the pressure the greatest ever on price it is expected to be see some compromises on the new Google phones. Meanwhile Samsung scrambles, to address the poorly handled 7 Note exploding battery concerns, this leaves a gap already filled by the USA mobile phone provider ZTE.
The issue with Samsung came at a REAL bad time, IFA2016 Berlin the first few days of September 2016, at one of the world’s largest trade shows, where Samsung real-estate was well represented. Samsung initially denied the claims even after reported in the media, resulting in a bit too much focus on it at the event. This resulted in airlines like KLM, telling passengers at the check in desks the phones were not allowed on the planes at all if admitting to owning it.

Global Launch Axon 7 mini The only minor criticism heard on the ZTE Axon 7 was the size. Not everyone wants a masterpiece of a phablet. This was fixed recently at IFA2016 with the launch of the Axon 7 Mini, the aptly named smaller version of the Axon 7. Soon to be released
The Axon 7 devices are great balance of business and consumer device. Great sound out, has nothing to do with great good sound in ZTE tackles this well with hi-fi sound chips, from AKM. With

Global Launch Axon 7 Mini at IFA2016

playback by Dolby ATMOS leading the great sound. Designed in the USA and working with BMW / DreamWorks the solid unibody design is well thought out and managed. Battery life is great,
So how could the ZTE have decided the 2016 election? – With its choice of dual sim or sim with SD memory card, those situations needing multiple accounts, multiple numbers or even multiple data plans has never been easier.
Looking for a new phone but not sure the best deal, don’t get trumped on looking for the best deals at as the Axon 7 and 7 Mini, outright a running about half the price of the iPhones and Samsung 7 devices.

The ZTE Axon 7 leads the main 3 devices for ZTE, with the entry level Blade phones and the ZTE LTE equipped Spro 2 Android Projector.

4 September
IFA2016 Berlin
Loren W.
The Axon 7 story continues –
Mr Waiman Lam (VP Mobile Products ZTE and Glbal Spokesperson Mobile) and others at ZTE have emphasized their unique focused strategy of targeting not just key products in key countries but with added focus on key cities as well. This mean working more with the local communities,and having much more involvement with their customers. This includes major sponsorship of many local sports team in key markets. Lars Stindl from BM Gladbach was on hand to receive his own new phone and his team is of sponsored by ZTE.
With a focus on customer choice,  ZTE offers many products but focuses on 3, the android projector they invented, their entry level phone, and their flagship Axon 7 products, on listening  to the community they realized not everyone wants a phone larger than 5.2in
So ZTE’s  response to their current flagship device, the Axon 7 that has actually sold out in many parts of the world. Surpassing their own expectations, this meant a June 27th launch of the Axon 7 in Paris, followed up with a 13 July pre-order in the USA , and August 16 launch in  Hong Kong .
“The new 5.2 Axon 7 Mini inherits much DNA from the larger Axon 7.
With the Axon 7 and the new mini it is the details that matter
For the mini being sold At 299 euro (approx $333USD) and launching globally THIS WEEK in many new countries it is also the small things that are noticeable on this well designed powerhouse, from the Dolby sound that is piped beautifully from the front facing dual speakers, a well place volume button opting for a better single volume button making it easier to increase or decrease the volume. The fingerprint scanner is under neath the phone well place below the camera, and responds very quickly. The choice of using a dual sim or sim / sd card configuration is a great must have, and it is all rounded off with a 16mp/ 8mp front facing camera with dual led flash, FHD Amoled screen and even a new USB c connector for a phone also happy to fit in a great quality earphone jack to benefit form the amazing sound.
ZTE keeps pretty close to stock Google software,on this phone, but with touches from their Mi Vue Launcher including camera software, audio controls, enhanced fitness app, mi-pop controls to allow for easier use of control for one handed use will have many wanting to keep the ZTE launcher as I have.
ZTE makes sure the details are there not for the same of it but to enhance the experience. The sound that is so emphasized by ZTE is by no means by accident, their focus on their own R&D and working with the the AKM R&D and Dolby R&D offer a well tuned piece of hardware that has to to be heard to be believed. This includes dolby atmos dual front facing speakers, and it is not just the sound out that is impressive but the hi fi  recording makes this a great consumer and enterprise device.
With ZTE launching the new mini in Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, japan Australia,  Saudi Arabia and of course the USA, on 7 September, some countries have not even seen the larger axon 7 yet Axon 7 and 7 Mini have to be heard to be believed.
Up next the more on the focused, 3 product ZTE strategy includng the Axon 7, with the innovator Spro projector, and entry level ZTE blade phone

