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6 December 2011
Melbourne, Australia

by Loren W



Love or hate porn, is not at issue per se. 
By it’s own definition, a domain name is attract visitors to a web site

Now for the first time a URL is being used mainly to detract visitors, nuts. 

When the debate started many years ago about launching a XXX domain name, it did not seem so silly. It gave the opportunity to create a red light district on the Internet. Perhaps forcing every adult site to use the .xxx domain name, it did not fly. Years later and many discussions later on how much money it might make and surprize .xxx has been launched.

The fly in the ointment was that corporations, businesses, and individuals,  realised their own brand could be used to launch a fake adult website, so the XXX monetisation model was born.

It addresses 3 groups;

·         Those in the Adult Industry that will use XXX for their new adult site.

·         Larger companies that could pre-register their .xxx domain name (and not use it), just block it from hijackers.

·         Now the rest;   On 6 December 2011 anyone can register their / and block others form using the XXX domain name, and not use it either.

With the revenue generated from the blocking of. xxx sites expected to far exceed   those actually using it many are asking why is it needed, now.

However there are many that feel the .xxx domain should be forced on the adult industry.  The civil rights’ group, the EFA (Electronic Frontiers Australia, ) has been quoted as saying having a website with XXX gives consumers the ability to know what they are going to.  


American IT Consultant and 17 year Domain / Cloud / Hosting Veteran CEO Loren Wiener of Melbourne Australia’s

Australia Internet PTY Ltd, Melbourne, disagrees. ‘

I appreciate what the EFA is saying but if adult sites are not forced to use .XXX domain names, then there will be more confusion not less.  Adult sites already adhere to principals laid out in the CPOEA (Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act) of 1988), a US Department of Justice enforced control, that forces strict guidelines Adult sites and allows strict enforcement or similar. Worse still it gives governments leverage that say the adult industry is out of control.  Parents have many tools available to block adult sites from their children if they choose to do so, and do not need XXX domain names or government intervention to protect the unwanted viewing of web sites if they are not able to monitor their children’s Internet usage any other way. I personally believe this is a mistake and ICANN and other domain naming bodies, will face the wrath of the industry in the future over this and closer scrutiny.’ he says.