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Apple Uploads Game of Thrones on iTunes as soon as USA broadcasts completed.

2 April 2013


Though over 4 million saw the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones in the USA, millions more will be watching it across the world faster than ever. Illegal downloads (if you believe in such a thing), clogged servers across the globe. Measurements are not so well tracked but Heroes is believed to have achieved 145,000 downloads from one site with Game of Thrones hitting almost 3 times as many.
On the legal side (if you believe in such a thing), Apple moved to make the most of it by putting
Season 3 on iTunes, as soon as broadcasts were shown across the continental USA. Lawyers that self-promote their services to the USA TV networks, worked hard to bring down many links for illegal sites. Torrent activity also was being chased by lawyers working to entrap and shut down the sites.

Overall estimates seem to point to over 1million downloads reports Jethro Nededog at the Australia was a respectable 3rd only to the UK and USA in downloads so far. I say respectable as HBO seems to view the piracy as a compliment.

As Apple released season 3 to iTunes so fast, I query why this was not publicized, as many would have paid the $4 versus hunting down an illegal episode


When iTunes Match launched, the world celebrated. Apple offering cloud services we could all use.

Uniquely, iTunes Match, lets you use your own music library and Apple, looks at the music and if it already exists in Apples extensive cloud library, it moves none of your music but associates your music in the cloud so you can listen to it on any of you iOS devices like the iPad, Mac, iPhone,  and AppleTV.

This is a better way for those that have broadband (with sometimes slow upload speeds) and especially if you have a large existing music library. Amazon and Google offer similar choices, but require you to upload all your own music. Amazon charges for storage above 5GB.

Unfortunately iTunes Match does not work outside the USA.

Actually that is not correct, it does not work unless you have a US address, & US credit card. The assumption is you must therefore live in the USA.  Apple has not said why.  However there are companies offering these minor details, allowing iTunes Match access for all across the globe.

It is believed Apple did not want to launch the service globally as it does not have the cloud infrastructure in place to handle the traffic this would cause if used in mass.

How it works: Once you log into to your iTunes account and register your US credit card and details, you can pay the $25 per annum to apple.  iTunes uses any outstanding vouchers or credits you have before it uses your credit card. There are only 3 steps after that

As it says you can use iTunes whilst iTunes Match is doing its thing. I have just under 10,000 songs, and this takes up 53GB of space. Apple is limiting space to 25,000 songs, so I find this very generous.

That aside there are downsides, though they are few but the first one is a biggie.

1)      Your Own Corrupt Music Data – It is believed many people will have corrupt data (or meta tags) associated with their music tracks. This means in the traditional garbage in and garbage out world of IT, that Apple might miss associate some of your music library with the wrong songs. This can be dangerous if you over write your master library with that from your new found cloud friends Apple. Note there are some good programs that fix the meta tags either automatically or manually (like Tag and Rename and Tune Up Companion, with the later attaching itself to iTunes so you can drag and drop your music into it to cleanse and correct meta tag issues) . So it is worth backing up your music library so it cannot be over written. If you can wait it is worth cleaning you music tracks to make sure all your meta tags are in order.

2)      Music Quality–  Audiophiles that enjoy the new remastered tracks of everything from the Beatles to the Who, may have ripped their music in raw or high quality that is better than the 255k that Apple is offering (that is overall better than most have with 64k and 128k tracks), but an issue none the same (it might be possible to keep the higher-definition tracks in the cloud I am still testing that now). I estimate 5% of my music is above 255k, or around 25 albums or 500 songs).

Time: This is not a quick process but I hope well worth it. I am currently over 2  hours in and will update this after it is complete.  Step 1, The diagnosis phase took 1 hour, Step 2, the matching phase took an hour also matching about 3 songs a second Competition: The Google Music Service as mentioned is similar but it took 21 days to upload half my music, a daunting task indeed, but the service works very well, also globally, and on any browser (phones, tablets, pcs, or macs)


Ping and iTunes 10 is a Bit Pongy

Following the announcement by the keeper of unicorn tears at Apple (Steve Jobs of course) , of the ‘new’ iTunes 10 and especially Ping! all seemed good.  Perhaps this would be a shot across the bow to facebook, perhaps a complete (and needed) re-write of iTunes that would finally play well with Windows.