IFA2016 Berlin
September 2 2016
Loren W –
haier logo 1
Despite the many famous brands owned or made by Haier, they still showcase their wide rage of both efficient, attractive, customer satisfying and innovative designs in their own name globally. It has been said by many that, “Those that do not listen  and respect  their customers and continue to innovate will not prosper. On that notion, Haier does all of this very well in many ways.

haier dryer
Efficiency is shown in their washing machines, that hold a larger than normal 12kg capacity, yet able to treat laundry with with care due to the internal bubble drum feature. All of this in amazing and beautiful designs and ever increasing environmental improvements. Innovation, listening to customer needs  and beautiful design is shown off well in their online fridge and kitchen hub. With  large screen, the refrigerator even has a  camera and scanner inside  so you can remotely view you fridge contents.
If out shopping or forget what you have.  Use it to access recipes, or customer set the refrigerator changing a portion from a chiller, to a refrigerator or to a freezer in the  same compartment. Please watch for more.
Looking at Haier products, they offer amazing visuals and sometimes futuristic  looks making their many products more and more popular across the world. I look forward to what Haier do next.

What magic will ZTE unveil, come by and say hello







Due to make landfall in Late June or July

Loren W
Melbourne Australia,


Because of the semi- irregular Phone and Tablet launches it means that someone has to have the latest spec mobile phone until someone else does that is. Sony did this before with Xperia Z Ultra a great phablet for those so inclined at the time. Semi-launched in June 2013 it hosted a 6.4 in display only a fraction smaller than the Nexus 7 but was the first of the upper tier of phone makers to have the Snapdragon 800, and was IP56 waterproof and competing at the time with the Samsung Note 3 had the market for almost 12 months but with an average camera, and poor market distribution and supply, it was never a challenger but was a lovely phone, and took some ok pictures even underwater with in the Cook islands, thank you Sony

Well the stars have aligned for Sony again with their range of new Sony Xperia X Phones. Of much interest is the higher Waterproof X Performance that is the first of the top brands to host the latest Snapdragon 820 chip prior to the 823 chip being released. The timing of the phone means there were discussions if they would host the newer 823 chip instead that is destined for the Samsung Note 6 with an estimated 15-20% upgrade in speed compared to the 820.

Sony Xperia X Performance


Polaris Data Centre

Posted: May 26, 2016 in Misc Tech

Polaris $241m Data Centre- Loren Wiener

Hi folks,

I am a serial domain name buyer, and have never sold 1 at a profit buying hundreds over the years.
Working for the largest hosting companies in the world over the last decades, if I get an idea I buy the domain name.
But life happens.. So.. here are some domain names for sale.. email me at… I am guess paypal works easiest but let me know

List – starting at $250AUD


 Even if you are ‘Phat’ TRIM might be a problem. – Doing Nothing Is Seeing SSD Performance Degradation


31 May 2015
Melbourne Australia

win10Noticed that speedy SSD drive has been slowing down, or you do not want it to, on your PC or Mac, well you need to consider TRIM and AGC.  Say what?

SSD – (Solid State Hard Drives) have been around for a while, at up to x100 performance on data access, and boot up times as well as about 1/3 of the power so cooler as well,  to that of normal hard drives it is a no-brainer SSD is worth having for your boot drive on a PC or a Mac.
TRIM – a command built into SSD drive controllers that inform an SSD drive which blocks of data are in use, not in use and can be wiped internally.  Computers do not support TRIM by default automatically and maybe not at all.
AGC – Active Garbage Collection, as sexy as this sounds it is a secondary process that does the same as TRIM if TRIM is not working and it is built into the firmware of some but not all SSDs (is a good thing).
HDD – A standard internal hard drive for PCs or Macs that run normally at 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm

AHCI-  Advanced Host Controller Interface a SATA setting in the bios (not natively turned on and can impact SSD drive weed by a factor of 3 (that’s 300%) – Not turned on in BIOS the SSD is still faster than an HDD.


