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New iPad Early Adopters Plagued by Serious Wi-Fi Flaw Issues

Well the problems are starting to show already. With Apple selling   500,000 units in the 1st week problems were bound to arise but I am not sure if anyone expected so many to be impacted (including <gulp> me).

The problems using wi-fi is starting to show up as a big problem. Unfortunately the only way to tell in this day and age, if there is a problem or not, is to see what the apple community is saying and then see if Apple issues a statement.

Both have now happened. Apple is being vague about the number of units impacted, it it is believed to be large.

What Happened ?

It is speculation at the moment, but it appears when the iPad was being tested they only used certain models of  Wi-Fi router to benchmark the Wi-Fi on the unit. Unfortunately technology has moved on and the iPad has a problem with new routers, including the Apple  own products , the airport extreme and Apple airport express.

How to Fix it ?

Unfortunately you might not be able to.  This also is proving a problem as the only 2 ways so far to fix it is to reset you network settings or do a complete factory reset (losing all data and apps everything). But this is not solving the problem, so expect a major update for the iPad (bug fix) shortly. Apple has also thrown up links themselves. Here and here . But for many users (this author included) nothing is working so far.

The Bad News

On the Apple support pages one solution unfortunately intended for the iPad 3G users (the iPad 3g is not out as yet) BTW . says, “If you continue to experience issues, consider turning off Wi-Fi and using the cellular data connection instead of Wi-Fi”. Oops Let’s hope it isn’t that bad

Update (did I discover the fix) ?

I think I solved this. If you go to the wi-fi connection you have  to (swipe it) it brings up a bunch of setting including http proxy. By default this is off. Change to ‘auto’ job done.
Let me know if this solves the problems folks. In my case this was after resetting the network settings and deleting and reconnecting the network, make sure you do that 1st, and you might need to restart the iPad I am told (I did not have to).
I noticed the Internet speeds were 50% better as well per speedtest software.

Any questions let me know

Update Part Deux

Just to be clear I think Apple could have done better here. But we are all early adopters, so we do need to suck it up and move on. Would  I be returning mine for a refund.. yeah right !

I am hearing that the fault is continuing for some users after this fixed the issue initially. I encourage folks to register bugs with apple, and keep an eye on the apple forums.

Another %$^% Update/ Fix that Work

I am adamant that 85% of the problems are DHCP issues. This is because the routers being used some old some new are too new to cause the problems they are.

I just tried changing the DHCP setting to Manual and this fixed my problems. I checked with a dozen others that this has also solved the problem now.

It has to be a DHCP issue

E: dugg.this at

Update 11 May 2010

Apple recently updated a support document detailing current solutions to Wi-Fi connectivity issues surrounding the iPad. There have been several distinct Wi-Fi issues reported on various discussion forums. The new support document lists a few possible workarounds, but also states that “Apple will also address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update.”

The workarounds listed include:

  • Updating Wi-Fi router firmware
  • Using WPA or WPA2 wireless security
  • Adjusting screen brightness
  • Renewing IP address

Issues with the iPad Wi-Fi include weak signal, forgotten passwords, and more technical networking issues. According to Apple, only a “very small number” of iPad users are affected.

This story (from mac rumors) is here

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Apple delays shipment of iPads outside the USA, those that have them have a few problems to deal with.

For Lisa

With the international launch of the iPad delayed, those of us that have them have 2 problems, some apps are USA only but worse is iTunes has not indexed those that are there so they are not so easy to find.
This leaves the 94% of the world with 2 options: (well 3 if you just wait)

It goes like this,

Option 1)
as the iPad is not outside the USA officially), when you search for iPad apps in iTunes there are only a few apps showing but if you look for an iPad app by name it will often show up. This is because they (apple) have purposely not indexed the iPad apps that are actually there/here.

Example:  plants vs zombies does not show up in the Australia iTunes under iPad apps but search for it in iTunes (plants vs zombies and the iPad app is there). This works for about 90% of all iPad apps.

Option 2)
A bit more complicated, For the other iPad apps that are only in the USA, you can buy from the us but you have to have a separate iTunes account for the USA and buy iTunes vouchers online, I use a guy on ebay so I have 2 itunes accounts. One for US apps and one for Australia business as usual apps. Here is another site that explains option 2 a bit more detailed


There are more (legit)  apps for iPad on iTunes  than you think, you can use a website like or to see all the best apps then search them on the  say New Zealand iTunes site and only use the USA iTunes site for those that are restricted.

I find there are very few you cannot get here/or there

Hope that helps if not let me know


update: 24 December 2010 Season’s Greetings Folks
Thanks for the comments, I think the bottom line is folks can do better on customer service.

