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The original story on this was more important for what it did not say and thus is missing these big points.

1) The phone has to be NextG (beyond 3G) the only network Telstra will operate soon & not a platform the I-phone currently works.

2) This will also mean (as it is the Telstra model) it will likely get the 33 TV Stations on it from Sky/ Foxtel (at a sligthly higher price

Discussions are ongoing.

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So, this will likely be Next G (sometimes called 3.5G) for Australia.
HSDPA is 3.5G. It is an extension of 3G, it uses the same network frequencies. 3G handsets can reach up to 384Kbit/sec. There are two HSDPA networks in Australia. Telstra run off the UMTS850MHz and this is HSDPA enable, they label their network NextG, since they believe its Next Generation.
Optus, Vodafone, Three (and Telstra too, as Three and Telstra co-own the 2100 Network) run off UMTS2100MHZ and this is also HSDPA enable, they just label it HSDPA.

I am not sure about other countries, but there are only a handful of countries which run off the UMTS850MHz frequency, from memory AT&T and Cordova in the States run off 850. UTMS2100 MHz is more widely used.

Note, Telstra claim their network is faster, since it is capable of 14.4Mb/sec. However there aren’t any 14.4Mb/sec devices, their current handsets (only the V6 V3xx and a few of the ZTEs) and turbocards only reach up to 3.6Mbit/secs.

Optus, Three, Vodafone don’t really state how fast the network is capable, but they too have devices which reach up to 3.6Mbit/sec, ie USB Modems and Nokia 6110 and n95, ironically phones which Telstra rejected as they were not UTMS850.

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This is gameplay footage of the upcoming Call of Duty. The close combat features are going to rock.

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 Keith Olbermann pwns O’Reilly


I have never heard of KO until today, though I knew of an issue BOR has with MSN (now I know).

I am an occasional watcher of BOR, and shall remain so (despite the fact he does not tell the truth on some occasions).

I am surprised a bit that BOR has made the same mistake (or lied) twice on the same fact.

I am also disspointed that FOX chose to change the transcripts to match what BOR said he said, and not what the video actually shows.

The TRANSCRIPTS ARE HERE,2933,197635,00.html

What say you ?


An interesting conversation from two of America’s biggest blow hards. Who do you think had the upper hand?

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Perhaps where AOL get’s their training from?
I have used the mp3 of this for years at presentations around the world.

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Due to the amount of martial art trained criminals they have to deal with, the Taiwan Swat Teams not only train with weapons but hand to hand (but at a whole different level).

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Here are 1500 of the best music videos ever (in the 1980’s that is)

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UFC meets Brokeback Mountain

Posted: July 27, 2006 in Sports, Video

This is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!

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Free Video Training on Photoshop

Posted: July 26, 2006 in Design, Video

A good site to pick up some great Photoshop tips !

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Lion gets Pwned by Zebra

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Humour, Video

Uh, see the lion get pwned by a zebra.

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