Like many, I build my own desktop PCs always have (well have them built for safety / risk). However I have never gotten around to installing an SSD drive for my main boot drive.

  • Personally to buy an SSD drive under 500GB or a 1TB, seemed pointless, and with prices of 500GB being around $150, then the price per GB (PPG) on an SSD has fallen recently, and as good as they will be for a while, if you look at the market on these things. Also with SSD drives like CPU, new versions come out occasionally offering faster read and write speeds at the same price (no point buying a new SSD drive that is slower). Current versions of SSD drives offer 500-550MB/sec speeds on reading and writing.
  • However many SSD drives have certain tweaks that if not performed will reduce the speed of this speedy drive.
    AGC- (Active Garbage Collection) is a feature of some SSD drives (Crucial is one brand), simply put when your PC is idling, the SSD drive is cleaning itself. However, between power saving (that is set by default to let a PC sleep) or those that turn a PC on work all the time then turn it off immediately the impact is the same. The SSD drive needs idle time to clean itself.

What’s The Problem ? – As TRIM commands simply tell an SSD drive what blocks of data are not being used and can be wiped. If TRIM doesn’t kick in, then AGC is there to clean up the drive. However in the very logical scenario above (power saving mode / PC turned off when not in use) then AGC cannot kick in, so the drive does not get cleaned up and slows down, or worse (yep).  Or your SSD drive may not have ACG meaning if TRIM is not configured properly (VERY easy to miss), then your SSD drive will slow down.

Simple Prevention – Let TRIM or ACG do it’s thing

  • No Sleep– Just go to your power settings on PC or Mac and turn off any power plans that turn off your hard drive. These are on a default, and many people just leave them that way.
  • Defrag– Turn off automatic or scheduled defragmentation most Windows has this turned on by default. SSD drives do not fragment like magnetic drives so turning this off can help performance, and ssd drives have a limited number of writes and reads so this can also add to the longevity of your drive. The bug / feature request to have this deactivate for SSD drives has been reported to Windows 10 team.
  • Is your TRIM turned on?- Easy… Firstly TRIM is only supported in Windows 7 and beyond, so you need to consider that. Also if you upgrade from anything to Windows 7 or newer TRIM might not work at all. So how do you tell if TRIM on your windows 7 or higher PC (or OS X Mac) is turned on.. easy Open a Admin CMD prompt and TYPE

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify (ENTER)

This will give you an answer of 0 or 1. Zero indicates TRIM is enabled, a one means it is not. You can turn on TRIM by repeating the step above and add a 0 at the end per below.

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify 0  (ENTER)

Now repeat the first step and you should get a 0 but a re-boot might be needed. 

Indexing- Due to the speed and way SSDs work indexing designed to speed up windows search on magnetic drives but not needed and impacts on longevity (and performance a little) on SSDs To turn it off just go to the properties of your SSD drive and turn indexing off. You may need admin rights to do this, and might need to turn indexing off manually .

 Fix it -– Here is how you fix a slow SSD Drive.  PC or Mac – In Windows, the best thing to do is to disconnect your SATA cable from your SSD Drive for a few hours, but leave the power connected this will make the SSD drive run in MCG mode. For a Mac just go to à system preferences, -> energy saver –> uncheck ‘put the hard disks to sleep’. You do not need to do this unless you have a problem on the PC.

Don’t Forget the Bios- PC’s new and old to not have AHCI mode enabled. If you do not turn it on you would never know what you are missing. AHCI only came out with SATA interfaces, and SSD did not get popular until way after SATA was started. WARNING: This may be obvious to some, but it is not.  Logisitcally, you need to activate AHCI mode prior to installaing the OS on that  SSD drive. If you install the OS on an SSD drive with AHCI not enabled then goto the bios to enable it, then the drive will not boot up DOH ! (I got caught out on that).