Oh if you have a comment (especially an abusive one ref someones else’s comment), please consider using a real name or at least not pretending to be someone else. Oh and consider a spell checker, or have your mommy proof read your rants SJ 🙂

Original Blog

Consider visiting the store then go somewhere else to get good customer service and maybe even a better price.

Open for only 12 months and the staff and management are now worth avoiding

When is a Mac Genius really just a Mac ‘Moron’?

  • As a long term professional tech evangelist, long term PC user and long term Microsoft Software beta tester/ hobbyist, the decision to buy a Mac was not an easy one or one I took lightly.
  • I even called the Mac store and a Dick Smith ( A national retailer not ‘something else’) next door selling the Mac Mini, and asked why I should go to either hoping for a deal but as apple price fixes that was not to be. The answer I got from apple was, ‘for the experience’
  • I had purchased the 3G iPhone and then more recently a 3GS iPhone, and that experience was pretty good (the info prior to the selling day was HELL).
  • I did my research and decided I wanted a Mac Mini as my 1st Mac only because (I thought) I was going to use it only as a media extender to my PC using front row (a love story in a previous blog).
  • My opinion changed when I tried to purchase the Mac Mini on a Friday morning a few weeks ago from the Apple Store.
  • I guess the sale was not big enough for the genius in waiting,  but when I asked what upgrades they could do in store (vs. online), I  was informed only ram could be upgraded. I asked if they could do it while I waited and they said yes.
  • FYI –  My home built PC is a quad core with 4gb ram,  SLI, dual monitor, 6TB HD, that I need for no real reason so am not afraid to commit beyond my needs.
  • I brought a work colleague with me as he was a real Mac head and he had educated me on the merits of the Mac, so I had to have one today.
  • Neither of us was impressed with what we saw that day, and when I made the mistake of asking an opinion of upgrading beyond the 1GB ram on the basis unit, given all my basic requirements, the great genius thought for 2 seconds than offered with great insight. , “I am a student and I would get more than 1gb. I asked what that meant, and she repeated herself (I guess something not making sense and being repeated is supposed to help). When I asked again, eventually the genius spoke the words us non-geniuses expect to hear, “don’t know”
  • WOW, we non-geniuses would probably have done something stupid, like ‘ask someone else’. Anyhow a few minutes later and after promising the upgrade would only take 15 minutes I was told just prior to payment that it would take 2 hours. A problem for me as I was 30 min from the office (with the boss) and it was too long to wait. So with cash in pocket I left and went next door to Dick Smith.
  • That was when the good things happened, the staff were friendly, I purchased what I needed and a few hundred dollars of accessories (keyboard, remote, mouse) as well, on returning the next day for some more bits, I notice the mini’s were $100 cheaper so got my $100 back, thank you very much.
  • Unfortunately being a geek, I decided I needed the 4gb upgrade and when I went back to apple to enquire they told me the memory was going to be twice as much.
  • I advised the store manager Matt K  at Chadstone of my problems withhis staff, (bad advice /no advice) goiung to cost me 100% more and all he cared about was that I bought my Mac next door and basically told to piss off.
  • Thank goodness for MAC Care, 131632 in australia, who apologised for Matt K’s bad form, and referred me to a 3rd party Mac shop, Newwave /Apptech in Burwood East Meloburne and I will wound up getting the memory for less than I would from Apple. Thank you Mac Care.
  • Thank you AppTech, who were very proffessional and fast to deal with.
  • I brought my Mac possie that buy as many toys as I do a year, so we will be back.
  • So from a guy that buys around $10k a year personally in gear and 10 times that or more professionally I will still buy apple, but never again from an Apple Store, and will suggest to anyone, they buy elsewhere as well a mixed bag really my suggestion is go to the Mac store Chadstone ask all the ‘geniuses’ their opinion get the price then go to one of the real Mac stores (3rd party), if at Chadstone make it Dick Smith Powerhouse.
  • Truly Apple Stores (especially Chadstone) is an experience to be missed.

Apple Chadstone Pros and Cons


  • Looks pretty
  • You can get some good service there if you are lucky on a given day\, maybe.
  • Umm, looks pretty


  • No deals, prices are fixed and at RRP cheaper next door at 3rd party stores (like Dick Smith)
  • No used or ex-demo deals on a regular if ever basis.
  • Payment system (credit card or cash card) is usually not working right.
  • Hard to get in and out if in a hurry (even if the store is empty)
  • Some staff especially some management are Mac Morons.
  • You can often get no advice and bad advice
  • They really just seem to want you out of the store.

