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Ping and iTunes 10 is a Bit Pongy

Following the announcement by the keeper of unicorn tears at Apple (Steve Jobs of course) , of the ‘new’ iTunes 10 and especially Ping! all seemed good.  Perhaps this would be a shot across the bow to facebook, perhaps a complete (and needed) re-write of iTunes that would finally play well with Windows.

Unfortunately, on digging a bit below the surface, old and new flaws appear, and nothing  good. iTunes 10 and Windows still do not play well together, and this shows up especially if you have lots of content (iPhone, iPad) with lots of  none purchased  iTunes music, podcasts, apps etc. Some say this is because QuickTime for windows is 3 generations behind (doesn’t help), others say it is just that Apple and Microsoft hate each other. Well with iTunes 10 being launched last week this was a great opportunity for all things to be fixed. It did not happen.

Ping Me, Ping This

The other problem especially with Ping, is that it only works (barely so far), is if your music collection exists only in iTunes purchases. Being outside the US, and between late launches, and publishing issues and the fact a lot of my music collection pre-dates iTunes.  I never, ever got in the habit  of purchasing music on iTunes.  Even if I changed that today. Some of my favorite music is still not in iTunes, including  many some folks do not have period or would want (Beatles live in Melbourne Australia 1964 is a good example). I cannot be alone with that surely.

The Ping Email from Apple

Welcome to Ping. As you get started, here are some tips on how to get the most out of Ping:
Finding People to Follow
Ping makes it easy to find and follow your favorite artists and friends. In iTunes on your Mac or PC, select Ping and click Featured Artists or Featured People to find new or noteworthy Ping members. If you know someone already on Ping, you can search for them by name from the Ping home page. You can even check to see which of your Facebook friends also use Ping by connecting Ping to Facebook when editing your profile.
Your Recent Activity
The Ping home page makes it easy to see recent activity and popular songs from the people you follow. To see what a specific person has been up to, just click on their name. If you find something you like in iTunes, you can tell everyone that follows you by clicking “Like.” You can also recommend a song, album, or a person’s activity – and add your own comment – by pressing Post. And remember, you can always remove any activity you create by clicking Remove from your Profile page.
Purchases and Reviews
Ping automatically tells anyone that follows you whenever you purchase new music or write a review for an album. You’ll also see which of your friends have purchased a song or written a review right from the album page on the iTunes Store.
Going to Concerts
Whenever you follow an artist, Ping will automatically recommend upcoming concerts from that artist and even tell you which of your friends are also going. To see upcoming concerts for a given artist, click Concerts from their artist page in the iTunes Store.
These are just a few of the great new features of Ping. We’re excited to have you participate in a worldwide conversation with the world’s most passionate music fans.
The iTunes Store Team
iTunes Store

The original story on this was more important for what it did not say and thus is missing these big points.

1) The phone has to be NextG (beyond 3G) the only network Telstra will operate soon & not a platform the I-phone currently works.

2) This will also mean (as it is the Telstra model) it will likely get the 33 TV Stations on it from Sky/ Foxtel (at a sligthly higher price

Discussions are ongoing.

<Another Comment>

So, this will likely be Next G (sometimes called 3.5G) for Australia.
HSDPA is 3.5G. It is an extension of 3G, it uses the same network frequencies. 3G handsets can reach up to 384Kbit/sec. There are two HSDPA networks in Australia. Telstra run off the UMTS850MHz and this is HSDPA enable, they label their network NextG, since they believe its Next Generation.
Optus, Vodafone, Three (and Telstra too, as Three and Telstra co-own the 2100 Network) run off UMTS2100MHZ and this is also HSDPA enable, they just label it HSDPA.

I am not sure about other countries, but there are only a handful of countries which run off the UMTS850MHz frequency, from memory AT&T and Cordova in the States run off 850. UTMS2100 MHz is more widely used.

Note, Telstra claim their network is faster, since it is capable of 14.4Mb/sec. However there aren’t any 14.4Mb/sec devices, their current handsets (only the V6 V3xx and a few of the ZTEs) and turbocards only reach up to 3.6Mbit/secs.

Optus, Three, Vodafone don’t really state how fast the network is capable, but they too have devices which reach up to 3.6Mbit/sec, ie USB Modems and Nokia 6110 and n95, ironically phones which Telstra rejected as they were not UTMS850.

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Mixed blessings then.

She will play Melbourne’s Regent Theatre on October 30, Sydney’s Capitol Theatre on November 3, and Sanctuary Cove in Queensland on November 4.

She will also be a special guest performer along with crooner Chris Isaak at the Victoria Racing Club’s Chairman’s Dinner at Flemington Racecourse on November 1.

Tickets for the shows go on sale on Thursday, August 10.

POCKET rocket chart-topper Anthony Callea has landed the coveted support role on legendary diva Diana Ross’s Australian tour.

Callea, an Australian Idol runner-up, enjoyed great chart success last year.

His debut single The Prayer spent five weeks on top of the charts and earned a swag of industry awards for the young singer.

Callea will open for Ross in Sydney and Melbourne, and described the opportunity as one of the highlights of his career.

“Diana Ross is one of the all time greatest singers in the world. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to perform with such an icon in the music industry,” Callea said.

Ross, who was last in Australia in 1997, will perform three concerts in Australia.
story by Fiona Byrne

Pink Floyd are said to be planning to reform for a memorial gig in honour of late former front man Syd Barrett (pictured), who died in July. Last year the band put years of animosity behind them for a performance with Roger Waters at Live 8, but have dismissed all speculation of another reunion until now.

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U2 plan a Free concert in Melbourne for 17 November 2006 .

This is to coincide with the Meeting of G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Melbourne.
A site HAS been booked. U2 are in Melbourne for shows anyhow. Here is the link to the first story on it.

I will add more detail as it surfaces here (and why I am not direct linking the story).

Here is the info on the location of the “potential” free gig.

It is a nice location and easy to get to.

Ed…Love them or not I like a couple of their songs of theirs but am no Fanboy personally, and I do question the “good” they do (if any).

UPDATE: This looks like a good site for the U2 tour updates

Here is a list of where most the most famous rock bands in history got their names.

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Here are 1500 of the best music videos ever (in the 1980’s that is)

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