I have had a lot of people ask about defaults in Windows 10 (actually all versions of Windows), so was surprised that there were so many aspects to this but all simple to fix.
If of any use please let me know.





Ongoing Windows 10 Updates Errors Not the End of the World


30 May 2015
Melbourne Australia

•              So you have a windows  10 update could be anything, in my case I am updating to 10130 on 30 May 2015. I got an Error 0x8200056 (but there can be other errors)

•              In my case the windows update program froze and could not be stopped easily due to a corrupt update (windows or otherwise) causing the windows update program that runs automatically on start up to restart then go back to a frozen state even when your PC is restarted multiple times (the restart worked on similar errors on previous versions but not going from build 10125.

•              So to fix this you need to unfreeze the windows update program, and rename the windows update folder (C:/Windows/Softwaredistributionand) then try again

Here’s How

Note: To isolate the problem turn off in the windows 10 update box ‘update other programs’ when updating windows. – This prevents any update other than windows 10 from corrupting your windows 10 update.

pic 1ok

1.        Run services.msc – Find windows update server – disable – (remember where this is, you will be going back in a minute)

2.        Restart PC Run CMD prompt with admin access

3.        Type cd %systemroot% (ENTER)

4.        Type Ren Software Distribution SoftwareDistribution.old (ENTER)

5.        Repeat step 1 but put windows update server back to ‘automatic’

6.        Restart PC

Note: If you want to check to make sure the windows update folder is now replaced (softwaredistribution) you can do this by re doing step 3 and 4 above and you should get an error saying the folder could not be found. This is correct as you renamed in in step 6. Or just look in your root folder and see if C://Windows/SoftwareDistribution.old   is there and  C://Windows/SoftwareDistribution is not there (per step  3 and 4) if so then you are good to go.

7.        Re – start Windows update

So we have fixed 3 issues here

1.                    Moved a potentially corrupt windows update folder (due to windows 10 or another program)

2.                    Isolated the Windows Update Server for Windows 10 only by turning off ‘Update other programs’ by turning off the other programs until windows 10 has been updated.

3.                    Disabled then re-enabled the windows update server


Note:  The Normal way you could disable then re-enable the windows server is by running CMD ‘Net stop wuauserv ‘ in lieu of step 1, but in my case I got an error saying the windows update server (wuauserv) could not be stopped or was stopping and even when repeated wuauserv was still frozen even after multiple restarts. So step 1 above in this case is a fall back but worked much better.


Bad News

Your Windows 10 update will have to download again, so if you can download an ISO of your updates then it will allow you to save potentially a lot of time (and bandwidth usage) if important



Good Tech Can Be Simple
30 May 2015
Melbourne Australia

I must go through more than my share of car phone holders a year, changing out phones, they break, or as I travel I forget them in a rental. Expensive or cheap to be honest there is no more ugly, and useless form of tech (if you can even call it that).Suction cup on a windscreen some form of bracket to hold the phone.. nothing more to say … but sound the trumpets..



Logitech has introduced the +drive phone mount, it has no brackets but instead it locks on with a suction cup (or permanent 3M is so inclined) but there is no bracket to hold the phone. Instead it gives you a flat small square of metal that adheres to your phone case (between the phone and the case) and the strong magnet on the phone holder then holds even the largest phone well in place.

It works so well on a recent scary mountain drive in California (I live in Australia) that I just stuck it on a recorded the drive no problem. Instead of the metal plate you can buy a special magnetic case but I prefer my own. This plate even sticks to heavy grade silicone as is my case.

Well done Logitech – RRP is around $40 USD / $50 AUD

22 May 2015

If you add an old (windows 8) touch screen monitor to windows 10 it works fine.
You can buy them from around $100 -150 USD for a 23” view sonic for instance (only 2 touch points at a time for that price thus the windows 8 reference).
If you have other non-touch monitors (say on either side, or just 1, and if you let the screens bleed / overhang into the touchscreen then you can control those monitors as well.