Bill Gates was right, the PC belongs in front  of the TV (actually it is a Mac Mini).

If you’re using Front Row to view movies that you’ve saved to your Mac, you’ve probably run into an annoying limitation: the Movies menu, in the Videos section of Front Row, and space limitations also and it only shows you the contents of your Movies folder.

If you’ve got movies stored elsewhere on your machine, you were out of  luck—there’s no apparent way to watch them.

With the update of the Mac Mini 2009 the 5 USB slots (yes 5) are a perfect opporutnity to add extra storage.

There’s a relatively simple solution to this problem, though, I have not seen advertised anywhere else.

Front Row understands Finder aliases, which means you can add any folders you wish to Front Row’s Movies menu.

Let’s say you have a folder called My Flicks on an external drive where you store your personal movies. To make this folder usable in Front Row, open two Finder windows—one showing your user’s Movies folder, and the other showing your Documents folder, with the My Flicks folder visible. Now press and hold Command and Option, and drag the My Flicks folder into the Movies folder. Holding the Command and Option keys down before you start dragging tells the Finder to make an alias in the destination, instead of moving or copying the folder. (The long method is to select the My Flicks folder, press Command-L to make an alias to it, and then drag the alias to the Movies folder.)

Now launch Front Row, and you’ll see the My Flicks folder at the end of the list of any movies in the Movies folder. Repeat this process for any other movie folders you want to use within Front Row.

But what if you’re the sort who keeps movies scattered all over your hard drive? You might not want to add 20 folders to the movie listing, in the interest of minimizing menu clutter. So here’s how to add every hard drive in your machine to Front Row’s movie list, while adding but one entry. In the Finder, press Shift-Command-G (Go -> Go to Folder), and then type /Volumes and press Return. This normally-hidden folder keeps an alias to every hard drive in your machine (along with mounted CDs, DVDs, and network drives). If you drag an alias of the Volumes folder into the Movies folder, you’ll have a fully-navigable menu system encompassing your entire system.

To create the alias in Column view mode, press Command and Option and drag the Volumes folder into your Movies folder to create the alias. In List or Icon view, you’ll have to use the “proxy” icon at the top of the Finder window—hold down Command and Option, then click and drag the word Volumes out of the top of the Finder window and into the Movies folder.

You can see my Volumes folder at the bottom of this screenshot:

 The small arrow at the right indicates you can drill down into this folder, and then into each drive shown within that folder. You’ll even see networked drives, though I don’t recommend opening a large movie file sitting on a network server! Thanks to aliases, you can greatly extend Front Row’s movie playing powers.

I have spent ages trying to find the perfect media extender and curently have a quadcore PC, cat5 to an xbox 360 connected to my HD TV, but the solution was lacking. I am now having fun with this solution adding the mac mini wasd perfect.

My next additon is adding the ability to record satellite TV to my mac mini (currently done on my Foxtel PVR) but not able to be archived off the box.

I will also be updating this great macwolrd story that was good in 2006 but out of date with the 2009 mac mini

Original story ‘ethos’  from Rob Griffiths Macworld (with thanks)

 Australia Beeng a Bit Hosed over iPhone 3GS – And Loving it ?


This drives me nuts,  and Australia should be pissed off over it.

Due to the bad information from Apple (or none ),  most dealers and carriers alike,
Suppliers have blessed would-be customers with the opporutnity to stand in line all night or hours to get iPhones without even knowing if the price they are paying are any good or not. 

Most cases they are not and this means due to lack of visiblity that some customers will stand in line all night and pay $100-200 extra, whilst others, can walk into a shop next door to get the phone and not stand in line if they did even a little research or the carriers were a bit more understanding.

I am an early adopter and will pay hundreds to do it, but to do so and pay more than the guy a few feet away getting phone with no queue, is a piss take of epic proportions

This means folks will pay $999/$1199 for the new iPhones at one carrier’s  shop or apple and pay $899/$999 next door at a competitors shop as is the case where I am going in Melbourne Australia (don’t ask where).

Prices from all major carriers were shared with corporate and SMB businesses earlier this week so handset orders could be managed for Friday.  This did not matter if it was for 1 or 20 handsets and unfair to most people.

Calls to apple were met with you have to buy the phone frm the carrier of your choice but can buy it at the apple store.

In Apple speak what would Steve Jobs do ?

Not this!

Wow you are a big boy aren’t you ? 

All 250mb of you

Besides the major updates, it seems a bit faster as well (10-15%). 



Needs a good 30 min to install 

It’s here. Google Street View, over the air Podcast downloads from iTunes and much more.


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