Unfortunately, on digging a bit below the surface, old and new flaws appear, and nothing  good. iTunes 10 and Windows still do not play well together, and this shows up especially if you have lots of content (iPhone, iPad) with lots of  none purchased  iTunes music, podcasts, apps etc. Some say this is because QuickTime for windows is 3 generations behind (doesn’t help), others say it is just that Apple and Microsoft hate each other. Well with iTunes 10 being launched last week this was a great opportunity for all things to be fixed. It did not happen.

Ping Me, Ping This

The other problem especially with Ping, is that it only works (barely so far), is if your music collection exists only in iTunes purchases. Being outside the US, and between late launches, and publishing issues and the fact a lot of my music collection pre-dates iTunes.  I never, ever got in the habit  of purchasing music on iTunes.  Even if I changed that today. Some of my favorite music is still not in iTunes, including  many some folks do not have period or would want (Beatles live in Melbourne Australia 1964 is a good example). I cannot be alone with that surely.

The Ping Email from Apple

Welcome to Ping. As you get started, here are some tips on how to get the most out of Ping:
Finding People to Follow
Ping makes it easy to find and follow your favorite artists and friends. In iTunes on your Mac or PC, select Ping and click Featured Artists or Featured People to find new or noteworthy Ping members. If you know someone already on Ping, you can search for them by name from the Ping home page. You can even check to see which of your Facebook friends also use Ping by connecting Ping to Facebook when editing your profile.
Your Recent Activity
The Ping home page makes it easy to see recent activity and popular songs from the people you follow. To see what a specific person has been up to, just click on their name. If you find something you like in iTunes, you can tell everyone that follows you by clicking “Like.” You can also recommend a song, album, or a person’s activity – and add your own comment – by pressing Post. And remember, you can always remove any activity you create by clicking Remove from your Profile page.
Purchases and Reviews
Ping automatically tells anyone that follows you whenever you purchase new music or write a review for an album. You’ll also see which of your friends have purchased a song or written a review right from the album page on the iTunes Store.
Going to Concerts
Whenever you follow an artist, Ping will automatically recommend upcoming concerts from that artist and even tell you which of your friends are also going. To see upcoming concerts for a given artist, click Concerts from their artist page in the iTunes Store.
These are just a few of the great new features of Ping. We’re excited to have you participate in a worldwide conversation with the world’s most passionate music fans.
The iTunes Store Team
iTunes Store

Apple delays shipment of iPads outside the USA, those that have them have a few problems to deal with.

For Lisa

With the international launch of the iPad delayed, those of us that have them have 2 problems, some apps are USA only but worse is iTunes has not indexed those that are there so they are not so easy to find.
This leaves the 94% of the world with 2 options: (well 3 if you just wait)

It goes like this,

Option 1)
as the iPad is not outside the USA officially), when you search for iPad apps in iTunes there are only a few apps showing but if you look for an iPad app by name it will often show up. This is because they (apple) have purposely not indexed the iPad apps that are actually there/here.

Example:  plants vs zombies does not show up in the Australia iTunes under iPad apps but search for it in iTunes (plants vs zombies and the iPad app is there). This works for about 90% of all iPad apps.

Option 2)
A bit more complicated, For the other iPad apps that are only in the USA, you can buy from the us but you have to have a separate iTunes account for the USA and buy iTunes vouchers online, I use a guy on ebay so I have 2 itunes accounts. One for US apps and one for Australia business as usual apps. Here is another site that explains option 2 a bit more detailed


There are more (legit)  apps for iPad on iTunes  than you think, you can use a website like or to see all the best apps then search them on the  say New Zealand iTunes site and only use the USA iTunes site for those that are restricted.

I find there are very few you cannot get here/or there

Hope that helps if not let me know